We are just past the one year anniversary of the infamous “Snowmageddon.” that completely paralyzed metro Atlanta. People were stranded in their cars for over 12 hours. While no such storms are predicted in the near future for Atlanta, we know there is plenty of winter left for 2015.

In the next two posts I will share some winter tips for security inside of your Atlanta home and outside your Atlanta home. Review this simple check list to make sure your winter systems are working properly in your home.

Winter Security Inside Your Atlanta Home

Carbon Monoxide Protector—have you check to see that this simple protection is working. Carbon monoxide is a silent, deadly killer, taking the lives of 1,000 people each year in the US. Make sure your protector is working properly.

Fire places—we love cozy fires in the winter time to take the chill out of the air. Practice good safety around your fire places. No gasoline or charcoal indoors. Have you had it checked for creosote buildup in your chimney?

Space heater—many families use space heaters as supplemental heat for certain rooms. Make sure these heaters are 3 feet away from flammable materials. Never leave your home without turning off these heaters. Every year we hear dozens of stories about home fires caused by space heaters.

Furnace—make sure your furnace is in good working condition. Change your filters and performed an annual maintenance on this vital winter system.

Frozen Pipes—can cause a mess in your home. If you have pipes on outer walls, you can cover them to prevent them from freezing. As part of our home protection system, we have waster/flood sensors that alert you went a water pipe has burst. There are also flood stop systems for water heaters.

Power Outages—are your prepared for a power outage like last year’s mega storm in Atlanta? People were without electricity fordays because an ice storm destroyed the power lines. Do you have the supplies you need in your home?


If you have lived in Atlanta, you know about the dangers of the winter season. It is not something to be fear. The winter season needs to be respected. By following the simple tips I have listed about, your home will be safer and more secure during the winter months. In the next post, I will share some tips about winter security outside your Atlanta home.