Don’t Let a Leak Become a Flood

Safeguard your home from the #1 driver of insurance claims with a whole-home water protection solution.


A few minutes is all it takes for a leaking pipe or split washer hose to flood your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Rest easy with a water protection solution that detects leaks and shuts them down automatically.

Stop a flood in its tracks

Our Smart Water Valve+Meter spots leaks, alerts you, and turns off your home’s water supply to minimize damage.

Safeguard vulnerable areas

Alarm.com-powered water sensors are always on guard to catch drips and leaks in hard-to-reach places: under sinks, behind washers, underwater tanks—even in your attic.

Save water and money

Everyday water waste costs you money too. Alarm.com alerts you quickly to costly issues like running toilets or excessive water consumption so you can take action and save.

Water-Protection- Water Protection


Alarm.com_Smart_Water_Valve2BMeter_ADC-SWM150.png Water Protection

Steer Clear of a Winter Washout

A frozen pipe is a flood waiting to happen. Keep ice out of the picture with your Smart Water Valve+Meter’s water temperature monitoring and your system’s remote temperature sensors.

If your basement needs a blast of emergency heat during the next big freeze, you’ll know.

Keep your home and family safer with security that never stops.

KMT installed a security system for me at a new residence. Rusty Rhodes, the KMT representative, was great. He was curteous and not intrusive, which is important because I work from home. He also provided a quick and easy to follow explanation on operating the system. Definitely a good experience.
google_avatar Water Protection
14:43 02 Jun 23
I would like to commend KMT Security for your home of business. They came back and warranted their work. They replaced cat6 cable and camera and placed it within conduit to protect from squirrels. I recommend all outdoor wiring to be installed within conduit. I have worked with Carissa, Anita, Savannah, Tim, and Kevin. All very professional and courteous. Willing to listen and understand customer’s needs. Thank you very much! I am a customer for life. Will continue to recommend KMT to my friends, neighbors, and family.Wes Irvin
google_avatar Water Protection
Wes Irvin
15:27 01 Jun 23
Kevin was great!
google_avatar Water Protection
Danny Div
18:40 26 May 23
Had outdoor cameras installed and upgraded my doorbell camera. Tim and Rusty were great. They did a good job of camouflaging the wires necessary for the cameras, they worked steadily and efficiently, answered all of my questions and reviewed and made sure I understood the additional applications on the app. I’m very satisfied.
google_avatar Water Protection
S Frat
16:00 25 May 23
Great service. The installation tech, Tuey, was on time, professional, and made sure I understood the system and it’s features!
google_avatar Water Protection
Jennifer Wolford
15:09 25 May 23
Service was fast and great care was taken with install (wiring, location, etc.) Install tech (Tuey) very helpful with explaning system and setting up mobile app. Work areas left very clean.
google_avatar Water Protection
Phil Born
20:05 24 May 23
google_avatar Water Protection
Loving Life
21:03 03 May 23
Jose and David did a great Job with the install at my house
google_avatar Water Protection
Cristian Sanchez
16:56 03 May 23
Tim was amazing, efficient, and knowledgeable about everything we required. I would definitely recommend requesting Tim if you use KMT.
google_avatar Water Protection
Loe. Ki Muzic
18:29 02 May 23
I contacted KMT Systems to help with an issue and David was very kind and walked me through every step even though I had no clue as to what I was doing. He didn’t make me feel dumb at all. He was patient with me the entire time on the phone. With his assistance and expertise, I was able to fix the issue with ease. He even followed up with me to ensure that everything was working properly. He did a fantastic job.
google_avatar Water Protection
Brittany o'neal
23:11 28 Apr 23
Amazing customer service fromStart to finish and the tech Kevin Marshall was knowledgeable and the installation was quick ….
google_avatar Water Protection
trista anderson
13:09 18 Apr 23
Thank you so much to Kevin Marshall. He was very professional and had a positive attitude after I had an hectic morning. Very much appreciated 🙏🏽
google_avatar Water Protection
Monica Brown
15:27 11 Apr 23
Both Tom and Tim were exceptional installers and they arrived early for the appointment. Their professionalism and attention to detail was very much appreciated. It’s nice to work with someone who actually understands their own product. We had a twenty-five year old system that they were able to work with using existing wiring which saved us a lot of time and money; all at a very reasonable cost. I would recommend them to friends and family all day long.
google_avatar Water Protection
Frederica Dozier
17:27 17 Mar 23
Tim and Bob is amazing! Answered all my questions. Amazing service will recommend to my family and friends for sure.
google_avatar Water Protection
19:40 15 Mar 23
Kyle Huebner arrived this morning on time and ready to work. I showed him our equipment and explained the problem. He went straight to work with troubleshooting. He solved the problem within half an hour. He was professional, showed us what he did, had us test to make sure it worked. Thanks for sending out a great technician with a great attitude!
google_avatar Water Protection
Elliott Sample
15:13 10 Mar 23
Kevin Marshall was very helpful and educated me on all the features of my KMT system.
google_avatar Water Protection
Tia Hassell
18:04 02 Mar 23
Kevin Marshall did a phenomenal job with my install. He made sure I was comfortable with the technology and was extremely patient while review my options for the panel placement. He reassured me through the entire service and took great care of my home. It was great having him and would definitely recommend working with him.
google_avatar Water Protection
Tania G
16:22 01 Mar 23
Carissa and my installer Tue were absolutely AMAZING! SPECIAL should our to Carissa, who was always there to answer any and all of my many questions, and always super fast with her response time. Pricing is reasonable and we're happy to promote their services to all of our friends knowing they provide excellent service and support.
google_avatar Water Protection
Natasha Martinez
15:41 23 Feb 23
Tuey was great! Tuey and his trainee arrived right on time, were quick, efficient and patient with answering my questions. Tuey provided excellent service and explained everything in detail for me.
google_avatar Water Protection
Daniela Blasone
16:56 21 Feb 23
Kevin, was very through, patient and knowledgeable on the KMT system. He was on time and made sure each part was explained and working! I would recommend to my friends.
google_avatar Water Protection
Nina Brown
14:45 21 Feb 23
google_avatar Water Protection
Sperarman Marty
16:30 13 Feb 23
Kevin Marshall was great!! He was very professional, patient, and thorough!! I had a great experience!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Jasmine Miller
22:29 06 Feb 23
Rusty Rhodes did an excellent job installing and training me on my new security system. I have done business with them for over ten years and have never had a problem. Highly recommend over any of the large security companies.
google_avatar Water Protection
Pete Richards
21:28 05 Jan 23
We received first class attention from Carter and Rusty. Both were very professional. More importantly, they were very patient explaining the system and how it works. They even took time to check the battery backup and test every window and door.
google_avatar Water Protection
koda pryde
20:10 28 Dec 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Richard Arnold
19:20 15 Dec 22
Our salesman was James and our installation person was Tim. They both were professional and took the time to answer all of our questions. We will recommend this team and company to our family and friends. Great job gentlemen!
google_avatar Water Protection
Ko'real Belk
21:45 22 Nov 22
KMT Performed the annual inspection on our fire alarm system as required by fire code. The process was swift and easy. The technician, TIm, was very professional and knowledgeable. He arrived promptly on time and answered all my questions
google_avatar Water Protection
Mike Cronin
16:23 21 Oct 22
Kevin was super professional and on time. He was very patient answering our questions and showing us how the equipment worked. KMT has been the best for all our needs.
google_avatar Water Protection
JS Ketchum
22:18 18 Oct 22
Donny Martinez was such a nice , polite and helpful tech. He answers all our questions and in a manner we could understand. Great man and tech . 👍
google_avatar Water Protection
Sonya Jones
20:39 17 Oct 22
Tim was really great. He walked me through everything, was fast, efficient and helpful with getting me acquainted with my new system.
google_avatar Water Protection
Brian Davis
20:02 12 Oct 22
I’ve been with this company since it was mid south. Carter West signed me up and made sure that things have gone well for over 10 years. Tim Turner has serviced me on many occasions and has always been professional. He’s also very knowledgeable!
google_avatar Water Protection
Derrick Stafford
15:02 30 Sep 22
I contacted KMT Systems recently and Carter was my Senior Security Advisor. I called late evening and he was quick to respond and extremely helpful. The next night, near bedtime, I needed help again and Carter was very responsive. He gave me the assistance I needed in a timely and patient fashion. I highly recommend Carter with KMT Systems.
google_avatar Water Protection
Penni Cook
01:21 23 Sep 22
Donny Martinez fixed all the installations and everything working as expected.
google_avatar Water Protection
Venkat Suragana
21:27 21 Sep 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Kinny Gorlami
15:05 21 Sep 22
I’ve been using this company since 2008. Just moved to a new house and Carter West set us up with a new quality system that makes us feel secure. I appreciate the fact that Carter is not only thorough and informative but considers the needs and budget of his customers and not just his company‘s bottom line. Tim did the installation and he was very pleasant to work with, explained everything carefully and did a nice job.
google_avatar Water Protection
Stewart Winograd
18:42 13 Sep 22
David Peterson was my tech today. He was very professional and informative. I would recommend this company to everyone.
google_avatar Water Protection
16:43 09 Sep 22
Very professional and thorough!
google_avatar Water Protection
Ryan Brewer
19:26 02 Sep 22
Donny was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond to help us with our alarm system. He was very professional, and incredibly friendly. He is definitely an asset to the company and we will use them again.
google_avatar Water Protection
Mary Bay Flanagan
18:52 31 Aug 22
Tim was very helpful
google_avatar Water Protection
Dyana Landrin
15:10 30 Aug 22
The installer Donny Martinez was very knowledgeable and professional and answered all my questions sufficiently. I was very pleased with the experience.
google_avatar Water Protection
Harry Roberts
12:05 30 Aug 22
Tuey came out to install our new alarm panel and set up all our smart home devices. He showed up early during the scheduled window and did a great job.
google_avatar Water Protection
Sarah Diden
20:51 29 Aug 22
Tom has been our technician on two occasions. He has always been professional and knowledgeable. We trust his work and will continue to ask for him on jobs.
google_avatar Water Protection
Ken Fortner
21:16 26 Aug 22
Tom of the Marietta, GA Branch Office has always provided excellent service over many years. Tom is polite, professional, and very knowledgeable. He resolves issues quickly. Tom is an asset to your organization.
google_avatar Water Protection
Charlotte Potts
15:58 23 Aug 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Lyman Williams
14:04 19 Aug 22
Tammy has been amazing, customer service, getting jobs completed and checking on jobs daily to ensure a smooth process.
google_avatar Water Protection
Adrian Scheller
17:31 15 Aug 22
Had an excellent visit today from my KMT technician Tuey. He was thorough as well as quick. He handled himself with the utmost professionalism and explained everything to me with great patience. I'd recommend this service and tech again.
google_avatar Water Protection
20:28 29 Jul 22
Tim did a great job for our family today upgrading our video doorbell and fixing 2 smart light switches. Would definitely recommend his services and KMT for future security needs.
google_avatar Water Protection
Charles Purcell
19:11 29 Jul 22
David Petersen was professional and courteous, he made sure I understood the system. I would recommend this company for service and request David to be your technician!!!!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Wanda Brown
12:39 27 Jul 22
We had a great experience with our KMT Installer Donny Martinez. He was on-time, efficient and explained the features of our system and app very well. Thank you!
google_avatar Water Protection
Jaime Wadman
17:49 13 Jul 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Rozella Potts
20:37 11 Jul 22
I was very pleased with the service I received from KMT, right from the beginning when they came out to look at the house, to the last visit when they installed the cameras. Tim was exceptionally helpful working through with us the best strategies for safeguarding our home. He was both thorough and patient with us and explained in detail how the system works. I highly recommend the company.
google_avatar Water Protection
Donald Billinkoff
15:17 11 Jul 22
Donny Martinez was extremely great and helpful
google_avatar Water Protection
Abigail Thomas
16:12 07 Jul 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Ryan Bennett
17:53 22 Jun 22
I first spoke with Carissa and then scheduled a consultation at my home. David Petersen was are installer, he was very knowledgeable about the product and did a great job explaining the system. He answered all are questions and was very professional. I would recommend this company for all your security needs.
google_avatar Water Protection
Michael Chatman
21:36 19 Jun 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Toyin Omowole
14:58 18 Jun 22
David is very professional and will need to always come and install at my house. Don’t want nobody else. Will install more cameras.Excellent service we’ll recommend to everyone this company and of course David the Tech.
google_avatar Water Protection
DJ Dre Easy
20:13 11 Jun 22
Our tech Donny was awesome. He was very informative and did a great job. Thank you Donny @KMT.
google_avatar Water Protection
David Goldstein
21:50 08 Jun 22
Thank you to Tuey for getting our sprinklers, lamps and thermostats connected to our system. He did a great job. We love the KMT security system.
google_avatar Water Protection
Michele Calhoun
13:47 08 Jun 22
Tim, did an outstanding job upgrading my camera system and alarm panel. I will always recommend Tim be my service / sales tech for KMT.Very knowledgeable and professional... Thanks
google_avatar Water Protection
Dennis Riley
19:45 07 Jun 22
Our installation tech David was awesome!
google_avatar Water Protection
Sal Maglio
16:40 03 Jun 22
Our technician (Donny) did an excellent job. He walked me through the process for our new system. He ensured all devices were active and functioning properly. I would highly recommend KMT Systems to anyone who is looking for a home security system. Ask for Donny!!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Derrion Johnson
18:35 02 Jun 22
KMT has been great for our home. Sales and installation reps were on time and professional. The equipment is modern and performs beyond our expectations.
google_avatar Water Protection
Lance Mundo
15:35 29 May 22
David came out for installation and activation. He was very thorough and patient. He cleaned up and removed older stuff and replaced with newer components. He then tested all the items and walked me through the system and answered all my questions. Definite Thumbs up.
google_avatar Water Protection
Manu Misra
19:31 27 May 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Jeffrey Scarborough
14:08 23 May 22
Tim was exceptional...very professional.
google_avatar Water Protection
Karyn Smith-Mathews
12:00 19 May 22
Good service and service person
google_avatar Water Protection
Alphonso Robinson
16:45 17 May 22
Tim and Tom did an excellent job today installing our security cameras! They were professional and thorough. We are very satisfied customers.
google_avatar Water Protection
Barbette Brannan
20:00 11 May 22
I had a good experience with the David he took time to explain everything to me
google_avatar Water Protection
Christy Harrell
20:41 09 May 22
Great experience working with Kevin Miller from KMT for internet wiring installation. He was very professional and ensured everything was up to my standards. Very clean and professional looking install, couldn't even tell he was here. It was apparent he was very knowledgeable in his field and was trained well. Would be happy to recommend their services for anyone looking.
google_avatar Water Protection
Billy Elliott
20:05 05 May 22
Joe Kirkland with your company just completed updating my security system, and as always did a fantastic job. I’ve know Joe for several years doing install and service on our new homes we build. He is always professional, and neat in everything he has done for us. You have a great asset having an employee like Joe.
google_avatar Water Protection
Kim woods
19:39 29 Apr 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Jamie Bouchelle
18:28 28 Apr 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Carmen Seso
13:54 28 Apr 22
The Service Rep was amazing. He had a very positive attitude and made sure we were clear on the operating systems as well as the corresponding links. Questions were answered and we felt confident in our security system when he left.
google_avatar Water Protection
tiffany pruitt
20:42 26 Apr 22
Kevin was professional and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
google_avatar Water Protection
Delivering The Goods
15:23 26 Apr 22
Representative Donny Martinez was very professional and did a great job making sure our garage sensors were updated accordingly.
google_avatar Water Protection
Tiffany Perry
14:13 25 Apr 22
google_avatar Water Protection
vinu nair
14:19 22 Apr 22
Recently updated our very old system and Tim (the red headed wonder!) came out and seamlessly installed everything while working in and around our crazy schedule. He was very patient with us while explaining everything thoroughly and made sure to answer all of our questions. Could not have asked for a better person to come out and get us up and running. Very happy with the new system and it's ease of use. Highly recommend.
google_avatar Water Protection
Frontdesk Staff
19:21 20 Apr 22
Joe did a great job and was very persistent at getting our alarm to 100%
google_avatar Water Protection
Paulding Pawn N Shop
19:26 19 Apr 22
Set up alarm camera security system. The service technician was polite, accurate and knowledgeable.
google_avatar Water Protection
Joann Zeh
18:25 18 Apr 22
All my security cameras went out. This was a service call to fix the problem. KMT came the very next morning. Joe was the technician that came. He quickly fixed the problem. In doing so he was calm, courteous, professional. My system is back up and running.
google_avatar Water Protection
Stan M
13:29 15 Apr 22
Tuey came to setup up my security system today and was a pleasure!! So respectful and professional. He left me feeling extremely confident and knowledgeable of my security system.#TeamTuey
google_avatar Water Protection
Joniece Abbott-Pratt
21:15 13 Apr 22
Kevin Miller was above good he was GREAT displaying OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONALISM,PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE & RESPECT ANSWERING ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS THROUGHOUT HIS PRESENTATION. KMT is fortunate to have such a employee that takes his position serious and cares about giving Great customer service!!! Thank you Kevin!!!!!!Herman V Woodard
google_avatar Water Protection
Herman Woodard
19:01 13 Apr 22
google_avatar Water Protection
cortney lacabe
18:56 13 Apr 22
Good customer relations, answered all my questions, very response to all my dumb questions. I’d recommend Tim to anybody who’s not computer savvy. I’d have him back any time.
google_avatar Water Protection
Paul Cott
17:43 13 Apr 22
Upgraded our alarm system and added additional smoke detectors. Joe worked in a very professional, organized, and diligent manner. He then took the time to show us how to use the panel and the phone app in a very comprehensive manner. He knew the answers to every question and was a true gentleman. Thanks Joe for the great service.
google_avatar Water Protection
Mark Schwartz
19:16 05 Apr 22
David did great! Very professional and explained everything well.
google_avatar Water Protection
c ware
17:57 02 Apr 22
Tim was awesome. Very polite and great at explaining everything. I have been a customer since 1990 with alarm, cameras, central vac and intercom. They are really a pleasure to deal with. Thank you Tim!
google_avatar Water Protection
Leonard Moreland
15:20 31 Mar 22
Tim was wonderful with installation and advising the best placement for our system and cameras. He diligently walked through how to use the system once installed and answered all questions clearly and concisely!
google_avatar Water Protection
Becca Curlee
15:35 30 Mar 22
KMT is an excellent outfit simply because they care !! Very professional from company vehicle cleanliness to tech uniforms!! Excellent to see trades that have pride in their name and it shows!Fantastic service from David Petersen and Tammy Petersen on the new home construction management side.
google_avatar Water Protection
Jason Bell
17:38 28 Mar 22
Had my KMT System installed today by Eddie, he was amazing! Very professional and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend them!
google_avatar Water Protection
Myma Flawless
20:04 25 Mar 22
Tim was awesome!! I’d absolutely recommend this group for security.
google_avatar Water Protection
Billy Van Eaton
17:20 25 Mar 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Jim Morgan
15:25 24 Mar 22
Tim T. has been servicing our alarm for years and is an excellent tech. Always on time, even in emergency call outs. Very professional and courteous.
google_avatar Water Protection
Quiet Riot Firearms
12:43 24 Mar 22