Don’t Let a Leak Become a Flood

Safeguard your home from the #1 driver of insurance claims with a whole-home water protection solution.


A few minutes is all it takes for a leaking pipe or split washer hose to flood your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Rest easy with a water protection solution that detects leaks and shuts them down automatically.

Stop a flood in its tracks

Our Smart Water Valve+Meter spots leaks, alerts you, and turns off your home’s water supply to minimize damage.

Safeguard vulnerable areas

Alarm.com-powered water sensors are always on guard to catch drips and leaks in hard-to-reach places: under sinks, behind washers, underwater tanks—even in your attic.

Save water and money

Everyday water waste costs you money too. Alarm.com alerts you quickly to costly issues like running toilets or excessive water consumption so you can take action and save.

Water-Protection- Water Protection


Alarm.com_Smart_Water_Valve2BMeter_ADC-SWM150.png Water Protection

Steer Clear of a Winter Washout

A frozen pipe is a flood waiting to happen. Keep ice out of the picture with your Smart Water Valve+Meter’s water temperature monitoring and your system’s remote temperature sensors.

If your basement needs a blast of emergency heat during the next big freeze, you’ll know.

Keep your home and family safer with security that never stops.

I initially left a good review but we have had so many issues with this system. It’s really bad and customer service is lacking. They won’t return calls and with a security system you would think you’d have someone available to fix a problem immediately. I would not recommend them.
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Chava H
09:58 09 Aug 22
Had an excellent visit today from my KMT technician Tuey. He was thorough as well as quick. He handled himself with the utmost professionalism and explained everything to me with great patience. I'd recommend this service and tech again.
google_avatar Water Protection
20:28 29 Jul 22
Tim did a great job for our family today upgrading our video doorbell and fixing 2 smart light switches. Would definitely recommend his services and KMT for future security needs.
google_avatar Water Protection
Charles Purcell
19:11 29 Jul 22
David Petersen was professional and courteous, he made sure I understood the system. I would recommend this company for service and request David to be your technician!!!!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Wanda Brown
12:39 27 Jul 22
We had a great experience with our KMT Installer Donny Martinez. He was on-time, efficient and explained the features of our system and app very well. Thank you!
google_avatar Water Protection
Jaime Wadman
17:49 13 Jul 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Rozella Potts
20:37 11 Jul 22
I was very pleased with the service I received from KMT, right from the beginning when they came out to look at the house, to the last visit when they installed the cameras. Tim was exceptionally helpful working through with us the best strategies for safeguarding our home. He was both thorough and patient with us and explained in detail how the system works. I highly recommend the company.
google_avatar Water Protection
Donald Billinkoff
15:17 11 Jul 22
My installer Donny Martinezwas friendly and knowledgeble on my service. Completed in a timely manner.
google_avatar Water Protection
Tania Hill
18:57 08 Jul 22
Donny Martinez was extremely great and helpful
google_avatar Water Protection
Abigail Thomas
16:12 07 Jul 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Ryan Bennett
17:53 22 Jun 22
I first spoke with Carissa and then scheduled a consultation at my home. David Petersen was are installer, he was very knowledgeable about the product and did a great job explaining the system. He answered all are questions and was very professional. I would recommend this company for all your security needs.
google_avatar Water Protection
Michael Chatman
21:36 19 Jun 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Toyin Omowole
14:58 18 Jun 22
David is very professional and will need to always come and install at my house. Don’t want nobody else. Will install more cameras.Excellent service we’ll recommend to everyone this company and of course David the Tech.
google_avatar Water Protection
DJ Dre Easy
20:13 11 Jun 22
Our tech Donny was awesome. He was very informative and did a great job. Thank you Donny @KMT.
google_avatar Water Protection
David Goldstein
21:50 08 Jun 22
Thank you to Tuey for getting our sprinklers, lamps and thermostats connected to our system. He did a great job. We love the KMT security system.
google_avatar Water Protection
Michele Calhoun
13:47 08 Jun 22
Tim, did an outstanding job upgrading my camera system and alarm panel. I will always recommend Tim be my service / sales tech for KMT.Very knowledgeable and professional... Thanks
google_avatar Water Protection
Dennis Riley
19:45 07 Jun 22
Our installation tech David was awesome!
google_avatar Water Protection
Sal Maglio
16:40 03 Jun 22
Our technician (Donny) did an excellent job. He walked me through the process for our new system. He ensured all devices were active and functioning properly. I would highly recommend KMT Systems to anyone who is looking for a home security system. Ask for Donny!!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Derrion Johnson
18:35 02 Jun 22
KMT has been great for our home. Sales and installation reps were on time and professional. The equipment is modern and performs beyond our expectations.
google_avatar Water Protection
Lance Mundo
15:35 29 May 22
David came out for installation and activation. He was very thorough and patient. He cleaned up and removed older stuff and replaced with newer components. He then tested all the items and walked me through the system and answered all my questions. Definite Thumbs up.
google_avatar Water Protection
Manu Misra
19:31 27 May 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Jeffrey Scarborough
14:08 23 May 22
Tim was exceptional...very professional.
google_avatar Water Protection
Karyn Smith-Mathews
12:00 19 May 22
Good service and service person
google_avatar Water Protection
Alphonso Robinson
16:45 17 May 22
Wouldn't recommend.
google_avatar Water Protection
Sid B
20:42 12 May 22
Tim and Tom did an excellent job today installing our security cameras! They were professional and thorough. We are very satisfied customers.
google_avatar Water Protection
Samuel Brannan
20:00 11 May 22
I had a good experience with the David he took time to explain everything to me
google_avatar Water Protection
Christy Harrell
20:41 09 May 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Summer Juluke
20:23 09 May 22
Great experience working with Kevin Miller from KMT for internet wiring installation. He was very professional and ensured everything was up to my standards. Very clean and professional looking install, couldn't even tell he was here. It was apparent he was very knowledgeable in his field and was trained well. Would be happy to recommend their services for anyone looking.
google_avatar Water Protection
Billy Elliott
20:05 05 May 22
Joe Kirkland with your company just completed updating my security system, and as always did a fantastic job. I’ve know Joe for several years doing install and service on our new homes we build. He is always professional, and neat in everything he has done for us. You have a great asset having an employee like Joe.
google_avatar Water Protection
Kim woods
19:39 29 Apr 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Jamie Bouchelle
18:28 28 Apr 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Carmen Seso
13:54 28 Apr 22
The Service Rep was amazing. He had a very positive attitude and made sure we were clear on the operating systems as well as the corresponding links. Questions were answered and we felt confident in our security system when he left.
google_avatar Water Protection
tiffany pruitt
20:42 26 Apr 22
Kevin was professional and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
google_avatar Water Protection
Delivering The Goods
15:23 26 Apr 22
Representative Donny Martinez was very professional and did a great job making sure our garage sensors were updated accordingly.
google_avatar Water Protection
Tiffany Perry
14:13 25 Apr 22
google_avatar Water Protection
vinu nair
14:19 22 Apr 22
Recently updated our very old system and Tim (the red headed wonder!) came out and seamlessly installed everything while working in and around our crazy schedule. He was very patient with us while explaining everything thoroughly and made sure to answer all of our questions. Could not have asked for a better person to come out and get us up and running. Very happy with the new system and it's ease of use. Highly recommend.
google_avatar Water Protection
Frontdesk Staff
19:21 20 Apr 22
Joe did a great job and was very persistent at getting our alarm to 100%
google_avatar Water Protection
Paulding Pawn N Shop
19:26 19 Apr 22
Set up alarm camera security system. The service technician was polite, accurate and knowledgeable.
google_avatar Water Protection
Joann Zeh
18:25 18 Apr 22
All my security cameras went out. This was a service call to fix the problem. KMT came the very next morning. Joe was the technician that came. He quickly fixed the problem. In doing so he was calm, courteous, professional. My system is back up and running.
google_avatar Water Protection
Stan M
13:29 15 Apr 22
Tuey came to setup up my security system today and was a pleasure!! So respectful and professional. He left me feeling extremely confident and knowledgeable of my security system.#TeamTuey
google_avatar Water Protection
Joniece Abbott-Pratt
21:15 13 Apr 22
Kevin Miller was above good he was GREAT displaying OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONALISM,PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE & RESPECT ANSWERING ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS THROUGHOUT HIS PRESENTATION. KMT is fortunate to have such a employee that takes his position serious and cares about giving Great customer service!!! Thank you Kevin!!!!!!Herman V Woodard
google_avatar Water Protection
Herman Woodard
19:01 13 Apr 22
google_avatar Water Protection
cortney lacabe
18:56 13 Apr 22
Good customer relations, answered all my questions, very response to all my dumb questions. I’d recommend Tim to anybody who’s not computer savvy. I’d have him back any time.
google_avatar Water Protection
Paul Cott
17:43 13 Apr 22
Upgraded our alarm system and added additional smoke detectors. Joe worked in a very professional, organized, and diligent manner. He then took the time to show us how to use the panel and the phone app in a very comprehensive manner. He knew the answers to every question and was a true gentleman. Thanks Joe for the great service.
google_avatar Water Protection
Mark Schwartz
19:16 05 Apr 22
David did great! Very professional and explained everything well.
google_avatar Water Protection
c ware
17:57 02 Apr 22
Tim was awesome. Very polite and great at explaining everything. I have been a customer since 1990 with alarm, cameras, central vac and intercom. They are really a pleasure to deal with. Thank you Tim!
google_avatar Water Protection
Leonard Moreland
15:20 31 Mar 22
Tim was wonderful with installation and advising the best placement for our system and cameras. He diligently walked through how to use the system once installed and answered all questions clearly and concisely!
google_avatar Water Protection
Becca Curlee
15:35 30 Mar 22
KMT is an excellent outfit simply because they care !! Very professional from company vehicle cleanliness to tech uniforms!! Excellent to see trades that have pride in their name and it shows!Fantastic service from David Petersen and Tammy Petersen on the new home construction management side.
google_avatar Water Protection
Jason Bell
17:38 28 Mar 22
Had my KMT System installed today by Eddie, he was amazing! Very professional and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend them!
google_avatar Water Protection
Myma Flawless
20:04 25 Mar 22
Tim was awesome!! I’d absolutely recommend this group for security.
google_avatar Water Protection
Billy Van Eaton
17:20 25 Mar 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Jim Morgan
15:25 24 Mar 22
Tim T. has been servicing our alarm for years and is an excellent tech. Always on time, even in emergency call outs. Very professional and courteous.
google_avatar Water Protection
Quiet Riot Firearms
12:43 24 Mar 22
Kevin and Tim did a great job at helping with our alarm system. Would highly recommend working with them.
google_avatar Water Protection
Helley Patel
20:27 23 Mar 22
Wanted to give a great commendation to Mr.Tom from Marietta Branch. He came in today to do the wireless LTE update and was very professional and thorough. He also reviewed my backup system and to better update it while he was here. With KMT now owning the Midsouth security systems I think they will have a bigger footprint across Georgia and have knowledgeable folks like Mr.Carter and Mr.Tom. The review I have posted is honest and true to best of my knowledge and experience. Thanks
google_avatar Water Protection
Balaji R
19:42 23 Mar 22
Today my mother in law had an installation of a security system by Tom. He very neat and professional with the installation. He has done other upgrades with my security system so it was important to us for the same service. His work was great as expected.
google_avatar Water Protection
Kenneth Mitchell
19:13 23 Mar 22
The service visit was excellent! Arrived right when they promised. Everything was installed and fully explained!
google_avatar Water Protection
Jennifer Kim
15:17 22 Mar 22
Today I scheduled a service call to update my system when a representative arrived I felt a little leery because his shirt tag did not read Midsouth. I have been with Midsouth for over 20 years and trust their work.Well Tim T identified himself and shared that Midsouth was merging with KMT. I was a little skeptical however, Tim provided exceptional service. He went above and beyond when I told him my 1st level sensors were not working, he went into detective made and fixed ever last one. Then he hold me that my battery was 5 years old and recommended a new one. I can honestly say that Tim far exceeds exceptional customer service. He is passionate about his work and customers.
google_avatar Water Protection
Denise Davis
17:04 21 Mar 22
Donny Martinez did an excellent job replacing my sensor. He showed-up on-time and performed thorough troubleshooting procedures. Thanks for being a true professional for the KMT Team.
google_avatar Water Protection
Sheddrick Simpson
00:30 19 Mar 22
Joe K figured out my problem he is a very nice man and very professional
google_avatar Water Protection
Cecilia Ordonez
14:18 18 Mar 22
Donny did an amazing job, he was professional, polite and made sure everything was done properly before he left. Thank you so much!
google_avatar Water Protection
paulina armenta
19:45 17 Mar 22
Tim T is super helpful! Resolved my issue quickly and efficiently!
google_avatar Water Protection
Nikki George
16:37 17 Mar 22
We searched to find a company that could get our systems back up and running, at a decent price no less. We found KMT. Scheduling was a breeze. Tuey came out - ON TIME - and got us working again! Tuey was knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to show me how to use my equipment and how to set up the APP. I would recommend this business to friends, family and business associates.-The Ratliff’s
google_avatar Water Protection
Michelle Ratliff
14:23 17 Mar 22
Tim T. came out this morning to reset all of my cameras because I had to replace my router. It is such a pain to try to reset the cameras myself! Tim got the job done very quickly and efficiently. He has come to my home before to install some new cameras and is always very personable and very knowledgeable about the services. My dog likes him too! He was able to answer all of my questions and get my cameras up and running again in no time. I would definitely request him for any future service needs.
google_avatar Water Protection
20:47 16 Mar 22
Tom from the Marietta Branch is the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a HUGE asset to your organization!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Art Karalexis
20:38 16 Mar 22
Tim T. Was wonderful!!! He installed our 5G equipment & helped with camera issue ~ patient, friendly, knowledgeable, competent. I wish all techs were like him. Perhaps he needs a promotion!
google_avatar Water Protection
Wendy Blackstock
20:37 16 Mar 22
Donny was very professional and polite, friendly service and he explained everything that was going on
google_avatar Water Protection
Meagan Collins
19:37 16 Mar 22
google_avatar Water Protection
aaron manning
01:34 10 Mar 22
google_avatar Water Protection
philip macon
17:12 09 Mar 22
David was very thorough, professional, respectful to my new home by wearing protective shoe covers, using a drop cloth, and cleaning up from his drilling.
google_avatar Water Protection
Cassandra Mckoy
23:43 07 Mar 22
Donny was very knowledgeable and professional.
google_avatar Water Protection
D Jordan
20:02 07 Mar 22
Eddie C. with KMT system just completed my camera and sensors install inside and outside. He was professional and very knowledgeable about the product. Eddie walked me through the entire phone application as well and the key pad. I am so satisfied with my security system. I would recommend this company and Eddie.
google_avatar Water Protection
Carlethia Townsend
22:15 04 Mar 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Patsy Chinn
17:08 03 Mar 22
David did an awesome job with the installation of my security system.
google_avatar Water Protection
donte agnew
19:17 28 Feb 22
Eddie was great! Very helpful with the setup of my system. He didn't leave until I was comfortable with arming and disarming. Thanks Eddie
google_avatar Water Protection
vashone maynard
15:45 26 Feb 22
Quick and professional service as always. I’ve been using KMT since 2008 and have never been disappointed. Kevin’s service today was excellent!
google_avatar Water Protection
James McCall
16:09 25 Feb 22
David was a Professional with knowledge of installation. Job well done. Thanks David
google_avatar Water Protection
Hank Hamilton
19:54 18 Feb 22
Kevin came on time, followed CDC guide lines, he is professional. Polite, respectablefriendly, tought me how to put new code radio ,nstalled in my phone job done on time , I thank you, and appreciated.
google_avatar Water Protection
Sathy Shankar
15:18 18 Feb 22
We are so grateful with Donny Martinez he was very helpful and went beyond our expectations he explained everything we needed to know Thank you
google_avatar Water Protection
Ana Pickell
18:42 14 Feb 22
We received excellent and professional service from Eddie. He was on time, very conscientious about Covid compliance and removing his footwear when entering our home. He also kept us informed about what he was doing and why. For future services, I hope we get him again!
google_avatar Water Protection
Carol Jones
19:22 09 Feb 22
Donny came by to work on our panel and install new one. He was very punctual, professional and easy to work with. He was a joy to have in our home. Thank you.
google_avatar Water Protection
Nicole Raynor
18:59 08 Feb 22
Tuey the service technician was excellent. Very professional and courteous. Installed security alarms,cameras, smoke detector and water alarm.
google_avatar Water Protection
Geronald Bell
22:24 04 Feb 22
Donny arrived well within the 2 hour window for which my appointment was scheduled. He was both courteous, and professional. My situation brought up some challenges that caused my appointment to run much longer than what I’m sure my type of appointment would normally run, but Donny remained professional and didn’t attempt to rush anything through; he took his time and made sure everything was set up to my liking, and that I understood everything regarding my system. Kudos to him for his exemplary Customer Service.
google_avatar Water Protection
22:13 04 Feb 22
Eddie C. was my KMT Tech for my security system installation and he far exceeded my expectations!! He was prompt, professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. The installation was very neat, and he even swept the floor and left zero mess in my home. Eddie was very pleasant, and I appreciate how patient he was explaining how to operate the system. I feel so much more comfortable in my home now, not only because I have a great security system, but more so because Eddie spent so much time making sure I fully understood how to use operate the system. Thank you for doing a Great Job & being an excellent representative of KMT Systems.
google_avatar Water Protection
Lisa Diggs
19:16 04 Feb 22
Eddie was professional, puntual and very knowledgeable.Great customer service.
google_avatar Water Protection
Charles Freeman
17:03 27 Jan 22
Donny Martinez was very professional and informative when he came out for a service call. I highly recommend KMT because of their excellent customer service and highly knowledgeable technicians. Donny is truly an asset to KMT. Thanks Donny for answering all our questions and concerns.
google_avatar Water Protection
Rosemary Pastula
20:00 26 Jan 22
Poor customer service and timeliness
google_avatar Water Protection
Shannon King
21:49 25 Jan 22
Donny was very professional and did a wonderful job. He took extra time to make sure I knew how to use the system.
google_avatar Water Protection
Rosalyn Ritchie
15:00 24 Jan 22
David Peterson our technician was very professional, he did a great job and will definitely recommend him.
google_avatar Water Protection
Esther Araromi
16:05 18 Jan 22
In December 2021 the tech, Tuey, mounted my tv over my fireplace with a Mantel Mount tv mount and he was professional, nice, and very knowledgeable. I am very happy with his work.
google_avatar Water Protection
Dee McDonald
22:35 14 Jan 22
Thank you Donny for your professionalism, punctuality, and for being very thorough/informative while installing my new security features. Donny took his time and walk me through everything. He also helped me setup everything I needed to be successful. He wore boot covers and cleaned behind himself. He made sure everything was complete and done properly before he left. Thanks so much!
David was extremely professional. He provided quality services, Respected home and I am a satisfied customer.Thank you.
google_avatar Water Protection
Samuel Lewis
20:48 12 Jan 22
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company for all home security needs. The install technician, Donny was respectful and professional. He is very knowledgeable and was thorough when explaining the system functions. I will definitely use again for any further home security needs.
google_avatar Water Protection
Latoya Malone
18:44 12 Jan 22
My KMT representative was Donny Martinez. Donny, was early, efficient , professional, and friendly. I feel completely comfortable enrolling into more services due to my interaction with him. Great customer service!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Eric Cobbs
23:55 11 Jan 22
google_avatar Water Protection
Ray Ray Gantt
21:56 07 Jan 22
The tech Donny came an installed a 2nd keypad. Great quick service call. Part 2 The keypad is working but showing low battery. The tech came out yesterday but came with the wrong battery. I’m trying to be patient, but this has been going on since Dec 20th…..
google_avatar Water Protection
Scott King
20:21 07 Jan 22
Tuey was very professional and knowledgeable and helpful with the new camera installation. I really appreciated his diligence and easy demeanor.
google_avatar Water Protection
Dani Arnold
17:59 04 Jan 22
Donny Martinez was extremely responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable about the KMT System!From the moment he arrived at our home, he made it his first priority to ensure that I was satisfied with the end result of the alarm panel project. Before he started the project, he described multiple options as well as the pros and cons of each. And, he provided us with detailed answers to the questions we raised, allowing us to make the right decision.Finally, once the job was completed, Donny's attention to detail was clearly obvious/outstanding.I think he is a good representative for the KMT Company.
google_avatar Water Protection
Richard Williamson
19:02 29 Dec 21
Donny Martinez was great with helping us getting our system updated & very professional
google_avatar Water Protection
Shana Smith
19:22 27 Dec 21
Very knowledgeable and professional
google_avatar Water Protection
Regina Lee
15:13 27 Dec 21
Donny was on time and very pleasant. He took time to explain everything and answered all my questions. I would recommend him and company
google_avatar Water Protection
Nate Colvin
15:19 23 Dec 21
Donny Martinez was great! Very helpful, quick, and considerate. He came to install the security portion of our system, and was able to help us reconnect our doorbell camera and garage door while he was here. Very happy with KMT!
google_avatar Water Protection
Megan Minor
23:42 22 Dec 21
google_avatar Water Protection
23:33 17 Dec 21
The service visit was excellent! Donny was on time. He got the job done very fast and precise. He was very clear when describing the work being done and answered my questions.
google_avatar Water Protection
David Calliste
16:39 13 Dec 21
Donny Martinez was professional and worked quickly!
google_avatar Water Protection
Idris Fulton
12:00 12 Dec 21
I had been having issues with my db camera. The tech was prompt and efficient. His name was Donnie…he is the third tech I have seen since I’ve used this company but the one I will request from now on. He was very informative and extremely patient with all of my questions.I have to say that I am pleased with my KMT service.
google_avatar Water Protection
Taska Taska
18:57 08 Dec 21
Donny with KMT was professional and knowledgeable about what was going on with my Z- tech system. And updated my alarm system. Great job sir.
google_avatar Water Protection
Jimmie Holmes
20:36 06 Dec 21
Donny was very knowledgeable. He did a great job on the installation and taught me all about the system. Donny worked quickly and everything was put in its place. I would definitely recommend him and the company to family and friends. Thanks for everything 😊
google_avatar Water Protection
Shalina Parlow
16:49 06 Dec 21
All I have to say is Donny Martinez the technician was GREAT!!! He came and figured out exactly what I wanted and where I wanted them placed and did a Outstanding Job. Yes took him a while but again Im al person who looks for Great Quality and not Quick service. I glad he up in the extra time to make sure I was happy and satisfied. Im sure I will use KMT for more product and I will request Donny Martinez.
google_avatar Water Protection
Jermaine Griggs
04:05 03 Dec 21
Donny was a great tech that is very knowledgeable about the services. He took care of our new unit and installation.
google_avatar Water Protection
Felicia Leon
14:46 02 Dec 21
Donny is knowledgeable and patient during the installation process. He did a great job!!! I appreciated his help!!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Andre Palmer
15:35 30 Nov 21
David is a knowledgeable and courteous technician. He had us up and running and even fixed our door so the lock would automatically work because it kept jamming. Then he vacuumed up after! Very professional and helpful overall!
google_avatar Water Protection
Daker & Lauren Draney
15:51 29 Nov 21
Eddie was amazing very thorough! Answered all my question and provided excellent customer service!
google_avatar Water Protection
Felecia Taylor
17:39 24 Nov 21
Donnie was extremely knowledgeable. I was told the installation would take 5 hours, he got it done in a fraction of the time. Very pleasant and friendly. He was punctual, polite, and efficient. Highly recommmend!!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Lina Ndihokubwayo
15:33 24 Nov 21
Donny was both knowledgeable and professional during my install. He provided good recommendations. KMT sales person and scheduler were also kind and attentive. I most definitely will recommend their services.
google_avatar Water Protection
Niccole Carr
18:25 09 Nov 21
At lost of words, this company charged me $1300 to install a few cameras and it took them 2 months, multiple phone calls and left on hold...
google_avatar Water Protection
Hannah Cole
17:24 05 Nov 21
Worst place to get anything installed ever ! 10/10 do NOT recommend to anyone , I would never come here all around the worst place I’ve dealt with
google_avatar Water Protection
Ansley Brown
16:36 05 Nov 21
this is a very horrible experience i wouldnt want anyone to go through. they are very irresponsible due to the fact the responsibility of theirs is to make sure we are pleased, they refuse to fix my system, and their monitor fees are way over priced for them to be so sloppy and unprofessional.
google_avatar Water Protection
Khalid Santana
15:52 05 Nov 21
David and Tommy were very professional and lovely
google_avatar Water Protection
Eniola Dipeolu
14:53 01 Nov 21
The gentleman that installed our new unit was so professional and knowledgeable. I would 100% recommend this service and company!
google_avatar Water Protection
Emily Castleberry
02:22 28 Oct 21
Kevin and Tommie were professional and respectful when entering my home. They were very informative when explaining the new updated system. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company for your home security service. THANKS, Mark
google_avatar Water Protection
22:38 22 Oct 21
Donny was great! We appreciate the work and time spent setting up our system and explaining how it works.
google_avatar Water Protection
Mike Denton
23:35 20 Oct 21
Mr. David was very nice and very knowledgeable about KMT security system he walk me through step also to show me how it work I’m appreciated and thankful for the service I will recommend anyone to John KMT security system thank you Sylvia Ferrell
google_avatar Water Protection
Sylvia Ferrell
14:29 12 Oct 21
Kevin was very professional and helpful! He explained everything thoroughly and even provided insight on other home services unrelated to KMT. I’m very pleased!
google_avatar Water Protection
Jasmine Wilson
19:15 08 Oct 21
Hi. I got my camera security system done by KMT on the 9/25/21. Everything is working well. Their team are very professional and courteous. Tiffany the sales representative was very professional and helpful of giving me understanding of security system and sold me on it. Tammy the scheduler was nice in polite with working with my working schedule and David the technician was professional and well mannered. For this cause I give them a 5 star
google_avatar Water Protection
Tommy Mays
23:14 06 Oct 21
Kevin was excellent! He gave detailed instructions and was very informative.
google_avatar Water Protection
Ericka Harvey
17:34 27 Sep 21
Kevin was very professional and explained everything about our new security system!
google_avatar Water Protection
Fam0uskidd Skyy
11:14 24 Sep 21
After getting several bids we selected KMT to install our security system and cameras. They had a fair and competitive price. They had great ideas and solutions to some challenges as to where to place cameras. They even corrected some poor wiring done by a prior contractor. Tuey & Donny were on time and professional. Carissa was terrific in working with us to get scheduled and even preemptively scheduled for a different date if needed due to weather concerns. Very glad we called KMT!
google_avatar Water Protection
AnneM AnneA
01:09 22 Sep 21
Great service provided by Eddie who activated our KMT alarm system. Knowledgeable about KMT service.
google_avatar Water Protection
Sian Wilson
21:02 21 Sep 21
David was on time for the appointment and very knowledgeable and precise! He was very patient and wanted to make sure that I understood the system. I will definitely recommend KMT to my friends and family! I love my new alarm system through KMT!
google_avatar Water Protection
kitara anderson
14:35 11 Sep 21
google_avatar Water Protection
Nichole Trawick
14:24 10 Sep 21
google_avatar Water Protection
Pattie Jones
15:19 07 Sep 21
Our technician for installation, Justin, was prompt, courteous and extremely professional. He answered every question we had about KMT and the features of our new system. Between Justin and the attention we received from Craig and Whit prior to our installation, KMT has really impressed our family.
google_avatar Water Protection
Jelani Downing
16:40 20 Aug 21
Eddie rocks!!! He was fast and friendly!!!
google_avatar Water Protection
Blaze Bean
21:13 17 Aug 21
They were awesome from beginning to end and with a great deal and very knowledgeable.
google_avatar Water Protection
Royette Evans
21:18 07 Aug 21
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Korta Ousainou
16:47 04 Aug 21
KMT is a locally owned company that provides exceptional services. Give them a call today. You won't regret it!
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Melissa Brown
17:40 13 Jul 21
Great service!! Had a new system installed by David Peterson. His customer service and job knowledge was by far the best I’ve experienced. He was on time and ready to roll!! Thanks David and KMT Systems!!
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Kim Feltman
14:13 18 Jun 21
KMT technicians were great with the install and the walkthrough of the security features of our system. On a very hot day, they managed to crawl in my attic and run lines across the length of my house to deliver connections to my NVR. Yeoman work but they got it done, very grateful for their efforts and security system works like a charm.
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Charles Jefferson
15:23 15 Jun 21
David Petersen and Tuey with the KMT team were very informative and answered all my questions. Will definitely recommend security service!
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Jay Wallace
16:00 25 May 21
David was very professional and on time. He installed a new doorbell camera and was knowledgeable of all the features. He had no problem with walking me through the new features and he made sure that he cleaned his working space before leaving.
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tami brown
19:07 24 May 21
Eddy was awesome and I highly recommend them as your security system
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jamel cobb
18:59 21 May 21
I really appreciate the helpful feedback and information I received from David. He installed a new panel as well as making sure we knew all the features. Job well done. He took his time to make sure everything works.
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Iola Green
19:13 19 May 21
Eddie did a great job on his install, he was very professional and skilled. I highly recommend Eddie and KMT systems. Thanks you so much! He went above and beyond.
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19:55 28 Apr 21
Justin was our service technician, he was very polite and professional. He should train other technicians to perform their duties as respectful as he does. Great service
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Sprout Slaughter
13:43 27 Apr 21
David was very knowledgeable and detailed with his explanation of the equipment/services. He was patient and didn't mind if we repeated a question. He had a very pleasant and professional demeanor. I highly recommend him
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Pashion Wilson
15:51 17 Apr 21
I have been a customer with KMT Systems for 6 years and they have provided excellent service. I just upgraded my system and David provided exceptional professionalism through the install. I would not select any another company, except KMT Systems.
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David Newman
23:51 06 Apr 21
David was excellent and exceptional very knowledgeable of everything he installed and took the time to setup cameras on iPad and ipone!! Would give 10 stars if was an option
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Chris Furman
16:53 29 Mar 21
I couldn’t be more pleased with the service Mr. Petersen provided. He was on time, knowledgeable, pleasant, and had an easy to do business with attitude. I really appreciated how he went above and beyond to get the job done and how he took time to explain how to use my devices.
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Andrea Brown
00:53 27 Mar 21