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Locally owned and operated low voltage company that provides services such as home security, camera systems, home theater and many other services.
We pride ourselves on customer service and providing that
personal touch that is missing from so many companies today.
KMT Systems is Georgia’s leader for home security systems and business security systems in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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At KMT Systems, our mission statement provides a focus for our company, and it is the basis for how we do business. It guides the decisions we make, from the largest decisions of management to the smallest decisions regarding attention to detail when working with a client.

It is of vital importance that all employees of KMT Systems know and incorporate this mission into their daily actions at work. We feel strongly that, if we are true to this mission, each of us, as members of this company, as well as KMT Systems as a whole, will be exceptional!

Our mission statement is:

To carry on the tradition of integrity and quality service that was started in 2005 when KMT Systems was founded. We will always strive to employ the best people and provide the most efficient, cost-effective service and equipment, as well as offer the best warranties available to our customers. Customer Satisfaction will always be our number one goal.

Tommy Smith / Founder and CEO

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do things right the first time and won’t stop working until you’re totally happy.

Superior Customer experience

We make it a point to have friendly people take your call and resolve any issues that may come up promptly and professionally.

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David was very knowledgeable and detailed with his explanation of the equipment/services. He was patient and didn't mind if we repeated a question. He had a very pleasant and professional demeanor. I highly recommend him
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Pashion Wilson
15:51 17 Apr 21
I have been a customer with KMT Systems for 6 years and they have provided excellent service. I just upgraded my system and David provided exceptional professionalism through the install. I would not select any another company, except KMT Systems.
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David Newman
23:51 06 Apr 21
I’m so excited that we decided to go with KMT systems for our new home. Eddie was very professional and helpful. Feels great to know that our home is protected.
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miya kinnon
18:03 30 Mar 21
David was excellent and exceptional very knowledgeable of everything he installed and took the time to setup cameras on iPad and ipone!! Would give 10 stars if was an option
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Chris Furman
16:53 29 Mar 21
I couldn’t be more pleased with the service Mr. Petersen provided. He was on time, knowledgeable, pleasant, and had an easy to do business with attitude. I really appreciated how he went above and beyond to get the job done and how he took time to explain how to use my devices.
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Andrea Brown
00:53 27 Mar 21
This is the second home I have used KMT for and I am very pleased with their techs and their services. We recently had David come out who has been with KMT for quite some time and he is very professional! I am very particular about my things and he did a great job at keeping wires hidden, organized and treated our home with care! If you are looking for a reliable and affordable security company for monitoring or cameras, this is your stop!
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Terri Griffin
13:59 08 Mar 21
I was scheduled for my alarm system installation. The technician, Kevin M. was not only promp and professional, but he was very knowledgeable and informative. His down to earth attitude and his patience exceeded my expectations. He was absolutely amazing. We are definitely off to a good start! Thank you!
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John Cole
16:05 05 Mar 21
The technician Kevin Marshall was on-time, very courteous, efficient and took the time to make sure I understand the system and its capabilities. I am very happy with the service I received!
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Iris McLean
13:36 04 Mar 21
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Iris McLean
14:41 02 Mar 21
Eddie Cox from KMT came out and gave us a superior experience in home security. He went above and beyond and we now know that we made an excellent choice in home security. He was precise, polite, and knowledgeable about KMT and everything my wife and I needed to know. His communication skills are excellent. I’m surprised he’s not sitting behind a desk in someone’s corporate office. It’s obvious to see that he loves what he does and takes pride in his job. I’m thankful that KMT chose him to service our dream home. Thanks Eddie!
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Nick Mitchell
14:25 02 Mar 21
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Jemmerria M
14:10 02 Mar 21
I was having issues with one of my equipment and the service was immediate. The team is very polite and very professional. They took care of my issues very quickly and I couldn't be more happier. Thank you Justin, Kevin, and Bobby for all the quick help.
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20:32 24 Feb 21
Today Kevin M. Came out to look at my front door sensor which has been going off all weekend. I was his first appointment he showed up on time, very detailed orientated, friendly and professional he fixed the front sensor and all so checked the others to make sure those where ok as well.Eddie came today to put my new system in, he did an awesome job very thorough with showing me how the system works on my phone and the panel. He Showed up on time for my appointment!!
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Adief Atkinson
16:18 23 Feb 21
Mr. Peterson was very professional and neat. I was scheduled for Saturday between the window of 8&10; to my surprise Mr. Peterson arrived a little shy of 8am. Although I didn’t hear my doorbell, he gave me a courtesy call. Which is very much appreciated. Once he came in, he explained every service that he would perform. He was beyond neat; wore shoe covers, he used a moving blanket to avoid scratching my floors, extremely thoughtful.He walked me through my app and web version. Not only did he know the app beginning to end, but he provided ample clarity on how everything works and operates.Thank you Mr. David, job well done!!
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Maryam Dewitt
15:39 20 Feb 21
Eddie was my technician and he was awesome!! He explained everything thoroughly from A-Z!! He gets an A+ for knowing his job and for his excellent customer service!I also had Kevin as my technician for my camera installation and he was awesome and professional as well! He explained everything thoroughly, answered all my questions and was very patient. Excellent customer service!
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Gabriel Halford
01:00 18 Feb 21
David Petersen is the representative that showed up to install our system. He was on time, polite and very knowledgeable. He answered all our questions and was very patient even when i repeated the same questions. I would recommend this company to everybody.
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Gary Niland
11:01 14 Feb 21
I recently had a service call regarding the operation of my security cameras. The tech that was sent to my home was nothing less than AMAZING! He took the time to thouroughly troubleshoot my issue and took the time neccessary to properly fix the problem (more than two hours). The tech was very courteous, knowledgable and professional at all times. He made sure to wear his mask and treated my home with respect. I can't say enough say enough good things about the this company, their staff and their customer service, FANTASTIC!
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harry roberts
20:39 12 Feb 21
Tech David was informative and help me to understand the system
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Mario Brown
20:27 10 Feb 21
David was amazing! He arrived on time with the his mask on and shoe covers in his hand. He was professional from the beginning to the end. He took time to show me everything, explained everything and answered all my questions. This was an outstanding experience!
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Journey To Jupiter
14:26 10 Feb 21
Kevin Marshall with KMT came out today for my installation. He was very professional and took the time to explain in detail what was being done. I will definitely recommend Kevin M...Great guy Thanks Kevin!!!
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Sonia Grant
18:23 02 Feb 21
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Lalit Mani
02:27 02 Feb 21
Kevin M. was super knowledgeable about the systems and was very patient with us while we decided what we wanted. He walked us through different scenarios and gave us other things to consider that we hadn't thought of. He was on time and brought the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness. We've had our system for over 6 months now, but he showed us a couple new things that we didn't know about. He was a delight. And KMT has always been theeeeeeee most professional with every service. So happy with this service.
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Sara Ketchum
01:07 30 Jan 21
My alarm system became unresponsive due to a change I made to my WiFi configuration. Kevin M came out to service my alarm system. Although the panel was giving issues, Kevin was patient, professional in the service he provided. He also took the time to walk me through features I had no idea we’re available to me. I am grateful that not only were COVID-19 precautions taken but the service provided was exceptional.
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Nancy Muriel
18:42 26 Jan 21
Kevin was so knowledgeable and respectful! He assured my system was working properly and tested it numerous times for my own reassurance. So nice!
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Eboni Campbell
17:10 21 Jan 21
Kevin Marshall was fantastic. He took his time and explained everything thoroughly. I highly recommend
google_avatar Home
Ms Bayley
20:25 20 Jan 21
David was great! Very thorough with showing how the system works and very professional!
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Addison Green
18:14 19 Jan 21
From the first phone call: they were informative, answered all my questions, very detailed, very nice and friendly. I really didn’t have to ask many questions because they were so thorough from the start. I was given an appointment time, explained I was going to receive follow up emails and calls. David Peterson was the technician that came out to do the installation. He called me in the morning to remind me of the appointment and called me when he was on his way. He was professional and courteous from the door. He also was very informative and explained everything to me and walked me through my features step by step. They are truly an exemplary company and I highly recommend their services.
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dewanda brown
21:45 18 Jan 21
David was amazing! He explained everything in great detail and answered all my questions. He was also very thorough making sure everything worked and that I understood everything. Excellent customer service!!
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Andrea Subahwon
15:46 16 Jan 21
David did a very good job, He answered my questions and explained very well.
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Dilmo Antonio Hinestroza Finol
16:42 15 Jan 21
Kevin did a great job replacing my CO2 sensor!
google_avatar Home
Greg Phillips
13:50 15 Jan 21
Kevin the technician came out to install replacement camera.. very very professional technician... Very understanding... THANK YOU KEVIN FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE.
google_avatar Home
Cee Jones
15:46 14 Jan 21
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Corbin Jackson
17:11 12 Jan 21
I recently had my doorbell camera installed by Kevin M. He showed up on time and did a great job in setting everything up and explaining how it functions. Initially, I had some trouble pulling up the camera via my phone. He helped me troubleshoot until all was working well. Thank you for your services! I highly recommend KMT!
google_avatar Home
Avi Colvin
16:50 08 Jan 21
Kevin did a great job with our smart home installation. He was on time and explained everything perfectly!
google_avatar Home
Isaac Brown
16:45 04 Jan 21
Kevin was my instalion tech. He was professional, courteous , and on time. Kevin took the time to explain & show me how to work my new system. I couldn't ask for a better technician.
google_avatar Home
Kerry Foster
12:22 31 Dec 20
Kevin Marshall did a outstanding job getting my doorbell ringer back working and back online. He was on time and was very quick. Thanks Brandon
google_avatar Home
Brandon FullerReaves
23:16 28 Dec 20
google_avatar Home
chanel Hicks
22:06 28 Dec 20
I was so impressed with the system and it’s ease of use. The technician Kevin Marshall was professional, prompt and thorough. My experience was awesome. Thanks so much!
google_avatar Home
Scott Kemmerling
04:58 23 Dec 20
google_avatar Home
Arjun Palaparti
22:44 21 Dec 20
David Peterson installed our smart home system and he was amazing! He even allowed us to let our puppies out and they loved him. He explained everything thoroughly to us and we were mind blown by all the cool features we now have access to. Thank you David!
google_avatar Home
Johanna Ibarra
18:21 19 Dec 20
Help reconnect my skybell and garage to my wifi and alarm also showed me how to use other features Kevin M. Was very knowledgeable and professional.
google_avatar Home
Andrea Low
04:34 11 Dec 20
google_avatar Home
rachel Hennessey
14:46 02 Dec 20
Justin & Tony were very pleasant & worked fast on my installation. They answered all my questions & were very helpful
google_avatar Home
Dyana Landrin
10:06 24 Nov 20
Installed new 5g into system took old one out. Checked all the systems around the house changed out battery. Great service and Kevin is awesome at his job . Thanks Kevin for a great job .
google_avatar Home
Tracey Wright
20:01 23 Nov 20
My KMT Systems tech was Kevin and he was AWESOME!!!! Kevin was punctual and very professional. He thoroughly explained and demonstrated everything.
google_avatar Home
Jakela Potts
20:26 20 Nov 20
Eddie was on time and very professional. I was pleased with his level of knowledge of the system. He made sure I understood all of the different features of my system and testing them before as well. I am very pleased with my choice.
google_avatar Home
Mosa Charles
17:35 19 Nov 20
David Peterson and Tony Gunter did a phenomenal job setting up our home automation. Linking the security panel with the smart lights, video camera doorbell and all the other devices that we have installed in our home. Thanks guys! I appreciate the great service.
google_avatar Home
Jason Sutton
19:40 18 Nov 20
We bought our new home and found out it was actually a smart home. We called KMT to get services started and they were very nice and got things scheduled quickly! They shared all of the options that were available and we were able to choose based on our needs. Kevin was our technician and showed up on time, was extremely kind and thorough, and my son had a ball with him while he set everything up. He explained everything he was doing while he did it. He also made sure I knew how to use everything. In addition, he even fixed my auto lock that would activate every 5 seconds when the door was unlocked and I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop. User error! He did a fantastic job and I’ve had a great time figuring out all of the new features! The kids LOVE Alexa! Thank you KMT for getting everything set up for us. This will definitely help my forgetfulness!
google_avatar Home
Jessica Edwards
19:56 13 Nov 20
Kevin provided quality, profession service
google_avatar Home
Tameka Watkins
14:32 11 Nov 20
David and Tony were both professional, patient, and adhered to all concerns before making sure that they left my home. Excellent service, and I'm glad to see the trainee grow and given opportunities to learn and lead.
google_avatar Home
Yeejkoob Thao
20:41 10 Nov 20
I had David Petersen and Tony Gunter come by and do the installation. They were very professional, thorough with training me how to use everything. Definitely recommend them anytime.
google_avatar Home
Margarita Pineda
15:53 10 Nov 20
google_avatar Home
Maria Obalade
21:24 05 Nov 20
David was very helpful and professional
google_avatar Home
Kadia D
20:26 28 Oct 20
David Peterson was on time and very efficient and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail and made sure that I understood the system! I highly recommend him if I have anyone to refer for this service!
google_avatar Home
Leighsah Freeman
16:06 26 Oct 20
Tech David arrived on time he did my installation I was given a professional tour of how to use my system. David assisted me with setting up my app. He was courteous and professional
google_avatar Home
Sharron Miller
14:16 21 Oct 20
David Peterson from KMT systems came out today to do our initial smart home systems. He was on time and even a little early but gave a call ahead with ample time to nake sure arriving early was ok. While here he was very professional and respectful of our home. Setup took a couple of hours and he walked me through how to use each device and made sure i was comfortable with everything. Would definitely reccomend this company and its service.
google_avatar Home
Matthew Klem
15:35 16 Oct 20
Updated from 4 stars to 2 stars:We’ve had so many issues, I am an unofficial technician for KMT Systems. We are exposed and don’t have a consistently functioning system. I’m so disappointed with the service, equipment and 3 year contract. We are going to explore options to move to another company at this point. Shocked and Disappointed.KMT Installed services in our home today!If it wasn’t for a miscommunication with the office staff and myself over my initial appointment, they’d get 5 Stars. (What happened - I was given an appointment and apparently the team forgot or made a mistake. Even though they were able to eventually reschedule us for our second choice day, it left a bad taste in my mouth to be accused / implied that I made the mistake. I write everything down, so I know the mistake was not mine.)Anyway, They made it better/right by sending David to our home today (with Tammy!). David was absolutely awesome and was very professional. Alongside Tammy, they worked like an impeccable team, and took the time To answer any and all questions we had.The system is great and we look forward to using all of its features! Absolutely exceeded my expectations. May consider adding a few things as well...maybe.Thank you David for all your guidance and patience, I know we’ll love our new smart home for sure.
google_avatar Home
K Johnson
00:30 14 Oct 20
As a new homebuyer, there are so many companies to choose from when thinking on a security system. I can truly say that I am pleased with choosing KMT and having Eddie Cox as my Technician. He was very thorough giving me an overview on the system and how it works. He listened well and attended to all the questions that I had.
google_avatar Home
Shenelle Moolenaar
18:12 12 Oct 20
David and Kevin was very professional and patient with our security installation of our new home. The knowledge and problem-solving skills these two guys used together made me feel very comfortable with this company. They communicated well before and during the installation and highly recommend KMT to anyone. The camera is in HD and take very good videos.
google_avatar Home
Shealethia Fuller
22:18 07 Oct 20
google_avatar Home
16:45 06 Oct 20
google_avatar Home
17:59 03 Oct 20
David Petersen and Kevin Marshall Did a fantastic job and truly cared to install quality and to instill professionalism. Explained everything thoroughly and in great detail.
google_avatar Home
Ralston Cash
15:58 02 Oct 20
David was great. Very professional and nice. Great installation experience. Explained things well.
google_avatar Home
Jude Rinaldi
20:13 30 Sep 20
google_avatar Home
trang dao
21:14 28 Sep 20
David was very, very patient, humble, attentive, he showed me all the details of how to utilize my system, I could not ask for a better person. He answered all my questions, I would diffinately recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who is so patient, his company have a great guy. David was very professional and very respectful, he also removed his shoe and wear shoes covers. David took the time to make sure I understood how to use the system. Thank you David for a job well done.
google_avatar Home
Sharon Robby
21:48 26 Sep 20
Today Eddie came in and installed our KMT screen, door camera and Amazon Echo and did a phenomenal job! Eddie was super respectful and explained our new system very clearly. He installed everything in a timely manner and was extremely easy to deal with. We look forward to using our new KMT products!
google_avatar Home
Paige Bird
17:36 24 Sep 20
They were on time. They notified me and kept me up to date with their ETA. They informed me of everything that they were doing while they were doing it. They consistently asked did I have any questions. They were very professional and very knowledgeable.
google_avatar Home
Alice Frost
18:46 23 Sep 20
Great Experience! Eddie was very professional, knowledgeable and personable. We appreciate the quality of customer service that he provided.
google_avatar Home
Kesia Jones
17:04 17 Sep 20
google_avatar Home
Amond Durden
00:31 13 Sep 20
KMT has skilled and equally friendly Technicians who would also guide you the process and help you. This is a very good add on to the security and their service is prompt and very professional. I have worked with two technicians, Jose and David. Both were very courteous and professional in their service
google_avatar Home
pavan hegde
13:14 12 Sep 20
Both David and Kevin were professional, respectful, helpful, and collaborative. Installation and configuration were detailed and thorough. My wife was navigating the application like a professional - which is a strong testament to David's and Kevin's patience and willingness to be of service. Recommend KMT Systems, David, and Kevin without reservations to anyone in Atlanta looking for quality and five-star service in security and monitoring.
google_avatar Home
Jeff Graham
02:29 10 Sep 20
Eddie was amazing! Explained everything and really had patience with me! Strongly recommend
google_avatar Home
Cotessa Madison
16:08 09 Sep 20
Everything was 10 pointsDavid Petersen did a great job, he explained everythingAnd let’s walk through the whole process
google_avatar Home
Reynaldo Susano
18:13 05 Sep 20
Chad was awesome. He was a little bit early for the appointment and called ahead to make sure that was OK. He installed everything fast and walked me through every aspect of our incredible new system!
google_avatar Home
michael correa
13:47 02 Sep 20
KMT Systems was great. There was a little hiccup with the first scheduling, but they instead came out on a day that worked with my schedule. Chad was very knowledgeable, patient, professional, and respectful of the house. I would absolutely recommend KMT Systems.
google_avatar Home
Caity Walker
21:25 25 Aug 20
Great ServiceCalled in this morning for a service and spoke with kevin to have a coax cable ran from a room in my home to the side of the house for comcast to install my internet.Was scheduled for Tuesday but got a call back from Kevin saying he has a tech ready to be at my property right away and the tech was out here same day within 30 minutes of Kevin's call.Installed the cable hid everything out of sight and ready for comcast to come back out.Thanks again!
google_avatar Home
Junior Mendez
17:39 21 Aug 20
Chad was on time (actually early), professional, and very thorough in his explanation of how to use the system and app. He answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend.
google_avatar Home
Sonya Whitlow
21:07 19 Aug 20
David was great! I’d recommend him as your next technician. He was was very professional and thorough in his explanation of the services.
google_avatar Home
Brittney McKay
15:53 15 Aug 20
They did a great job with installation and were very explanatory.
google_avatar Home
Leah McLaughlin
16:04 14 Aug 20
David was great! Very professional and patient.
google_avatar Home
Helen Bailey
15:33 13 Aug 20
David was professional, patient, and very informative. Takes him time to ensure customers understand what they are getting and how to use it.
google_avatar Home
Chesley Martin
13:39 12 Aug 20
We bought a new home that came with 3 years of service with KMT and David Petersen came out yesterday and set it all up. He was very professional and showed us everything we needed to start personalizing the system we got. Thank you!
google_avatar Home
Courtney Blackston
11:26 11 Aug 20
google_avatar Home
Grace F
20:46 10 Aug 20
google_avatar Home
Kahnie Cowan
13:38 09 Aug 20
Great experience with David! Very knowledgeable and efficient.
google_avatar Home
Laura Collins
21:58 07 Aug 20
google_avatar Home
13:49 05 Aug 20
Chad was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He installed my Smart home features and explained everything thoroughly, and answered all of my questions. I'm not very tech savvy but he was very patient regarding any questions I had. I would highly recommend him.
google_avatar Home
Laurie Cappuccio
19:42 04 Aug 20
I haven't had my security services set up yet with KMT, but the customer service I have had so far has been exceptional!! Carissa has been very attentive, professional and kind!! I am so grateful to have found this company as I had equipment set up by another company who was charging much more for the same services offered by KMT.
google_avatar Home
J Smith
17:38 04 Aug 20
Today I had the pleasure of David Petersen installing our new ‘smart home’. He did a wonderful job as well as making sure he touched every subject and every detail. We are very thankful for the time he took explain and going the extra mile.
google_avatar Home
April Cheek
18:18 03 Aug 20
David was very nice and knowledgeable how the system works. He explained everything to me and showed me how to use everything. This system is very user friendly and I would recommend KMT systems and the installer, David
google_avatar Home
Joe Santos
14:30 03 Aug 20
Jose came out and did the install for all our automation. He was very thorough and answered any questions we had.
google_avatar Home
Trish & Stephen Monahan
13:36 03 Aug 20
Back in March I had KMT come out to install my new home security system. Chad was our representative and made the entire experience beyond pleasant and extremely knowledgeable.After months of enjoying the system, I recently had a hiccup with the hardware as it had been recalled. I contacted KMT and immediately they scheduled me for a tech to come out and replace the motion sensors. While I had scheduled my initial appointment for 5:30 on a Wednesday, the tech showed up at 12:30 that afternoon. I informed him I had a 5:30 appt and asked him to come back. He said he was right down the road and wanted to see if I could take him now. While I had a schedule to uphold, I asked him to come back and that I could be available around 4 at the earliest. He responded with "he would try". At that point, I realized I wanted Chad back. I called the office and requested Chad. Chad came out and replaced my motion sensor and upgraded my panel (for it too was having issues). Bottom line, request Chad for he is amazing! I am enjoying the system as well and all it has to offer. 🙂
google_avatar Home
18:49 31 Jul 20
Jose was the best! Definitely ask for him. Highly knowledgeable about the products. Excellent service.
google_avatar Home
Michael Cumbie
16:01 30 Jul 20
google_avatar Home
A One Tax Service
13:48 30 Jul 20
google_avatar Home
Catherine Scavone
23:22 29 Jul 20
Jose is a great installation Tech! He completed the work at my home thoroughly and efficiently. Jose is very knowledgeable and was able to explain all the KMT services in a detailed, yet understandable way. Most of all, I appreciated Jose's patience -- in spite of my never-ending questions!
google_avatar Home
Chris Beck
20:40 29 Jul 20
The experience with KMT was really good. The tech, David Peterson, was very quick and knowledgeable of the products. Would definitely use again!
google_avatar Home
Luke Yockey
13:16 29 Jul 20
google_avatar Home
bruce nguyen
18:38 28 Jul 20
Jose was amazing.Very knowledgeable and professional!!!
google_avatar Home
Kaiya Dowtin
16:19 28 Jul 20
Chad was excellent. Efficient and informative.
google_avatar Home
Kyle Hembree
13:33 28 Jul 20
KMT Representative, David Petersen just completed installation of KMT Security System at my home in Brookhaven. He arrived right on time (and early enough in the morning to allow me to get to work on time). He was neat, organized, professional and did a great job of explaining the system.
google_avatar Home
Nancy Lanier
16:01 27 Jul 20
Jose was very professional, patient and willing to repeat himself when I wasn't understanding what he was saying. He offered very sincere advice and was also very friendly
google_avatar Home
Kelly Oluku
15:16 27 Jul 20
Just received my KMT system. Eddie is an awesome rep. He went through everything thoroughly. He was patient and made the process easy. He arrived on time and was very professional.
google_avatar Home
i hawkins
18:17 25 Jul 20
google_avatar Home
Robin Wade
19:47 24 Jul 20
Eddie was my technician, friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
google_avatar Home
Michele Thompson
15:28 24 Jul 20
Eddie was great. He was on time, very polite, and explained in detail how to use the system.
google_avatar Home
V. Glover
17:24 23 Jul 20
As being a first time home owner, I could not have felt any more comfortable with this experience with KMT! Mr. David is by far the best! He explained everything perfectly and made me feel to comfortable! If you are in need of an home security company please use this company!! You won’t regret it!
google_avatar Home
Adia Applewhite
20:25 22 Jul 20
Chad was very nice young man... Polite and professional... Explained our new system in detail... Walked us through the apps ... And left us very satisfied... Give him a raise ...👍
google_avatar Home
Frank Suter
14:40 22 Jul 20
Eddy was great! Very informative and patient with showing everything!
google_avatar Home
Rose Harrold
18:43 21 Jul 20
Chad did a great job installing and explaining the security system and smart home features. Thanks Chad!
google_avatar Home
Phillip Wells
14:56 21 Jul 20
Eddie from KMT was very professional! He called an hour before coming to let us know he would be at our home at 9am and was on time. After installing the system, he went over everything with us in its entirety so that we understood how the system worked. He was very polite and respected our home. Thank you Eddie.
google_avatar Home
Regina Lloyd
15:12 18 Jul 20
Great experience, David helped explain everything thoroughly and was very clean when installing the equipment. I would highly recommend David and KMT to anyone looking to add security to their home.
google_avatar Home
Kyle Mangum
15:00 17 Jul 20
Eddie was absolutely helpful, professional and informative. Very thankful for his help!
google_avatar Home
Harold Banks
14:27 17 Jul 20
I am completely satisfied, both Carissa and Chad made me feel like I made the best decision by chosing KMT systems for my home security.
google_avatar Home
Joanna Allison
00:05 17 Jul 20
Chad was our technician. He did an amazing job with installation and training us, awesome professional service.
google_avatar Home
Vikram a
14:59 16 Jul 20
Eddie provided great service installing my new system. He was professional, polite and thorough. He took time to explain all aspects of the system and made sure I was able to correctly use the system before he left. I have had other alarm systems installed in my home before but none compared to quality of this service.
google_avatar Home
Daria Miller
19:28 15 Jul 20
David did such a great job explaining everything and walking me through using my system. He was very patient especially since I had a very active 2 yr old running around trying to touch everything. He got the work done quicker than I expected. I now have peace of mind knowing I have a great security system in my home!
google_avatar Home
19:24 15 Jul 20
My service technician David P. was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when he came to my home to install my new alarm system. He walked me through how to alarm, disarm, setup password, setup the echo dot as well as how to use the control panel. He didn't leave me with any unanswered questions and even went the extra mile to put batteries in my thermostat. I highly recommend KMT systems.
google_avatar Home
Leslie Hunter
23:37 14 Jul 20
Chad Yes from KMT provided professional and excellent service during the installation and tutorial of our system. He truly is one of the best representatives a customer could ask to provide in home security service. Thank you DR Horton for providing a top notch contractor for your clients!
google_avatar Home
Kathie Turke
18:20 11 Jul 20
Jules and David did an excellent job for me. Love the system and it's integration of security and home automation. I'm a customer in two locations, and KMT is a superior dealer.
google_avatar Home
Mark Ledbetter
20:22 10 Jul 20
google_avatar Home
Kim McCutcheon
16:38 10 Jul 20
I had a technician from KMT system who name is Chad is a great guy. He is very professional and friendly. Gave me a lot of advises and tips so that I can quickly understand how to use the smart home system for the first time. Definitely gonna recommend KMT for everyone.
google_avatar Home
Duy Nguyen
14:27 08 Jul 20
Outstanding implementation experience with David Peterson in installing KMT / Security system. David was Very competent, capable and quality conscious. A rare experience.
google_avatar Home
Charles Feyt
21:35 07 Jul 20
Chad was fast, efficient and professional. He was very knowledgeable and made sure that I understood how my system worked via website, panel and app. He was very respectful of my home as well. He took his shoes off before entering, cleaned up after his install and wore a mask at all times. I appreciate the attention to detail.
google_avatar Home
Carrie Barrere
21:20 07 Jul 20
google_avatar Home
Michael Kidd
17:54 07 Jul 20
Kevin was very helpful and professional, Kevin took his time to set up and explain all functions of the system. Keep on doing what you do Kevin and hopefully your company will recognize and reward you for your hard work and professionalism.
google_avatar Home
one Luv9382
19:31 06 Jul 20
google_avatar Home
R Lew, MSN, RN
21:26 02 Jul 20
The people at KMT have been very responsive through the entire process, the technician Kevin did a great job with the installation and teaching me how the system works, very good overall experience.
google_avatar Home
Mauricio Buitrago
20:20 02 Jul 20
Installed KMT alarm System, very satisfued with the Services handled professionally by David Petersen. My home is smart now 🙂 ... also they throw Alexa and video door bell for free.
google_avatar Home
Bambang Permadi
03:47 02 Jul 20
Eddie was pleasant, professional, & thorough during the setup of my security system.
google_avatar Home
Nichole Simmons
05:06 28 Jun 20
David was very professional and answered all my questions throughly.
google_avatar Home
Mystery Machine
18:40 27 Jun 20
Chad was absolutely wonderful! He explained everything thoroughly, showed me how to use everything. He was professional as well as personable! I wish he could handle all of my in-home installations.
google_avatar Home
Jasmyne H.
15:00 27 Jun 20
Our technician David Petersen was professional and very knowledgeable about the system. He took his time explaining everything and answering all my questions.
google_avatar Home
Kris Willaims
19:09 26 Jun 20
I gave a 4 star rating because I’ve only had the system installed for a couple hours so I can’t give a full 5 til I have some true experience with the system. However Eddie was phenomenal. He was very knowledgeable and patient with me. He gets a 5 star rating for service!
google_avatar Home
Ericka M
15:01 26 Jun 20
Chad was very professional,honest and answered all my questions about our new Smart Home system. He was on time and quickly installed the new equipment. Thank you,Chad for patiently reviewing everything with us! Highly recommend!
google_avatar Home
Ginger Lane
02:59 26 Jun 20
google_avatar Home
Sandi Dickson
19:15 25 Jun 20
google_avatar Home
Venecia Amezcua
14:48 24 Jun 20
We are not Tech people. The tech who arrived on time was great. He did not rush and spent all the time needed to show us the system and all the associated modes. I would highly recommend KHT.
google_avatar Home
Daniel Nevill
10:28 24 Jun 20
Chad did an amazing job at installing our whole system, he also did a great job at explaining how everything works...made it easy for me! I highly recommend KMT for a provider and to have Chad be your installer.
google_avatar Home
Daniela Risley
22:29 23 Jun 20
google_avatar Home
Lawrence Hudnall III
22:11 23 Jun 20
google_avatar Home
Virginia Navarro
15:50 22 Jun 20
David was very helpful and professional
google_avatar Home
JR sablock
14:43 22 Jun 20
After my bad review I need to apologize for 90 percent of it 🤷🏽‍♀️ Although the thermostat wasn’t working Jimmy walked me thru a quick fix and easy too. Apparently I was having internet issues is why my alarm and things were not working so I do apologize but I did want to thank Jimmy for calling me back a million times and help walking me thru the process! I am back to normal. 😊
google_avatar Home
Tameeka Faumui
20:39 19 Jun 20
Jules Stone professionally handled the sale of this system. This is the third system I have bought from KMT. Jules timely returns your phone calls as well. David Peterson is excellent at installing these systems. He installed the prior systems I bought too. He answered all my questions. He was thorough and professional in every way possible. He worked 14 hours straight to install the most recent system.
google_avatar Home
Richard Jones
09:45 18 Jun 20
google_avatar Home
Rozella Potts
20:11 17 Jun 20
Everything from my first call to installation was top notch! Carissa was very helpful in providing information and pricing for the different packages. Chad installed the home automation and security system and the process was smooth from start to finish. Chad is very knowledgeable and walked me through how to use the alarm app, the Echo Dot and the desktop version of the software. Very professional and well-run company!
google_avatar Home
Donna O.
18:24 17 Jun 20
On time of the schedule appointment. David Petersen very professional and outstanding. David explained everything starting from the application, equipment’s that have been installed. Very detailed information for the usage of the security system that very helpful. I am pleased with his work and his help. Thank you.
google_avatar Home
Marlou Macaraig
14:27 17 Jun 20
Chad was professional, courteous, patient and understanding. I will definitely recommend his services to friends and family!!!
google_avatar Home
TT Love
15:33 16 Jun 20
google_avatar Home
15:48 15 Jun 20
David was great for explaining all the features of the system! Great and professional!
google_avatar Home
Jun Oh
16:38 13 Jun 20
David Petersen was very professional and knowledgeable. Was on time and answered all my questions
google_avatar Home
Brian West
13:35 13 Jun 20
David Petersen was very professional and courteous. I would recommend KMT.
google_avatar Home
Kina Ruggs
16:31 12 Jun 20
Excellent and professional service. My installer, David Petersen, was thorough with all explanations and made the set up process as simple as possible.
google_avatar Home
Kelly Hughes
12:38 12 Jun 20
Chad is a genius when it comes to installation and teaching the use of the system. Thanks Chad. Good job.
google_avatar Home
Dave Frank
18:03 11 Jun 20
David was great! super friendly, fast and professional. Thanks, ya'll!!
google_avatar Home
Megan Misko
22:56 10 Jun 20
David helped us set up everything with great patience and experience. He is awesome!
google_avatar Home
Wei Zhou
17:00 10 Jun 20
google_avatar Home
Stevee Edwards
14:49 10 Jun 20
David and Justin came out and installed our alarm system. They were very professional and patient and made sure we knew how to use all of our devices before leaving. They provided great service.
google_avatar Home
M Dukes
20:45 08 Jun 20
Carissa with KMT Systems was a pleasure to work with. She made sure I had the items needed to feel safe and secure in my home. She scheduled the technician Chad who was equally a pleasure to work with. He made sure everything was functioning and showed me step by step how to work the system which was extremely user friendly. I would definitely recommend Carissa and Chad from KMT Systems to assist with your needs.
google_avatar Home
Ann Leal
20:10 08 Jun 20
Davis Petersen from KMT Systems did a great job setting up our system. He explained everything well and took his time to show us how it all worked. The technology was current and easy to use.
google_avatar Home
Nick Wasche
18:47 06 Jun 20
Eddie was soooo overly helpful to me. Bobby and Bobby was also understanding of my issues. Eddie came and made sure I totally understood the KTM System. He took his time with me. Like show and tell. He made sure I knew the whole system before he left my home. I feel more secure now. Thank everyone for your help!Tiffany
google_avatar Home
Tiffany Robinson
16:16 06 Jun 20
David is excellent in his work. I explain everything that the system does in detail. I am satisfied with his work and his help. Thank you.
google_avatar Home
Gustavo Enrique Urdaneta Maldonado
13:50 06 Jun 20
google_avatar Home
Paulina Barraza
18:20 05 Jun 20
Jules stone and David Peterson were awesome very professional, answered all my questions definitely a great experience all around.. I will definitely recommend them and KMT
google_avatar Home
Paul Vinces
03:06 05 Jun 20
Eddie Cox was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable during the installment of our home’s security system. He was very thorough and patient when explaining the system and processes. We’re very satisfied and appreciate his help! Make sure to ask for Eddie with KMT! 🙂
google_avatar Home
Kia McEwen
21:25 28 May 20
Eddie was very professional, thorough, helpful and friendly. I appreciate the quick work!
google_avatar Home
candace brown
17:06 21 May 20
Chad and Justin were great to work with and very knowledgeable about the automation system. They both made me feel comfortable tin my home by removing their shoes prior to entering and wearing masks for protection.
google_avatar Home
David A Hayes
22:45 16 May 20
Justin and Chad were extremely professional and were able to get my alarm system installed in a timely manner. They made sure that I understood how to use the system and what to do if I forget anything.
google_avatar Home
Olivia Garrett
16:00 16 May 20
Chad did a great job
google_avatar Home
Alex Huston
21:53 14 May 20
Chad and Quincy were just phenomenal. From start to finish they explained every piece of the install equipment and what it would provide for us and they were super thorough with their work. I was working from home during their install and their were zero disruptions while I was on my conference calls and they had a full day installation due to the package I was having installed. I've been using the cameras and alarm system, and smart locks/lights/garage door features and I'm quite impressed. I would definitely recommend KMT Systems and if you could snag Chad and Quincy as your technicians, you absolutely should!
google_avatar Home
Brian Arrington
12:07 09 May 20
google_avatar Home
Ernesto Cordero
15:45 05 May 20
Company was very pleasant to work with during our setup! Chad the installer did a great job! Chad was very detailed and thorough during our installation!
google_avatar Home
Michael Evans
18:21 01 May 20
Jose was so helpful in setting up and teaching us about our security system. He was very thorough and patient with me as I learned the system. He demonstrated and explained multiple times until I was comfortable with it. I really appreciate all the Jose did and would recommend him and KMT to anyone. Thank you!
google_avatar Home
Dennis Reardon
17:12 01 May 20
Chad came out and did a fast and easy install at our home. He was very knowledgeable and made the whole process very simple to understand.
google_avatar Home
Jeremy Donnelly
16:46 29 Apr 20
Kevin was very nice ! Very patience and had very good knowledge of the KMT system. I would highly recommend.
google_avatar Home
KeErica Williams
19:48 27 Apr 20
Awesome experience! Chad came out and was super knowledgeable and set everything up and took the time to walk me through it all. Would totally recommend the company! Thanks for the awesome service! 👌
google_avatar Home
Sid B
22:36 24 Apr 20
The service was great and the tech was very helpful and knowledgeable. He paid attention to detail and he was even using a Vacuum to clean after the job was done . Very good services !
google_avatar Home
Joel Mejia
15:06 24 Apr 20
Carissa reaches out to me next business day after closing, she was very informative and had us signed up and scheduled for installation the next day. The technician was helpful as well
google_avatar Home
Luis Lopez
14:30 23 Apr 20
My experience with KMT was wonderful! The representative, Carissa was professional and responsive. My tech, Jose was a ROCKSTAR!! He was on time, professional and very knowledgeable about the products and services! I highly recommend!
google_avatar Home
Ty Williams
14:14 22 Apr 20
google_avatar Home
Amin Busali
17:03 21 Apr 20
Chad was great. He showed up during the scheduled time window, he was friendly, and knowledgeable while walking me through my smart home features.
google_avatar Home
Lindsay Meacham
14:35 14 Apr 20
google_avatar Home
Ebbie Julkes
14:07 13 Apr 20
Chad was fantastic. He showed up early, explained the installation process, and then walked me through the functionality.He did a great job!!
google_avatar Home
Bob Markham
19:29 10 Apr 20
Chad was awesome! Very professional and courteous.
google_avatar Home
15:09 09 Apr 20
google_avatar Home
Nagarjuna Kolli
14:31 08 Apr 20
Chad was amazing!
google_avatar Home
Jenna Willis
19:46 06 Apr 20
Chad was obviously very experienced in his work. He set up or smart-home quickly and went over all of the capabilities thoroughly, and didn't seem rushed, making sure we were satisfied. Excellent and professional!
google_avatar Home
Jeff Messina
20:32 03 Apr 20
Chad was really professional, explained everything respectfully and concise.
google_avatar Home
Daniel Kim
20:05 01 Apr 20
Very professional and thorough.
google_avatar Home
Marc Washington
23:13 26 Mar 20
Chad was so helpful and thoroughHe was also very friendly and polite. Explained everything so well. And answered all the questions I had.
google_avatar Home
Kelsey Mahoney
14:40 26 Mar 20
Very good experience Quincy and David. Thanks so much
google_avatar Home
Gloria Brooks Lewis
17:01 24 Mar 20
Purchased a DR Horton home which offers 3 years of KMTs automation package free. Our technician David P was very educational in explaining how the system works and how to configure the system to our own personal use. The system is run through alarm.coms app which is simple and very customizable. I look forward to using the system for the years to come.
google_avatar Home
23:15 21 Mar 20
David was here all day but did a good jobI'm very satisfied with his job.
google_avatar Home
Alberto Rodriguez
21:11 20 Mar 20
Eddie was awesome and went everything in great detail!
google_avatar Home
Jatziry Echeverria
15:30 20 Mar 20
Jules Stone contacted me and sold me on your company for both my home and business. Based on his experience I trust that your company will meet my needs.Mr. David was great he was very professional he was timely and I’m so excited to start my business relationship with your company.
google_avatar Home
Kasara Haynes
18:09 18 Mar 20
David did a fantastic job during installation. Made it easy.
google_avatar Home
Travis Thomson
16:10 17 Mar 20
Our technician Chad was professional and very thorough in explaining the system. He was prompt for the appointment and was patient while answering a long list of questions. He was excellent and made the process a smooth one.
google_avatar Home
Lauril Joseph
19:55 10 Mar 20
google_avatar Home
Debra Warnecke
21:12 09 Mar 20
My experience withKTM Systems was awesome!! David Peterson made a great job!!! He was so nice! And did everything on time!! He explained to us how to use all the systems!! Thank you so much!!!
google_avatar Home
Laura Arenas
17:11 09 Mar 20
google_avatar Home
connor reynolds
17:08 05 Mar 20
Awesome service today with technician Eddie. He was very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the great work!
google_avatar Home
Nicole James
15:27 05 Mar 20
google_avatar Home
20:44 04 Mar 20
Kevin was very knowledgeable, professional, and thorough throughout the installation process!
google_avatar Home
Rultz Raymond
19:07 03 Mar 20
Tuey was very professional and I recommend him for all services. Excellent work and customer service. It was truly a pleasure working with him! He explained the system very well.
google_avatar Home
Patrice Halsell
16:32 03 Mar 20
The technician Tuey was wonderful. He was very professional and on time. He was also very patient with me and explained everything in detail.
google_avatar Home
Jackie Malcom
21:26 29 Feb 20
David Peterson came out Saturday and set up the home automation system and security system in our new home. He was quick and did really good work. He also answered any questions I had and had a great attitude.
google_avatar Home
Jordin Mendez
20:19 29 Feb 20
KMT Systems recently came out to install a home security and automation system. The technician Chad was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and very skilled in performing the work. In every step of the way, he ensured that I was familiar and comfortable with the equipment and features. Additionally, he was able to recommend the setup and system settings to best fit my needs. As an ambassador for KMT Systems and a security professional, Chad excels beyond the competition.
google_avatar Home
Zeb Mitchell
16:56 28 Feb 20
Chad and David were very helpful with my network fix and alarm/smart home install. Chad was able to help me diagnose a few issues with my wired network, and provide quick and knowledgeable feedback on how best to configure some of my hard-wired TVs, routers, and switch. Chad and David worked together to get the alarm system set up, and a custom indoor camera placement installed. They were both very professional and truly cared about my preferences and always confirmed with me for placement. Chad helped work with me to choose components that would be a good solution for our basement, covering all windows and doors. Chad ran through all the options and configurations with me, and I feel very comfortable with using the system. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the features and built in aspects of the alarm system, including the panic options, duress mode, and geo tracking features. We are looking forward to continuing to build on the smart home features, and my family feeling fully safe and secured by the installed alarm components. Big thanks to Chad and David for helping me out and being knowledgeable and patient on all my questions. Great team!
google_avatar Home
Andrew Morgan
00:00 27 Feb 20
google_avatar Home
Frederick Palmer
16:05 26 Feb 20
Chad was great!
google_avatar Home
Thomas Rager
13:39 18 Feb 20
Kevin is absolutely phenomenal! He walked us through the whole process and no questions went unanswered. He is very knowledgeable and polite. Many thanks to him and KMT Systems for outstanding service.
google_avatar Home
Valerie Orr
01:54 16 Feb 20
David was awesome. Quick installation and took the time to show us everything. I was impressed and satisfied with the service.
google_avatar Home
David Taylor
15:48 15 Feb 20
Kevin was very knowledgeable, fast and efficient! He answered all my questions and walked through all the features of my smart home! I was very satisfied!
google_avatar Home
Angel Butler
21:06 10 Feb 20
Had an installation and walk through with Eddie.Very thorough and professional. Thanks again.
google_avatar Home
Jason Upson
17:37 05 Feb 20
Kevin was outstanding and did an outstanding job upgrading my alarm system. I must also mention Stephanie and Jamie who assisted me on the phone yesterday and calmed my nerves. Many thanks to these awesome employees. Linda Tanner
google_avatar Home
Linda Tanner
16:58 05 Feb 20
premier service response. They would adjust to customer needs. good pricing. I have used same people for years.
google_avatar Home
zydrunas saukevicius
15:21 05 Feb 20
google_avatar Home
Mike Philpot
21:14 03 Feb 20
google_avatar Home
Tony Cooper
18:49 28 Jan 20
google_avatar Home
Alyssa Plemmons
22:43 25 Jan 20
Eddie installed our system for us and was very thorough and helpful.
google_avatar Home
Jordyn H
18:11 24 Jan 20
I'm still figuring out certain things, but the installation itself was great. Our installer was Chad, and he did an excellent job of setting everything up and showing us how to use the system; very thorough!
google_avatar Home
Dennis Bruno
18:11 23 Jan 20
David and Justin were great . David was very professional.He went through each and every step and ensured that our new home is secured. He was an expert and was able to answers all my queries. Thanks again! Great Job KMT Team.
google_avatar Home
Raja Patnaik
22:16 21 Jan 20
Eddie was really great explain everything he had to complete. Very professional.
google_avatar Home
Sheneka Pettigrew
17:34 20 Jan 20
google_avatar Home
Marquita Stanley
15:45 20 Jan 20
google_avatar Home
Jon Sanders
20:31 18 Jan 20
The technician (Eddie) was very helpful and knowledgeable about showing me how to operate my alarm system. I really appreciate him for being patient with me and taking the time to make sure I understood how to operate the system.
google_avatar Home
Rene Tharpe
18:10 17 Jan 20
David showed up to connect my smart home right at 8:00 when my appointment window was 8 to 10 AM. He was extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly answered all my questions He showed me what was installed explained everything to me on how to operate. I was very impressed with David. Thank you David for everything today and for being patient with me when asking so many questions and understanding how the system works. Thanks again David!
google_avatar Home
Kim Oliaro
15:54 17 Jan 20
google_avatar Home
Tyeisha George
17:18 16 Jan 20
Eddie Cox is the truth!! I am visiting my sister here in Jonesboro Georgia and have a background in security systems from working g with Vector Security in Maryland. He knows his stuff. He answered all her questions and qualified himself by answering all of my difficult questions. At the end of the day, all was resolved!!
google_avatar Home
Tanya Marble
17:15 16 Jan 20
google_avatar Home
Kevin Bryant
18:14 15 Jan 20
Chad was a pleasure to work with. Very personable and knowledgeable about connecting our smart home. Highly recommend!
google_avatar Home
JK Scoggs
15:53 15 Jan 20
Had an issue with a sensor. Eddie came out and fixed it. He resolved the problem quickly and efficiently. He was extremely professional and helpful. It was a very positive experience.
google_avatar Home
CaTrinna Chastain Edwards
14:47 15 Jan 20
Thomas was outstanding, I have had three or four techs out to my home before from KMT he has by far been the best and most thorough of them all.
google_avatar Home
Rodney Webb
13:24 15 Jan 20
Install was quick and easy. The technician Jose was very insightful and knowledgeable.
google_avatar Home
Tod Wells
17:37 10 Jan 20
Eddie was amazing installing my alarm system, he was very patient and clear around explaining the entire system to me. As a first time home buyer it feels great to have someone with patience and kindness as I had a million questions. Thanks so much
google_avatar Home
Laterria Rhodes
16:42 10 Jan 20
google_avatar Home
Dorinda Scott
14:59 10 Jan 20
I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism that was shown by my Technician Eddie today. Eddie was able to answer all of my questions. I feel at ease knowing that my home is safe. Thank you KMT
google_avatar Home
Belinda Foster
19:22 09 Jan 20
Eddie was our technical he was awesome and he help with the tutorial and setup. Very professional and clean work. I would recommend KMT and especially Eddie he made the system look easy but he is just great at his job.
google_avatar Home
Reano Myers
18:43 08 Jan 20
David and Chad were amazing. Both knowledgeable and efficient when setting up my system.
google_avatar Home
15:10 08 Jan 20
Our technician Kaleem was very helpful with setting up our system, Thanks!
google_avatar Home
Yanet Juarez
15:54 07 Jan 20
Kevin M. was my tech and let me just say what a fantastic experience he provided. Very knowledgeable and efficient. Took his time to explain every feature and recommended all the right products. I’ll be recommending KMT to all my friends and family!
google_avatar Home
Ronnie Sills
02:54 07 Jan 20
I had a very good experience with the technician Eddie Cox. He was very infor.ative and patient and explained everything from start to finish. I would definitely refer others to KMT.
google_avatar Home
Michael Quin
00:15 04 Jan 20
Thanks David... you were very helpful to bring us to the future . I really like the system
google_avatar Home
Biba Klokocka
19:54 03 Jan 20
Eddie from KMT installed, explained and went beyond what was expected from our initiation to their Services. He was very professional, knowledgeable and patient. I felt very trusting to his Security advice. Highly recommend!
google_avatar Home
Channy D
16:55 03 Jan 20
The tech David did a great job installing the equipment and showing how everything is used.
google_avatar Home
Jenny Burke
15:05 03 Jan 20
David P. did automation set up for three of company property today, and am really satisfied with the service!
google_avatar Home
19:33 30 Dec 19
Just finished installation with Eddie, awesome experience!
google_avatar Home
Ellis Abreu
23:14 27 Dec 19
google_avatar Home
Charte Strawder
04:10 27 Dec 19
Kevin was awesome!!! He was very professional and timely with his appointment. He was very knowledgeable on answering all my questions while providing great tips. My setup went perfect and he made sure that I knew how to use the system before leaving. I will be using KMT Systems again to add additional feature to my system. Thank you Kevin and KMT Systems
google_avatar Home
Ronnie collins
01:47 27 Dec 19
David at KMT was amazing very helpful. Very knowledgeable. Amazing tech.
google_avatar Home
Adrian Ramales
15:09 21 Dec 19
David was awesome, and walked me through all steps and functionality of the systems. Hes a great guy
google_avatar Home
Oye D
16:07 20 Dec 19
FANTASTIC JOB! David Petersen and Kalem McKoy did a great job on our security system. They were so patience and answered all of our questions. Thank you again! Shane and Christa Bailey
google_avatar Home
Christa Bailey
00:53 17 Dec 19
Technician came to my home on Friday to give the system an up grade. Saturday morning the system was not working due to an issue with the battery. I called the office number only to find out they are closed on the weekend. I left a message but no one responded. This is terrible service.
google_avatar Home
Delmas Jackson
02:47 15 Dec 19
Today my KMT Tech Kevin came out to repair my ring doorbell. Kevin was absolutely amazing. He was very professional and took the time to go over all the features of my security system. He taught me several things that I was unaware of and I have had my system since July. Kudos to Kmt for having such am awesome tech.
google_avatar Home
delitta dixon
03:13 14 Dec 19
Great overall experience. Very punctual, answered any questions I had. Great representation of KMT services
google_avatar Home
Jacob Huckaby
16:34 09 Dec 19
google_avatar Home
Jela Vracic
17:13 07 Dec 19
My tech's name was Kevin. He was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He replaced my doorbell ringer, reconfigured my wifi properly on every device and he properly re installed one of my cameras that had been improperly installed by a tech that is no longer with the company. I would recommend Kevin to anyone and I welcome him back to my home because he is very thorough and showed me features and walked me through them in order for me to properly understand all. I have a 14 month old son who cried almost the entire time because we'd just come back from the dr and he had to receive son was not happy. But through it all Kevin remained calm and seemed very understanding since we talked about our kids and he related since he has two of his own. Thank you so much Kevin! You are a very solid human being. I will ask for you personally if anything else is needed!
google_avatar Home
Brandie Barden
23:31 05 Dec 19
Great professional service and very thorough on their walk through. Highly recommended.
google_avatar Home
Chase Ray
21:06 03 Dec 19
Thank you KMT for installing a great home security system and a special thanks to Kalem and Kevin for being both professional, friendly and taking the time to explain all of the features of my new home system. I will definitely be recommending KMT to my family and friends
google_avatar Home
19:45 03 Dec 19
I neede an installation code to add door lock. I reached out online and he was awesome supporting me via text. Thank you sir as you took your time out free of charge.
google_avatar Home
Hanu Kim
22:19 02 Dec 19
Kevin the technician was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very through with explaining the systems.
google_avatar Home
Glenda Ware
23:07 27 Nov 19
google_avatar Home
Ryan Morrie
16:28 27 Nov 19
Kevin Miller arrived on time, was very knowledgable, and super helpful. He is truly an asset to KMT.
google_avatar Home
Naresha Perry
14:42 27 Nov 19
David did a wonderful job to setup our home smart system...he was quick, thorough and explained everything in details to us.
google_avatar Home
Sandip Mandal
17:11 25 Nov 19
google_avatar Home
JayQuan Nicholson
16:40 23 Nov 19
Great service! Very professional. Thank you David for all you amazing help.
google_avatar Home
Whitney Black
20:11 22 Nov 19
Kevin installed our system and set up our automation. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions, while providing great tips and advice. He walked me through everything we would need to know and made sure I truly knew what I was doing before he left. Excellent Customer Service all the way around! Thanks again!
google_avatar Home
Darryl Morris Jr.
23:23 19 Nov 19
David was great! He didn't mind my 2 very large, very friendly dogs. He explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. A lot of information to take in but he showed me where I could find instructions on the panel for everything. Very pleasant experience with David.
google_avatar Home
Candy Adams
16:41 18 Nov 19
Good job David we r very happy with your service
google_avatar Home
jayesh dave
21:03 16 Nov 19
Jose was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and engaging. He patiently made sure we knew the ins and outs of the system and every intricacy. We enjoyed having him out to install!
google_avatar Home
Connor Douglas
14:57 13 Nov 19
David and Kalem were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. They went above and beyond and helped fix the door knob that was getting in the way of installation and automation. Great service and would definitely recommend to friends and family.
google_avatar Home
Balaji Prasath
16:14 12 Nov 19
David was absolutely awesome! Very professional and thorough. He went through everything and ensured our new home was secured. My install went perfect and didn’t take long! They have great innovation with the app and systems. This is a must use company!
google_avatar Home
16:21 11 Nov 19
google_avatar Home
Dearl Dawson
15:41 11 Nov 19
google_avatar Home
Nikita Patel
21:06 09 Nov 19
Kevin, the installation associate did and outstanding job from the ringing of my doorbell until his departure. He thoroughly explained all aspects of our new security system, insuring we knew everything in detail while instantly knowing all of upgraded materials and uses of things currently installed.
google_avatar Home
Klutch317 doss
23:41 08 Nov 19
The best persons working .They are really nice too David and Kalem
google_avatar Home
Bharath Musunuri
20:17 08 Nov 19
Kalem and David were extremely kind and informative. Thank you for walking us through all the different features our system has to offer. I would have never actually used the system to it's full potential without the knowledge you shared. Great guys!
google_avatar Home
Sara Difrank
19:25 06 Nov 19
I called to request assistance with my doorbell and Thomas was dispatched to my home and he didn’t disappoint. He was professional, knowledgeable and kind. I would recommend KMT because of people like him.
google_avatar Home
RealScales Tales
01:47 06 Nov 19
I love thus security system.. The installers were well versed and very very informal, they made the whole process so easy.. This system is way better than ADT..
google_avatar Home
Lameka Taylor
00:40 06 Nov 19
David P. was great at setting us up with Automation. He made sure any questions were answered and went over the additional features. It was quick with our D.R Horton home. Simple and straight forward. Looking forward to these new features!
google_avatar Home
Sandstorm E
21:03 05 Nov 19
google_avatar Home
Blake Piper
20:53 04 Nov 19
google_avatar Home
Anthony Warrior
16:17 04 Nov 19
Thomas was fast, knowledgeable and explained my system thoroughly. I felt immediately more secure. Thanks KMT! The apps make it so easy.
google_avatar Home
Erica Mills
15:28 02 Nov 19
David was awesome! He's super knowledgeable and friendly and he showed me how everything in the house worked. I'm looking forward to using KMT because the installation technicians provided excellent technical and customer service.
google_avatar Home
Kelly Linder
19:36 01 Nov 19
Thomas was prompt , personable and efficient. Thank you for sending a real professional.
google_avatar Home
Marlene Adams
16:00 01 Nov 19
Love the quality of work! Kevin was awesome!!! I feel so secure with the quality and service!!!
google_avatar Home
Chandra Beaman
21:30 30 Oct 19
Jose was my tech. He was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions with very thorough responses. The process was very easy. The company seems great and Jose may be their best asset.
google_avatar Home
William Smith
19:42 29 Oct 19
David P. did an excellent job. He initially did ab assessment. Next provided options and recommendations. Professional installation. Software configuration and end user training. Thank you.
google_avatar Home
Jim Engebretson
16:40 28 Oct 19
Jose came in and was very knowledgeable about the setup process and app. Made sure to show how to use everything and was willing to go above and beyond
google_avatar Home
Derek Karlin
19:54 26 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
Wanda Carter
18:04 25 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
18:29 24 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
Linden Isaacs
18:41 23 Oct 19
David works at the highest level of professionalism. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
google_avatar Home
Mona Marie
18:50 22 Oct 19
Kevin was a great help and thoroughly explained everything in detail. Would definitely recommend.
google_avatar Home
Bianca Asenjo
17:36 22 Oct 19
Kalem was outstanding, polite and he did his job in no time he gave a 5 star service he cleaned up the mess that he made and he had a great attitude. Not to mention, that he was on time for a 7:30 am appointment thanks again Kalem
google_avatar Home
Dontrae Anderson
10:26 22 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
Gregory Scott
22:56 21 Oct 19
Thomas wood was very knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I'm very happy with the service he provided!!
google_avatar Home
Sonya Ponder
17:38 21 Oct 19
David was great !! He was patient and attentive to any questions I had.
google_avatar Home
Peter Hancke
14:28 21 Oct 19
David was very courteous and very professional. He displayed such a calm and pleasant attitude and took his time to explain everything to me regarding my alarm systems. He also showed me a trick to use in the event of distress, which my previous security company did not have. I also like the fact that I can alarm and disarm my alarm from my phone. Thanks David for your assistance today!
google_avatar Home
Laure Stephanie
21:09 19 Oct 19
Jose was great! Very prompt and professional. He was knowledgeable and made sure to fully instruct us on how to use our system. We are very pleased w our new security system and would recommend KMT to anyone.
google_avatar Home
Dineshia James
14:57 19 Oct 19
Jose came out today and did an awesome job fixing the contacts pieces on the door! He was thorough and let me know of features that I had no idea our system could do. Thank you so much! Feeling fancy smancy with my security setup lol!
google_avatar Home
Catherine Willis
15:33 18 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
natacha jones
15:04 18 Oct 19
I usually don't write many reviews especially concerning the same company but I couldn't resist. Today, I spoke with Stephanie a service scheduler at KMT because I thought I had a connection issue with my thermostat and needed someone to check it out. Stephanie immediately contacted a technician to see if there was a simple solution to the problem. She conveyed the advice but after no success, she tried to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to get a tech to come to my home. We spoke back and forth through text to set up an appointment. She even tried to see if I could get a tech today. No one was available today but I must say, Stephanie went well beyond the scope to assist and accommodate me during this process! Customer service is not what it used to be so to receive Excellent service is refreshing and definitely worth mentioning!! Thanks Stephanie for your help and diligence today!! Thumbs up!!!😊
google_avatar Home
L. Michelle Allen
22:07 17 Oct 19
Jose was on time and really took his time to make sure that I understood how to do everything..
google_avatar Home
Yvonne Lee
16:23 16 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
Tracy Constantino
14:53 16 Oct 19
I got my alarm system setup today and it was a breeze! Eddie Cox was my technician, he was very thorough when explaining all of the different features and even helped me to sync my amazon devices.
google_avatar Home
Britnee Reynolds
18:57 14 Oct 19
Great customer service!! The tech was very detailed explaining everything.
google_avatar Home
Corey Brown
16:55 14 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
Terica Wright
15:07 13 Oct 19
Great service. Friendly and on time
google_avatar Home
Shana Lighty
20:03 11 Oct 19
José y DavidExelente servicio y atención
google_avatar Home
Jorge Ruiz
15:53 10 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
Briana Swift
14:21 10 Oct 19
Excellent job by David Petersen
google_avatar Home
Paul Bissah
20:01 09 Oct 19
David Petersen from KMT, set up the automation & walked me through the whole process. It was very informative & he did fantastic job. I appreciate & recommend him.
google_avatar Home
Ravi Kumar
17:37 09 Oct 19
Eddie was thorough and really took the time to show us our new system. Very professional and curtious
google_avatar Home
larry colon
17:19 09 Oct 19
Jose came by right on time that i requested, he was polite and very informative about the KMT system. He installed all my devices, helped me with the Alexa setup, installed the motion detector is the position that i want, and he also helped me setup my app on my phone and through the website. Great service with a friendly smile.
google_avatar Home
Haider Khan
15:13 09 Oct 19
Jose was very personable. He was very patient and took the time to explain the system to me. He was very helpful and smiled all the way through. Great work ethic and customer service
google_avatar Home
Juliet Ifeobu
20:41 08 Oct 19
Eddie was absolutely phenomenal!!! Soooo thorough and informative! The best of the best! Thanks KMT!!! 😃😃
google_avatar Home
Chelsea Montgomery
16:41 07 Oct 19
David Petersen was just wonderful. He was very informative, professional and timely. I could not ask for a better technical instructor.
google_avatar Home
Lucille Orlando
20:15 05 Oct 19
Kevin did a great job installing our system and explaining how everything works.
google_avatar Home
Sonya Hodges
16:54 04 Oct 19
KMT systems installed today.Technician Kevin Miller was very professional, informative, very patient and kind. I would recommend him to everyone that needs KMT installed
google_avatar Home
Yvonne Williams
20:20 03 Oct 19
Excellent service. David is professional and polite.
google_avatar Home
Ken Rambo
14:55 02 Oct 19
Kevin Miller has the best customer service I have ever experienced. He was knowledgeable, patient and very professional!
google_avatar Home
Mercedes Miller
20:03 01 Oct 19
google_avatar Home
Justa Bondo
16:23 01 Oct 19
The technician from KMT was Mr. Kevin Miller and he was very helpful and professional. He made sure my questions and concerns were answered before he left my home. He provided me with contact information if I needed anything else. He was patient and thorough with the installation of my services and equipment. He was early for my appointment and he didn’t take too many hours. Great Job Mr. Miller
google_avatar Home
Stefanie Adams
02:00 01 Oct 19
Great experience with the technicians David and Thomas. Make everything so easy to understand.
google_avatar Home
Andres Acosta
17:34 30 Sep 19
David was phenomenal!! He was very professional and extremely efficient in installing our system!! Thanks David!The Cooper’s
google_avatar Home
Old Hed
21:18 28 Sep 19
google_avatar Home
Jorge Abarca
16:41 28 Sep 19
I previously left a good review and that is quickly being revoked. I chose not to be monitored by KMT for personal reasons and when my husband and I purchased our home we were given the security system along with two Amazon smart home speakers and a ring doorbell as a free incentive. It looks like they are upset because they expected us to monitor with them so they can make the money back that they lost when giving these "incentives" and probably did not get paid enough. I chose not to be monitored and they decided they would not release my account. If a customer is given FREE PRODUCTS AS AN INCENTIVE no where does it say I'm required to take services with them! I do not recommend this company and if you are a new homeowner and they offer any FREE INCENTIVES don't waste your time installing. There are way better companies out there. Take my advice please!
google_avatar Home
Angelina Lee
13:52 26 Sep 19
Kevin was absolutely amazing! His knowledge level and professional work ethic is a rare find. Any other work I need done I only want Kevin
google_avatar Home
Aaron Coley
13:51 26 Sep 19
The overall install went well and David P. was beyond patient with everything despite a delay on the wifi install! Would definitely recommend to anyone!
google_avatar Home
Vlad Pirvulescu
01:01 26 Sep 19
Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to using my new system and feel very safe
google_avatar Home
Gymnast MacKay
02:09 25 Sep 19
google_avatar Home
Dave Pagitt
23:03 21 Sep 19
I just had my systems installed today by the best Technician in the company. Thank you very much Jose, you are a true professional, you definitely exceeded our expectations. My field is customer service and you went far and beyond. KMT is a lucky company to have such a smart hardworking individual.Thank you KMT and most importantly thank you Jose. Five stars all the way.
google_avatar Home
Jeffrie Aparicio
22:03 21 Sep 19
On time, very professional and efficient. Tested all equipment multiple times to ensure working as it should. Great at teaching us how to use the panel and setting up the app on our cell phone and showing us how to use everything. Nice and friendly. Never thought I would want a 'smart' system and alarm system, but now that we have it, I love it and will keep it forever. A must have for every home! Thanks David P. at KMT Systems!
google_avatar Home
Tamara Cota
19:17 21 Sep 19
google_avatar Home
Heather Neville
22:24 20 Sep 19
Great service and system easy to use highly recommend KMT. David is a nice person and very professional.
google_avatar Home
tang renpeng
16:10 20 Sep 19
David the technician was great, very reliable great service
google_avatar Home
alice mathangani
13:06 20 Sep 19
David was very knowledgeable and helpful!
google_avatar Home
siddharth goyal
17:54 18 Sep 19
Yayyyyyy!! Mr. Kevin was excellent. I got my system hook up today and I’m not very computer savvy, but he definitely took the time to show me how to work the system!! I am so very appreciative of his patience with me. Great job Kevin!❤️
google_avatar Home
Sondra Price
17:44 18 Sep 19
google_avatar Home
Marquita Griffin
15:38 18 Sep 19
Excellent customer services, David provided a great service, he explained me everything I needed to know. Very happy with he experience with KMT.
google_avatar Home
Luisa Correales
14:26 18 Sep 19
Jose installed my system on behalf of KMT a few weeks ago. Jose was courteous, prompt, and patient with me in helping me understand how the system works. He also helped me learn to use and find what I needed in the app. So far the service has operated well, without defect. I'm happy with my experience with KMT.
google_avatar Home
rochel smith
12:08 18 Sep 19
I had an wonderful experience with David he was very knowledgeable and walked me throughout the whole installation process... he is great asset to your company.
google_avatar Home
Ubong Akpabio
18:40 17 Sep 19
David was fantastic and super friendly!! I highly recommend him anytime.
google_avatar Home
Todd Stewart
20:42 14 Sep 19
David Peterson was so very professional and kind. He took time out to show us step by step on how to use the system. Even when we got it wrong he was kind enough to show us again to make sure we understood
google_avatar Home
Anthony Coles
17:06 14 Sep 19
Jose is the best. He was well informed and answered all of my questions. He walked me through the entire process step by step.10/10 Communication Skills10/10 Customer Service10/10 Technical KnowledgeKMT promote this guy!!!!
google_avatar Home
Matthew Alexander Williams
16:21 14 Sep 19
We had David come out and install our house and he was fantastic. He really knew his product and services which made things very smooth! We didn’t realize all of the features that it had to offer, but thanks to him we were able to learn it all in no time.
google_avatar Home
Danielle Buchanan
22:08 13 Sep 19
Jose was very professional he explained everything every detail and patient. He did a great job.
google_avatar Home
Dnice Hill
20:35 13 Sep 19
Jose, was fantastic. Very professional. Went through every important feature and benefit. Would highly recommend using KMT
google_avatar Home
Brian Smith
15:35 12 Sep 19
Everyone was so great! The office staff worked with me and the technicians were awesome... especially Eddie!
google_avatar Home
Brittney Panache
22:04 11 Sep 19
Eddie was awesome! He arrived on-time for my appointment and ensured that I was thoroughly informed on the functionalities of my new home system along with helping to customize its features to best suit my household!
google_avatar Home
BLR Productions
20:23 11 Sep 19
David from KMT is very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very pleased with his work. I would give 10 stars if I could.
google_avatar Home
Kamarr E
17:11 11 Sep 19
My technician Jose was very professional and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to make sure everything worked as promised. Very patient with me as I am not a app guy. His pleasant attitude made the process go much quicker. Thanks for sending someone who got the job done and made me very confident that I am going to appreciate this company's contribution to my new home!
google_avatar Home
R Kirk
20:51 10 Sep 19
The technician David, excellent job, showing me a lot of stuff I don't know how to used. Thank you!
google_avatar Home
stan yau
20:35 10 Sep 19
David was super friendly and showed me lots of great features
google_avatar Home
18:54 10 Sep 19
David was awesome. Arrived on time. Excellent communications and stayed in touch with me throughout the process. Everything ran very smoothly and was very professional. Carissa was the sales consultant who helped with the appropriate package. Customer service was excellent. She provided me with a remarkable experience while selecting my package. Very professional, courteous, and polite.I highly recommend KMT!
google_avatar Home
Rona Myers
20:23 09 Sep 19
google_avatar Home
Michael Edwards
22:35 05 Sep 19
David did a great job thoroughly explaining all the ins and outs of the system. I’d highly recommend KMT’s services.
google_avatar Home
Charles Appleby
15:15 03 Sep 19
KMT Technician, Kevin, is awesome. He patiently answered all of my questions and addressed each concern. Kudos to Kevin for being a true professional.
google_avatar Home
MunkeePaw Doe
23:32 30 Aug 19
Josè was professional and courteous when installing my new security system👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
google_avatar Home
heylon edwards
19:52 30 Aug 19
Jules was my sales rep and David was the installer. Very professional and good price. Would highly recommend.
google_avatar Home
18:59 30 Aug 19
Jose did a fabulous job! He was courteous and thorough. Being a first timer to this stuff, He explained my new system and gave me a chance to ask questions to clarify my understanding. He is a great asset to the company.
google_avatar Home
Satyanarayana Botcha
21:56 29 Aug 19
David P. Did a great job. He explained to me all the details about the automation. Gret job
google_avatar Home
Edgar Chavez
22:26 28 Aug 19
Excellent service from KMT Rep -David.Installation only took 2 hours with minimal interruptions. Thanks
google_avatar Home
o o
15:27 23 Aug 19
*edited*After initial issue the leadership at the store provided exceptional service recovery. All concerns were addressed in a polite and considerate manner. Jimmy was great to deal with and provided feedback on the issues that occurred.More importantly they took ownership for a miscommunication that occurred. Which is very rare to see.
google_avatar Home
Eric McCready
12:42 23 Aug 19
Thank you KMT for 9 years of excellent customer service. I appreciate you and your staff especially Carissa for ensuring that your customers are happy and satisfied.
google_avatar Home
Kia Mitchell
03:02 23 Aug 19
AWESOME system and fantastic technician named Josh. We had Digital Life before (awful service, login problems constantly, thermostat always going offline, etc), but this KMT system is great. Josh did an amazing job walking us through everything. Thanks!
google_avatar Home
Farrah Guest
22:03 22 Aug 19
I just had my Alarm system put in by Kevin and he was great on walking us through the process.
google_avatar Home
Lorena Jimenez Covarrubias
19:16 21 Aug 19
Josh had excellent service installing our system. He was just as excited as we were about the new technology
google_avatar Home
Melissa Staniec
17:18 21 Aug 19
David did a great job of installing and educating me for the systems
google_avatar Home
Mike Tufts
16:32 21 Aug 19
Eddie Cox did a fantastic job with installation and explanation of KMT services. Great job !!
google_avatar Home
Stephen Woods
01:14 20 Aug 19
Eddie came to install our system today. He was great. Very knowledgeable about the system and he helped us understand the system very well. I would recommend him any day. Thank you Eddie.
google_avatar Home
Christine Badru
18:04 13 Aug 19
Awesome service from Eddie!
google_avatar Home
James Oliver
14:59 13 Aug 19
Timely installation. Very informative and thorough orientation.
google_avatar Home
Courtney Haney
19:30 12 Aug 19
Very professional. Took time to explain everything I needed to know about my installation.
google_avatar Home
Herman Perez
14:27 12 Aug 19
Josh Jackson provided great technical service, he was both patient and knowledgeable about the products. He is a great representative of KMT Systems and the service was by far that of which he demonstrated core values. Way to go Josh!!!
google_avatar Home
Valerie Sewell
23:24 09 Aug 19
Great service from both Jules and David!
google_avatar Home
Rebekah Fish
21:28 09 Aug 19
Jose our technician was very awesome, I highly recommend him, he showed us everything on how to use the system with ease he was very friendly!!! Just awesome!
google_avatar Home
Joseph Shamp
15:13 09 Aug 19
Eddie was great! Set up our system quickly and was very thorough in explaining everything to me.
google_avatar Home
Trasha Collins-Reed
15:07 09 Aug 19
Jose did a great job with installation. Very clean job. Provided me with all the instructions and important information to use the system. Great job!
google_avatar Home
SymPlee Rich
14:31 07 Aug 19
David Peterson was absolutely awesome and knowledgeable!!! We will continue service!! Amazing customer service and products!
google_avatar Home
22:22 06 Aug 19
Just had installed in my new home and its awesome. David, our technician was extremely nice and very patient with me while showing me how to maneuver the system.
google_avatar Home
Kim Lott
16:39 05 Aug 19
David and Jose did a more then excellent job, I am very satisfied
google_avatar Home
Gerrick Jones
19:17 03 Aug 19
Kevin was completely AWESOME! This was our second time having him out as we were looking to do some upgrades to our system. I truly appreciate the professionalism and personalism of his character! He was thorough in explaining how everything worked together so we could use the system with ease. Would highly recommend this company and Kevin to all looking to go with KMT!
google_avatar Home
Corey Ervin
03:58 03 Aug 19
Eddie Cox came by and installed the new services great customer service and showed my wife and family how to operate this system very trustworthy and good personality took the time to help us learn the system I highly recommend his services.
google_avatar Home
Clarence Hoyle
19:14 02 Aug 19
Eddie was great!! He was very professional and thorough!! I had a great experience!!
google_avatar Home
Jasmine Miller
15:50 02 Aug 19
Eddie was wonderful at explaining the new system!
google_avatar Home
Jordan B
18:17 01 Aug 19
David with KMT Systems was fantastic. He was very kind, knowledgeable and hard working. He made sure all our systems worked correctly before leaving. Thanks David!
google_avatar Home
Madison Griggs
14:36 31 Jul 19
David did a great job, is a a very good technician. Thanks for your help in my house. I recommend him 100%
google_avatar Home
yessi carrion
22:18 30 Jul 19
David has proved to be a very patient and competent technician. He painstakingly answered all our questions and thoroughly explained how to operate the security system that he installed in our house.It was a delight to have him here for this job because even though we are not very technically oriented he made every thing seemed so easy. Thank you David.
google_avatar Home
Wilson Afeku
22:49 29 Jul 19
David Petersen did an excellent job of setting up my system and teaching my wife and I how to use it.Dan and Penny Kunis
google_avatar Home
Dan Kunis
14:47 29 Jul 19
I highly recommend KMT Systems. I couldn’t be happier that I chose them for my Security system.Jose and David were very knowledgeable about the system and they answered all my questions so that I understood the system and how it works. Jose and David were very neat working and I was very comfortable having him work in my home. KMT Systems you have great technicians Jose and David were awesome.
google_avatar Home
J Webb
15:07 28 Jul 19
David was great with servicing my system. He was on time and took time to walk me through the services. I am very glad that everything was done well and quickly.
google_avatar Home
Jen G
14:06 26 Jul 19
Excellent service! 😊 Josh was the service installer for my new system. He was knowledgeable, patient with walking me through the processes, and thorough! I was excited about the many features on the system. I will definitely recommend KMT!
google_avatar Home
LaRuth Allen
19:46 23 Jul 19
👍 Eddie did a great job!
google_avatar Home
Justin Hale
17:23 20 Jul 19
Eddie Cox was very helpful and explain the system very thorough And was very patient and very nice thank you so much I gave him 10 stars
google_avatar Home
Joyce Fitzpatrick
21:37 19 Jul 19
Jose & David were awesome! They answered all my questions & were very helpful. They explained everything to me during the installation of my system.
google_avatar Home
Krista Hylton
20:47 19 Jul 19
David and Jose were extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. We would highly recommend them.
google_avatar Home
Evan Moshonisiotis
14:53 19 Jul 19
Great service! David came to install and activate the system and he was very professional and polite.
google_avatar Home
Dr. Z
14:03 17 Jul 19
David and Jose were very helpful. They took their time and answered all of our questions. I feel very confident about my home and family being secure.
google_avatar Home
Katie Bradshaw
20:38 16 Jul 19
We had KMT Systems installed in our home today. David was absolutely awesome and was very professional. He took his time and answered any and all questions we had. The system is great and we look forward to using all of its features! Thank you David for all your guidance in getting familiar with our new smart home. I highly recommend KMT Systems!
google_avatar Home
Ro and Lou Garcia
21:32 15 Jul 19
My review is delayed as my service was installed June 2019; however, I would like to hold up my end of the bargain by providing a review. David was my service installer and was very thorough and knowledgeable regarding my security system. With patience and tact, David ensured all my questions/concerns were met. I've been impressed with this company especially new to Georgia from Texas. Keep up the great work!!
google_avatar Home
Johnathon Dawson
20:55 15 Jul 19
I am very pleased with my KMT Systems Alarm and thorough installation. Eddie was my installation tech and he did a very good job of explaining the alarm system and the accompanying products. Overall, I am very satisfied.
google_avatar Home
Kimberly Williams
23:12 12 Jul 19
Kevin Miller
google_avatar Home
Melanda Hill
18:18 12 Jul 19
Eddie came and did my install at my home and was very helpful. Showed me how everything works and did a very professional job. Top notch customer service from.this guy. Do what you need to do to keep this guy around because he is great at what he does
google_avatar Home
bryan smallwood
14:42 12 Jul 19
Eddie was amazing! Super helpful.
google_avatar Home
Derek Barker
20:44 11 Jul 19
Eddie installed my system this morning in my brand new home. He was on time, kind an courteous. He was knowledgeable about the products and services KMT offers. 10 out of 10. Would hire again.
google_avatar Home
Antoinette Kane
16:50 11 Jul 19
Eddie was great! He took his time to show me everything that I needed to know about my security system. He was patient when people just dropped by unannounced. KMT you have a keeper with Eddie.
google_avatar Home
Melissa Hill
19:12 10 Jul 19
KMT is the best. I really appreciate a locally run business. As a customer you get superior service from KMT. Jules Stone at KMT has helped me with all my alarm needs over the last 15 years on many properties. He knows the industry better than the rest and will be sure your home is well protected. KMT installation technicians are one of a kind. David & Josh are prompt in arriving, pleasant to work with, and so knowledgeable due to their long history in the home security industry. The monthly fee is competitive to the market and the response time is under 30 sec which is what impresses me the most. Call them today.
google_avatar Home
Adam Blatt
21:41 09 Jul 19
I had installer Eddie to my resident. He is very knowledgeable of the system installed. Also very patient with going all information in detail. Highly recommend as a positive face to KMT employee.
google_avatar Home
Gregory Jackson
15:52 09 Jul 19
David was awesome, he just installed my smart system! He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He was on time and very courteous. Thank you again David for providing excellent service!
google_avatar Home
Samone Dixon
15:02 06 Jul 19
Our company started switching over security systems about 2 years ago. Carissa Young has been the best in all of it. She has always been only a phone call or email away. Whatever I needed, she was quick, very responsive, and more than helpful. She is definitely a great asset to KMT.
google_avatar Home
Kandi Moore
23:00 02 Jul 19
This service came with the house we brought ,and although the demand was high due to all current move in's KMT was able to get me squeezed in within reason. The Technician was Eddie, whom I might add was Exceptional. He was very polite, patient with my family and their questions and very knowledgable of all the devices & functions. He set all the system up with ease, and even got Alexia in line.😁 Great Customer Service with a lil southern hospitality never gets old. Thanks so much.
google_avatar Home
J Reese
17:10 02 Jul 19
Kevin Miller was our KMT Systems technician. He did an expert job of explaining our security system thoroughly from start to finish. Kevin was courteous, knowledgeable, and personable. We were really placed at ease following our tutorial.
google_avatar Home
Gabriel Harper
19:26 01 Jul 19
David & Jose were awesome with the installation of my smart home system. Walked me through every step and were extremely thorough. Highly recommend!
google_avatar Home
Michael Norton
17:13 29 Jun 19
Eddie was amazing! He really helped me through this process. He was patient and very informative. If you choose KMT as your service provider ask for or Eddie. I feel safe already!
google_avatar Home
Morgane Rainwater
21:31 24 Jun 19
Kevin was great! Spent so much time with us explaining the system! All the features so far beat anything we’ve had in the past
google_avatar Home
Yolonda Toombs
14:44 23 Jun 19
Carissa was my go to from the START! She was very professional, had a great attitude and really knew her stuff! The techs that came out were just the same! Monitoring has been great and we are very satisfied with the service thus far!
google_avatar Home
Kimberly Pierce
20:12 18 Jun 19
Eddy did an amazing and thorough job setting up our system!
google_avatar Home
Jonathan Williams
18:40 18 Jun 19
Eddie made sure I was all squared away. He is awesome!!!
google_avatar Home
chuck marlow
16:22 17 Jun 19
Update:Tommy,Kevin just finished installing my KMT security system. He did a outstanding job!!! He took his time explaining all the features to me. So I am very pleased with your company , the price and the services. I will recommend you guys to anyone that need a good and reliable security systems.SincerelyMichael DurdenMy orginal rating was 1 star. Please see below for my reasoning.But I changed it to 5 stars becuase after my post, the owner of the company Tommy contacted me that night personally to apologize for what happen. And the GM called me the next morning to schedule an appointment to set up my system. I have never seen customer service like this. I am impressed. KMT you will have business until further notice...The reason why I put 1 star is becuase I have been trying for weeks to make an appointment for KMT Systems to come out and set up my services. I am a new owner in Fairburn Ga. My builder recommended KMT security systems. And spoke highly of them. I have left several voice mails and not a response or call back. Maybe someone from the company will see this review and respond back soon. If not I will choose another security company.
google_avatar Home
Michael Durden
00:15 15 Jun 19
Had my smart home set up by Eddie. He was very thorough and walked me through each step. Great customer service!
google_avatar Home
Jessica Williams
18:30 14 Jun 19
I received excellent service this morning from Eddie. He was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. He informed me about other parts of the system that I wasn't aware of and overall he was very helpful.
google_avatar Home
Nyla Dansby
13:48 14 Jun 19
Eddie is a very knowledgeable Tech who brought great customer services and reassurance to me and my family about our new home security system. Eddie was very patient and very detailed with the explanation of the KMT system and it’s functions. I strongly recommend that if you are in Ga and you are considering KMT Security system that you request Eddie.
google_avatar Home
Ramone Meyer
21:04 11 Jun 19
My technician Eddie was really thorough and helpful.
google_avatar Home
Jamey Anderson
18:24 10 Jun 19
Thanks to David for coming out to fix the problems. Won’t mind him coming back out take care any technical issues. He show me a lot today. Thanks a lot I appreciate KMT.
google_avatar Home
marvin lane
13:54 08 Jun 19
I had the best experience with Eddie the technician for KMT. I had an Home Automation system installed, as well as a security system. Eddie earns a 5-star review because not only did he set up my equipment well, explained the system well, but he also fixed my TV install wiring that Comcast did not install correctly. Thank you Eddie!
google_avatar Home
Brittany Lutz
21:35 07 Jun 19
I'm a realtor with D.R. Horton and appreciated the great work and courteous customer service from Eddie Cox with KMT today. Thank you for hiring such good people! Great job!
google_avatar Home
Monique Morton
17:57 07 Jun 19
Eddie is a great communicator. He was on time, thorough and very patient as he explained my new system installation. Great job!
google_avatar Home
L Ezell
15:15 07 Jun 19
Tuey was a great Technician answered all my questions and did a clean install. Excellent work.
google_avatar Home
Kavin Dvenport
18:05 06 Jun 19
Eddie did a great job! He was courteous and thorough. He explained my new system and gave me a chance to ask questions to clarify my understanding. I feel he is an asset to the success of your company!
google_avatar Home
LaQuez Combs
16:11 06 Jun 19
Kevin did an awesome job! He was very friendly and thorough when explaining the updates for our KMT system.
google_avatar Home
shawon moody
22:12 05 Jun 19
Just had my KMT system installed by Eddie one of there Techs. He did a amazing job I was very pleased explaining the system also customer service! I would definitely recommend this service also ask for Eddie!
google_avatar Home
Cyrus Cole
20:23 05 Jun 19
Tuey Vilaythong has taken care of my security issues since we purchased our home 2 1/2 years ago. He is professional, patient and explains everything to me in a way I understand. I tell him "he is the smartest person I know". Thank you Tuey. I highly recommend KMT Systems.
google_avatar Home
Suzette Hodge
16:09 05 Jun 19
Eddie was great! He was professional, knowledgeable and quick.
google_avatar Home
Batho Group
14:17 05 Jun 19
I had the pleasure to work with David for my home automation. He was absolutely great, on-time, professional, courteous, and paid attention to detail. He made sure he went over every aspect of the system and showed me how to set up all devices and how to actually use them! I would definitely recommend KMT Systems. David did an excellent job and takes pride in his work, KMT should be proud to have him as a part of your team!
google_avatar Home
Vicki Kennedy
12:45 03 Jun 19
KMT Systems technician (Tuey) helped me to fix electrical ethernet plug adapter in my home. I thought to fix the ethernet plug they will be putting holes on my wall but without any damage this purpose resolved.
google_avatar Home
Srinivas Bevara
12:48 30 May 19
Kevin was thorough and attentive. Unfortunately, my wifi was not available but he still explained everything in detail to make sure I was prepared for the next visit. It was a pleasure working with him so hopefully he will be the one scheduled to complete the install.Follow up-Although Kevin wasn't available for the follow up install, Eddie was an excellent substitute. He provided great service. He made sure I was adequately informed, answered all of my questions, and provided great tips for operating the system. I was very satisfied with both installers and the system/installation.
google_avatar Home
Elon James
06:51 30 May 19
Tuey was very professional and informative when installing my alarm system. The customer service was excellent. I highly recommend KMT systems.
google_avatar Home
Vanecia Ryles
18:39 29 May 19
David Petersen was Very professional and walks threw everything one by one . I would recommend KMT to anyone who has purchased a home now or in the near future.
google_avatar Home
Keith Hall
19:10 28 May 19
My install was performed by David. He was very patient, knew the product very well, and made sure that I did as well. I had forgotten the date of the install and he actually waited for me! KMT Systems was very professional and I recommend them to everyone!
google_avatar Home
Kesa W
15:36 28 May 19
David was so great to work with! Showed us how everything worked and was very professional! We got the smart home and the security. So far so good!
google_avatar Home
Jade Sanches
23:56 25 May 19
Eddie was the best. He was very thorough with explaining the systems to me. He even surprised me and set my skybell to my favorite color.
google_avatar Home
LaToya Spence
18:21 23 May 19
Kalem was a great technician and kmt is a great company
google_avatar Home
Michael Prayor
14:12 23 May 19
Eddie was awesome. He came in and took care of my alarm without an issue. His customer service was amazing. I definitely recommend him and KMT services.
google_avatar Home
Big los
14:03 23 May 19
I have used KMT Systems for alarm system installation and monitoring for my investment properties and for my personal home. Jules is very knowledge always assists us with ensuring that our alarm systems contain the components that are most important to us, and he makes sure that our systems are always installed in a timely manner. Regarding customer service, Carissa is very responsive and patient when answering our questions about our accounts. I highly recommend KMT Systems for personal and business related alarm system needs!
google_avatar Home
Calvin King
13:20 23 May 19
Eddie, was very professional and polite. He made me feel really safe after he explained all of the functions with the alarm system. I highly recommend KMT for your home security.Kudos
google_avatar Home
Veronica Crumpler
01:55 23 May 19
Kevin was courteous and knowledgeable about all the products and services the company provides. He is a true asset to the company and if his work ethic is a true indication of KMTs performance then I am in great hands
google_avatar Home
Jean Augustin
17:54 22 May 19
Tuey V. did a superb job with upgrading my alarm system. The morning of my appointment I received an email notifying me that Tuey was enroute and would arrive shortly. He arrived within the appointment time. Overall, Tuey was prompt, professional, competent, and swift. He took the time to set up the security alarm upgrades and patiently walked me through a demo to assure I understand how to operate it. I would recommend Tuey (as a matter of fact he did the initial set-up for my alarm system 10 years ago and remembered me).
google_avatar Home
Tamira M. Moon
19:26 21 May 19
Eddie was great and was very timely for our busy schedule.
google_avatar Home
Joshua Sizemore
14:44 21 May 19
Kevin, was awesome! He was quick, yet thorough. He also made time to answer my questions after he was gone.
google_avatar Home
Bonika Robinson
17:04 20 May 19
Josh and David were very professional and did a fantastic job setting me up and walking me through everything. Great experience! KMT offers some really cool stuff
google_avatar Home
Philip Moore
13:25 20 May 19
Kevin did a great job with the install. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. Took his time explaining all of the features and made sure everything was working. Thank you!!
google_avatar Home
Ana Gratacos
16:25 17 May 19
My technician was Tuey and he was very informative and helpful. He was very respectful and ensured all of my needs were met before he completed the service order. Thanks Tuey!
google_avatar Home
Brandie Day
16:18 17 May 19
Tuey did an awesome job!
google_avatar Home
Fit Grandma
15:26 16 May 19
Professional from start to finish, didn't rush my installation or try to sell me things I don't need, instead they educated me on protecting my house. Kevin is by far the best field tech I've ever worked with. I highly recommend KMT Systems, I'm highly pleased!
google_avatar Home
Aaron Perry
14:39 16 May 19
I want that your team Jules, David, and Josh.They were very professional and knowledgeable. My family is very grateful.Thank you gentlemen!
google_avatar Home
Priscilla McCullough
23:06 15 May 19
Kalem was the greatest tech that I’ve experienced with kmt. Doesn’t complain about any request and is happy to help in anyway. Always happy to see him working in my. neighborhoods for knight homes.
google_avatar Home
nick petry
14:47 15 May 19
Kevin, did a great job from introducing and installing the products that my household was preparing to get. The tutorial that he provided was so exciting. I really appreciated KMT sending Kevin to our home. Keep up the great job, Kevin.
google_avatar Home
Lynn Singletary
22:05 13 May 19
David came by to hook up my system to my brand new house and he was awesome!! Answered all my questions and concerns. He was very courteous and was on time. Thanks KMT for sending a professional!
google_avatar Home
Jasmine Clay
15:02 11 May 19
Eddy did an excellent job! Was very informative and helpful!
google_avatar Home
Tyler Holloway
14:39 09 May 19
Kevin was very professional and did an amazing job walking us through everything
google_avatar Home
Tangella Bohannon
16:09 08 May 19
Jules Stone did a marvelous job in creating a fantastic security system. this is the second system he has put together for us. The first one - from over a decade ago - gave us every reason to look him up and invite him out. We highly recommend him. He is second to none in home security.He seamlessly handed the job off to his installer, David Petersen, who put it together. We have a large house and David secured every corner quickly, efficiently, and professionally. He also took the time to walk us through all the incredible features of the new system. Much thanks to both.Did I mention that it was reasonably priced and worth every cent.
google_avatar Home
David Ross
23:22 07 May 19
Eddie was great. He was very, very thorough and knowledgeable about the system. He called with an updated eta, and was here at the time. Eddie made sure I understood how the system worked before he left. Go Eddie!!!
google_avatar Home
Damarcus Gates
18:54 07 May 19
Eddie was great. He was patient, and took his time explaining everything to me. He was very thorough in his installation and setup
google_avatar Home
Sean Halsey
20:27 06 May 19
So in order for future customers to believe my story I am going to start from day 1 experience. Now please know the names I am about to Drop are the Techs that came out BUT Every single individual at KMT Security knew my situation and all treated me like a Priority. The service I experienced from this company has been a service that I thought was Lost in this Generation of Businesses.My back door was kicked in before KMT had a chance to install my system, BUT when I called that morning of the incident that happened the night before, the Agents (Jennifer/Carissa-Please forgive me there were others who name I cannot remember) quickly got me in touch with Management (Jimmy). Due to my situation KMT immediately got 2 tech (Kevin & Joe) out of the office and on the way to me. Even thought it was too late to prevent..Jimmy and his Team ensured me that if there is a next time, Ill be prepared! Kevin and Joe did an Awesome job in making sure I had a peace of mind before they left. But due to the door being broken still, I had to have a 2nd Visit.On the 2nd visit, I met Eddie, which he also went above and beyond. Eddie got to my house well before the time of appointment, but ended up staying for over 3 hours to wait for the door install to be completed. Now he didn't have to wait, but he kept me as a priority and I just don't know of any business that would have waited on a Saturday but EDDIE did. KMT clearly knows and understands the Value of customer Service and for that I will let any and all know this is the security company you should pick. Their mission definitely reflects in their employees and for that GREAT Job!! KMT!!! I really thank the entire Team that touch bases with me.The 3 Field Tech I met where SUPERB!!!!! EDDIE, KEVIN, JOE and Rest of Team I spoke with on Phone!!
google_avatar Home
Claude Price
20:56 04 May 19
Today I received exceptional service from my technician Kevin M. as he installed my equipment from KMT. He was earlier than the window time expected and was very knowledgeable of the system, gave me a synopsis of everything that he was doing today and he was so professional that it was way beyond my expectations. He answered all my questions and was very patient as I learned the overall functionality of all the high tech but easy to grasp equipment. My other equipment setup is not complete duty to my internet service not completely installed so I would absolutely love for Kevin to come back at the earliest future date to install and setup my Alexa products and SkyBell features. KMT is the way to go, don’t search too far, or think too long! Thanks Kevin you rock!
google_avatar Home
Jamelia Hall
22:19 03 May 19
Kevin Miller was an outstanding representative did great work and was very detailed and gave great instruction on how to operate equipment to thumbs up awesome service.
google_avatar Home
Brandon Merriweather
15:56 03 May 19
Eddie was amazing!! He took his time, and was very thorough. He was personable, professional, and made our experience easy. Would highly recommend KMT and Eddie!! 5 stars all the way!
google_avatar Home
Melissa Blick
21:28 01 May 19
Install went great! Kevin was our technician. Nice guy, he was very thorough in the process.
google_avatar Home
Justin Pendrey
15:38 29 Apr 19
I have been with KMT for several years and the service is A1. I recently upgraded my system and the technician, Tuey, was nothing less than the best. He walked me through all of the functions of my system and made sure I had a clear understanding of how to operate it. If you're in the market for a home security system, I recommend KMT!!!
google_avatar Home
Marcus Tukes
21:23 24 Apr 19
Best company that I have ever dealt with!!!!!!. I have been with this company since I bought my first home at 25 and I’m now 38 and have moved 4 times. They have been apart of my moving experience every time and every time the equipment and service is better. This company is easy to get a hold of and the employees actually remember your name which I feel is impossible to do. But this company is a company that I will always have protecting my home and know that if it’s any problems I can call personally and get a hold of someone ASAP!!!!!!
google_avatar Home
Israel Rucker
01:33 24 Apr 19
Just had a security system installed at my home and at my office by KMT systems. They worked around my busy schedule and got everything done in 1 day at each location. We had a great experience working with Kevin and David. They trained us on using the systems and even set up the app on my phone. We have dealt with other companies in the past and never had the full service experience we had with KMT!
google_avatar Home
Brandon Salvador
20:52 23 Apr 19
I just purchased a new a home and had never heard of KMT until my builders introduced me to them. They were very knowledgeable and made me believe in them from the very first call we had. Installation day came and KEVIN MILER came out installed everything quickly and explained everything I need to know.... Kevin was amazing. He says he has been with the company 5 years I would have thought more by the way he worked! Thanks KMT and I would recommend to anyone
google_avatar Home
Shaniqua Smith
20:20 23 Apr 19
Tuey did great job installing and explaining smart alarm stem. It is amazing how technology has changed. Now I feel my home is safely secure
google_avatar Home
Darek Birton
16:03 22 Apr 19
David came in did a real good job. Would highly recommend
google_avatar Home
Mario Zuniga
14:49 22 Apr 19
David came out today and set up my home automation in my new home. He was excellent and helped me understand the whole system. He set up my other echos and was very informed. I recommend him he's a great guy
google_avatar Home
Tito Morgan
16:31 20 Apr 19
KMT and their installation expert, Tuey, were great, They installed my alarm and 'smart home' system efficiently and professionally. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a connected home system.
google_avatar Home
Tom F Hill
18:33 19 Apr 19
David and Kevin were great.They were on time and professional. They installed the systems and educated me on everything. Great service.
google_avatar Home
Brittney Bobb
15:14 19 Apr 19
David was friendly and polite and extremely helpful. I am not very tech savy and had a lot of questions. He was patient and walked me through the system a few times. Highly recommended.
google_avatar Home
Deborah Redding
15:27 17 Apr 19
KMT Systems is a great company!!!! They were prompt and courteous. They had the best equipment available and gave me many options. I will most certainly use them in the future! They made me feel safer knowing I’m protected.
google_avatar Home
Kalem McCoy
14:50 17 Apr 19
Five stars to KMT and Five stars to Carissa Young! Without a doubt best company with exceptional customer service!
google_avatar Home
Karen Velez
18:12 16 Apr 19
Tuey came out prompt before I even got home and had my bell installed. He was veey knowledgeable and professional with his craft and everything was linked and working great before he left. Thanks TueyPaul
google_avatar Home
21:16 15 Apr 19
I had the pleasure to work with David P., for my home automation. I can't say enough good things about him! He was absolutely great, courteous, and very attentive to detail. He went out of his way to make sure he hit and talked about all the features and services during the automation. He thoughtfully explained and showed me how to set up the devices and how to actually use them! He always made sure all my questions were answered. I would definitely recommend KMT Systems - especially if David is the technician! Thank you so much for all your work, David!
google_avatar Home
Leslie Diaz
22:18 12 Apr 19
David was so helpful today. I saw him down the street and asked him to come back over to hook up a few more things on my system. He had no problem helping me out.
google_avatar Home
Taylor Childers
21:32 12 Apr 19
Kevin Miller is very knowledgeable and professional. He does an excellent job and takes pride in his work. KMT is blessed to have such an employee. KMT is a great company. Call KMT for all your needs.
google_avatar Home
Deborah Miller
21:26 12 Apr 19
Working with Eddie Daive was great and work with me to show oh easy thing work they a great good job to the both Thanks.
google_avatar Home
Karen Plez
14:14 10 Apr 19
Mr. David was an awesome rep. He was patient and willing to explain the services. I was late getting home from work and he still worked with me to hook the services up to my phone and explain the services to me correctly. I’m excited to use these services and will refer to my friends and family.
google_avatar Home
Aisha Stringer
21:47 09 Apr 19
We used KMT systems to set up automation for our new smart home. David was our technician and did a phenomenal job. He showed up on time and explained each set up process thoroughly. Everything went smoothly. He was even nice enough to assist with setting up my old echo that I had trouble getting online in the new home. I would definitely recommend this company and hope to work with David in the future!
google_avatar Home
Meredith Hulsey
14:24 09 Apr 19
google_avatar Home
In God We trust
13:26 09 Apr 19
KMT is a very good Alarm Company. Their monitoring center is responsive and calls immediately after an alarm is triggered. Carissa and the entire office team are professional and courteous. David is a great installer and provides good suggestions on inconspicuous system placement. Julles is an honest salesperson and is very punctual.
google_avatar Home
DJ Olojo
01:49 09 Apr 19
I am very happy with the help David provided today. I am very excited to use my new security system.
google_avatar Home
sam hat
21:03 08 Apr 19
Great installation experience with their technician David, he was on time and personable! This was my first time getting smart home/security services for my home, and I can say that i have been well trained on how to use my new devices.
google_avatar Home
Bradley Dorvil
18:42 08 Apr 19
David was our technician. He was on time and very friendly. He took his time and answered any questions my husband and I had. I highly recommend David!
google_avatar Home
Pamela Morgan
14:08 08 Apr 19
Great customer service. David the technician is excellent.
google_avatar Home
Leonidas Lara
18:58 06 Apr 19
Mr.David was very pleasant and helpful. GREAT JOB. I will recommend him at any time.
google_avatar Home
Myrna Rosa
14:23 06 Apr 19
Chris did an AMAZING job with my installation!!! He was thorough and quick!!! He even took well to my dog!!! It’s good to see someone that knows what good customer service is. He answered all my questions and was patient with me!!! Thanks much!!!
google_avatar Home
20:20 05 Apr 19
Chris N. (Tech) Excellent Customer Service Experience!
google_avatar Home
Donna DeLoach -Traylor
16:30 05 Apr 19
My installer Cris was awesome. He took the time to answer my questions and he was very patient and thorough.
google_avatar Home
Demetria Boyd
14:31 05 Apr 19
KMT Carissa for my transition to wireless, getting everything set-up.....AWESOME!!! Chris for my service set-up, troubleshooting until everything was 💯!!! Thanks!!!
google_avatar Home
Lowanna Richardson
01:03 05 Apr 19
Great company and i received 2/3 times alerts and they responded in less than 2 to 5 minutes.
google_avatar Home
Hari Katta
19:28 04 Apr 19
Chris was absolutely awesome!! Great customer service
google_avatar Home
Octavius Harris
18:09 03 Apr 19
My service technician, Chris, was awesome!!!! He was on time and very professional. He explained everything about my system so even I could understand.....not easily done. I would highly recommend KMT to everyone and Chris to install.
google_avatar Home
Dina Person
14:26 03 Apr 19
The technician Chris was great. Very knowledgeable of the system!!
google_avatar Home
Christopher Williams
19:11 02 Apr 19
I'm one of D.R HORTON builders, I've worked with KMT For few years now and they been absolutely amazing and easy to deal with.They stand behind their work and always get the job done.. Customer service is outstanding. I mainly deal with Tammy and she's great as well just like the rest of the team at KMT .. i would definitely reccomend them to anyone out there for those who want the job done correct and have aomeone to back up their work... 5 STAR
google_avatar Home
Stoyan Kalinov
16:20 01 Apr 19
I'm a Property Manager and have been using KMT for 2years now. Since day 1, I have been very pleased with how they treat me and their response time to get the properties alarmed. Jules Stone is my salesperson and has always treated me like we've known each other for years. Carissa Young is the in office person that I deal with and she is just Awesome at responding to all requests whether big or small, she handles them as they are All emergency requests. Carissa, Jules and everyone there always responds to emails in a timely manner, even on Saturday's. If you are looking for a company to treat you right, look no further than KMT!
google_avatar Home
Kym Rouse
16:14 01 Apr 19
KMT Systems is the best company hands down! Give them a call and I promise you won't be disappointed!
google_avatar Home
carissa young
17:23 30 Mar 19
KMT systems are the best! I have been with them 8 years and I am very satisfied with my service, customer service is great! Carissa Young is so sweet and experienced.
google_avatar Home
Peter Singleton
16:38 30 Mar 19
Just got my alarm installed by Chris N....he did a great job explaining the system to me and i would reccomend him to anybody..GOODJOB C!!👊
google_avatar Home
Terrance White
18:36 29 Mar 19
I just got my KMT system activated the tech Chris did a fantastic job showing me how the panel worked he was very patient and professional he also got me set up online to get notifications. So far this is a great start with KMT!
google_avatar Home
Mr. Vallejo
15:57 29 Mar 19
I used KMT ALARM SYSTEM for my Restaurant in Stockbridge. Kevin Miller help me out set up everything what I need for security service for my business and he send team quick to install and it’s work fantastic for my business. I will use them again definitely.Thank you so much Kevin helping me out for my business security.I recommend this company for your business security and monitoring service.
google_avatar Home
Bimal Patel
03:27 29 Mar 19
Chris was awesome. Very knowledgeable and professional.
google_avatar Home
Tim Morrison
17:41 28 Mar 19
The best security company in the greater Atlanta area hands down. Very professional and I would recommend this company to anyone. Give them a call!!!
google_avatar Home
Tuey Vilaythong
03:40 28 Mar 19
Great company, with great service. Fast and efficient. Clean and professional technicians. I would recommend KMT Systems for all of your Security and Smarthome solutions!
google_avatar Home
Montrel Cox
18:19 27 Mar 19
When choosing a security company, there was only one choice. The company is amazing at monitoring and the technician Chris has been amazing with installation and technical support. He made learning the system fun and is super knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the processes. He has made a few house calls to repair minor problems, but give them his fullest attention. Can not recommend the company enough.
google_avatar Home
nick Bach
14:47 21 Mar 19
We've had KMT for 2 years and service has been great. Chris Newton and Melissa Young in particular have been very helpful and are always available for questions and service requests.
google_avatar Home
David Carter
19:17 20 Mar 19
KMT is a locally owned company that provides exceptional services. Give them a call today. You won't regret it!
google_avatar Home
Melissa Brown
12:44 20 Mar 19
I called this company 3 days ago attempting to get a quote for new service and I never received a call back within an hour as Jennifer, the representative on the phone, said that I would. Bad first impression. I am disappointed.
google_avatar Home
Author Ree Johnson
18:43 28 Feb 19
google_avatar Home
Kevin Miller
20:06 21 Jan 19
Worse service I've ever had!!! I had different people comeback for the same job several times. not only was the job terrible I had to clean up the mess they left behind.
google_avatar Home
Matthew Monaco
02:15 01 Jan 19
KMT is a great value compared to some of the more expensive competitors. They are quick to respond to any triggered alarms and I would recommend their services to anyone!
google_avatar Home
Tamahn Jamison
15:11 04 Feb 16