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Locally owned and operated low voltage company that provides services such as home security, camera systems, home theater and many other services.
We pride ourselves on customer service and providing that
personal touch that is missing from so many companies today.
KMT Systems is Georgia’s leader for home security systems and business security systems in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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At KMT Systems, our mission statement provides a focus for our company, and it is the basis for how we do business. It guides the decisions we make, from the largest decisions of management to the smallest decisions regarding attention to detail when working with a client.

It is of vital importance that all employees of KMT Systems know and incorporate this mission into their daily actions at work. We feel strongly that, if we are true to this mission, each of us, as members of this company, as well as KMT Systems as a whole, will be exceptional!

Our mission statement is:

To carry on the tradition of integrity and quality service that was started in 2005 when KMT Systems was founded. We will always strive to employ the best people and provide the most efficient, cost-effective service and equipment, as well as offer the best warranties available to our customers. Customer Satisfaction will always be our number one goal.

Tommy Smith / Founder and CEO

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do things right the first time and won’t stop working until you’re totally happy.

Superior Customer experience

We make it a point to have friendly people take your call and resolve any issues that may come up promptly and professionally.

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rachel Hennessey
14:46 02 Dec 20
Justin & Tony were very pleasant & worked fast on my installation. They answered all my questions & were very helpful
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Dyana Landrin
10:06 24 Nov 20
Installed new 5g into system took old one out. Checked all the systems around the house changed out battery. Great service and Kevin is awesome at his job . Thanks Kevin for a great job .
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Tracey Wright
20:01 23 Nov 20
My KMT Systems tech was Kevin and he was AWESOME!!!! Kevin was punctual and very professional. He thoroughly explained and demonstrated everything.
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Jakela Potts
20:26 20 Nov 20
Eddie was on time and very professional. I was pleased with his level of knowledge of the system. He made sure I understood all of the different features of my system and testing them before as well. I am very pleased with my choice.
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Mosa Charles
17:35 19 Nov 20
David Peterson and Tony Gunter did a phenomenal job setting up our home automation. Linking the security panel with the smart lights, video camera doorbell and all the other devices that we have installed in our home. Thanks guys! I appreciate the great service.
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Jason Sutton
19:40 18 Nov 20
We bought our new home and found out it was actually a smart home. We called KMT to get services started and they were very nice and got things scheduled quickly! They shared all of the options that were available and we were able to choose based on our needs. Kevin was our technician and showed up on time, was extremely kind and thorough, and my son had a ball with him while he set everything up. He explained everything he was doing while he did it. He also made sure I knew how to use everything. In addition, he even fixed my auto lock that would activate every 5 seconds when the door was unlocked and I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop. User error! He did a fantastic job and I’ve had a great time figuring out all of the new features! The kids LOVE Alexa! Thank you KMT for getting everything set up for us. This will definitely help my forgetfulness!
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Jessica Edwards
19:56 13 Nov 20
Kevin provided quality, profession service
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Tameka Watkins
14:32 11 Nov 20
David and Tony were both professional, patient, and adhered to all concerns before making sure that they left my home. Excellent service, and I'm glad to see the trainee grow and given opportunities to learn and lead.
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Yeejkoob Thao
20:41 10 Nov 20
I had David Petersen and Tony Gunter come by and do the installation. They were very professional, thorough with training me how to use everything. Definitely recommend them anytime.
google_avatar Home
Margarita Pineda
15:53 10 Nov 20
google_avatar Home
Maria Obalade
21:24 05 Nov 20
David was very helpful and professional
google_avatar Home
Kadia D
20:26 28 Oct 20
David Peterson was on time and very efficient and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail and made sure that I understood the system! I highly recommend him if I have anyone to refer for this service!
google_avatar Home
Leighsah Freeman
16:06 26 Oct 20
Tech David arrived on time he did my installation I was given a professional tour of how to use my system. David assisted me with setting up my app. He was courteous and professional
google_avatar Home
Sharron Miller
14:16 21 Oct 20
David Peterson from KMT systems came out today to do our initial smart home systems. He was on time and even a little early but gave a call ahead with ample time to nake sure arriving early was ok. While here he was very professional and respectful of our home. Setup took a couple of hours and he walked me through how to use each device and made sure i was comfortable with everything. Would definitely reccomend this company and its service.
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Matthew Klem
15:35 16 Oct 20
Updated from 4 stars to 2 stars:We’ve had so many issues, I am an unofficial technician for KMT Systems. We are exposed and don’t have a consistently functioning system. I’m so disappointed with the service, equipment and 3 year contract. We are going to explore options to move to another company at this point. Shocked and Disappointed.KMT Installed services in our home today!If it wasn’t for a miscommunication with the office staff and myself over my initial appointment, they’d get 5 Stars. (What happened - I was given an appointment and apparently the team forgot or made a mistake. Even though they were able to eventually reschedule us for our second choice day, it left a bad taste in my mouth to be accused / implied that I made the mistake. I write everything down, so I know the mistake was not mine.)Anyway, They made it better/right by sending David to our home today (with Tammy!). David was absolutely awesome and was very professional. Alongside Tammy, they worked like an impeccable team, and took the time To answer any and all questions we had.The system is great and we look forward to using all of its features! Absolutely exceeded my expectations. May consider adding a few things as well...maybe.Thank you David for all your guidance and patience, I know we’ll love our new smart home for sure.
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K Johnson
00:30 14 Oct 20
As a new homebuyer, there are so many companies to choose from when thinking on a security system. I can truly say that I am pleased with choosing KMT and having Eddie Cox as my Technician. He was very thorough giving me an overview on the system and how it works. He listened well and attended to all the questions that I had.
google_avatar Home
Shenelle Moolenaar
18:12 12 Oct 20
David and Kevin was very professional and patient with our security installation of our new home. The knowledge and problem-solving skills these two guys used together made me feel very comfortable with this company. They communicated well before and during the installation and highly recommend KMT to anyone. The camera is in HD and take very good videos.
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Shealethia Fuller
22:18 07 Oct 20
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16:45 06 Oct 20
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17:59 03 Oct 20
David Petersen and Kevin Marshall Did a fantastic job and truly cared to install quality and to instill professionalism. Explained everything thoroughly and in great detail.
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Ralston Cash
15:58 02 Oct 20
David was great. Very professional and nice. Great installation experience. Explained things well.
google_avatar Home
Jude Rinaldi
20:13 30 Sep 20
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trang dao
21:14 28 Sep 20
David was very, very patient, humble, attentive, he showed me all the details of how to utilize my system, I could not ask for a better person. He answered all my questions, I would diffinately recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who is so patient, his company have a great guy. David was very professional and very respectful, he also removed his shoe and wear shoes covers. David took the time to make sure I understood how to use the system. Thank you David for a job well done.
google_avatar Home
Sharon Robby
21:48 26 Sep 20
Today Eddie came in and installed our KMT screen, door camera and Amazon Echo and did a phenomenal job! Eddie was super respectful and explained our new system very clearly. He installed everything in a timely manner and was extremely easy to deal with. We look forward to using our new KMT products!
google_avatar Home
Paige Bird
17:36 24 Sep 20
They were on time. They notified me and kept me up to date with their ETA. They informed me of everything that they were doing while they were doing it. They consistently asked did I have any questions. They were very professional and very knowledgeable.
google_avatar Home
Alice Frost
18:46 23 Sep 20
Great Experience! Eddie was very professional, knowledgeable and personable. We appreciate the quality of customer service that he provided.
google_avatar Home
Kesia Jones
17:04 17 Sep 20
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Amond Durden
00:31 13 Sep 20
KMT has skilled and equally friendly Technicians who would also guide you the process and help you. This is a very good add on to the security and their service is prompt and very professional. I have worked with two technicians, Jose and David. Both were very courteous and professional in their service
google_avatar Home
pavan hegde
13:14 12 Sep 20
Both David and Kevin were professional, respectful, helpful, and collaborative. Installation and configuration were detailed and thorough. My wife was navigating the application like a professional - which is a strong testament to David's and Kevin's patience and willingness to be of service. Recommend KMT Systems, David, and Kevin without reservations to anyone in Atlanta looking for quality and five-star service in security and monitoring.
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Jeff Graham
02:29 10 Sep 20
Eddie was amazing! Explained everything and really had patience with me! Strongly recommend
google_avatar Home
Cotessa Madison
16:08 09 Sep 20
Everything was 10 pointsDavid Petersen did a great job, he explained everythingAnd let’s walk through the whole process
google_avatar Home
Reynaldo Susano
18:13 05 Sep 20
Chad was awesome. He was a little bit early for the appointment and called ahead to make sure that was OK. He installed everything fast and walked me through every aspect of our incredible new system!
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michael correa
13:47 02 Sep 20
KMT Systems was great. There was a little hiccup with the first scheduling, but they instead came out on a day that worked with my schedule. Chad was very knowledgeable, patient, professional, and respectful of the house. I would absolutely recommend KMT Systems.
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Caity Walker
21:25 25 Aug 20
Great ServiceCalled in this morning for a service and spoke with kevin to have a coax cable ran from a room in my home to the side of the house for comcast to install my internet.Was scheduled for Tuesday but got a call back from Kevin saying he has a tech ready to be at my property right away and the tech was out here same day within 30 minutes of Kevin's call.Installed the cable hid everything out of sight and ready for comcast to come back out.Thanks again!
google_avatar Home
Junior Mendez
17:39 21 Aug 20
Chad was on time (actually early), professional, and very thorough in his explanation of how to use the system and app. He answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend.
google_avatar Home
Sonya Whitlow
21:07 19 Aug 20
David was great! I’d recommend him as your next technician. He was was very professional and thorough in his explanation of the services.
google_avatar Home
Brittney McKay
15:53 15 Aug 20
They did a great job with installation and were very explanatory.
google_avatar Home
Leah McLaughlin
16:04 14 Aug 20
David was great! Very professional and patient.
google_avatar Home
Helen Bailey
15:33 13 Aug 20
David was professional, patient, and very informative. Takes him time to ensure customers understand what they are getting and how to use it.
google_avatar Home
Chesley Martin
13:39 12 Aug 20
We bought a new home that came with 3 years of service with KMT and David Petersen came out yesterday and set it all up. He was very professional and showed us everything we needed to start personalizing the system we got. Thank you!
google_avatar Home
Courtney Blackston
11:26 11 Aug 20
google_avatar Home
Grace F
20:46 10 Aug 20
google_avatar Home
Kahnie Cowan
13:38 09 Aug 20
Great experience with David! Very knowledgeable and efficient.
google_avatar Home
Laura Collins
21:58 07 Aug 20
google_avatar Home
dbroxton broxton
13:49 05 Aug 20
Chad was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He installed my Smart home features and explained everything thoroughly, and answered all of my questions. I'm not very tech savvy but he was very patient regarding any questions I had. I would highly recommend him.
google_avatar Home
Laurie Cappuccio
19:42 04 Aug 20
I haven't had my security services set up yet with KMT, but the customer service I have had so far has been exceptional!! Carissa has been very attentive, professional and kind!! I am so grateful to have found this company as I had equipment set up by another company who was charging much more for the same services offered by KMT.
google_avatar Home
J Smith
17:38 04 Aug 20
Today I had the pleasure of David Petersen installing our new ‘smart home’. He did a wonderful job as well as making sure he touched every subject and every detail. We are very thankful for the time he took explain and going the extra mile.
google_avatar Home
April Cheek
18:18 03 Aug 20
David was very nice and knowledgeable how the system works. He explained everything to me and showed me how to use everything. This system is very user friendly and I would recommend KMT systems and the installer, David
google_avatar Home
Joe Santos
14:30 03 Aug 20
Jose came out and did the install for all our automation. He was very thorough and answered any questions we had.
google_avatar Home
Trish & Stephen Monahan
13:36 03 Aug 20