Energy & Food Temperature Monitoring


From grab-n-go markets to multi-chain restaurants, food and beverage businesses face similar challenges with protecting temperature-sensitive inventory, managing employee access, and monitoring multiple locations. We have the technology to address all this and more with our unified commercial security platform.



Monitoring Temperature-Sensitive Assets

Keep an eye on storage areas that contain temperature-sensitive items and take action right away to prevent loss.

Keeping Tabs on Occupancy and Wait Times

Rely on the most reliable system to intelligently manage crowds, monitor customer foot traffic, and track average wait times.

Managing Employee Access

Explore more efficient and effective ways to manage numerous employees accessing multiple locations.

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Smarter Business Temperature Monitoring

Prevent inventory loss due to a power outage or freezer doors left ajar and take action when temperature sensors alert you in real-time of temperature changes.

Employee Management

Employees opening late and closing early costs businesses over $500 per year.
2 Bulk manage employee access to save time and increase consistency.

Optimize Your Operations

With Business Activity Analytics, keep tabs on occupancy numbers and set capacity alerts to manage staff count and keep people safe.

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Eyes On Every Location

An All-In-One Solution

Keep track of it all on a single, intuitive interface with the Enterprise Dashboard and view footage of your properties from anywhere, anytime with the easy-to-use mobile app.

You’re in Good Company
More than 600,000 businesses rely on for Business technology to protect properties, people, inventory, and more.

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