Atlanta Home Crime Statistics–What You Can Do?

Atlanta Home Crime Statistics–What You Can Do?

Atlanta Home Crime Statistics–What You Can Do?

I was disturbed to see a recent Atlanta crime statistic.  I love being a business owner in Atlanta.  Atlanta is my home.  We have some many good things going for us in Atlanta.  It is a beautiful place to raise a family. So I was disturbed when I read that Atlanta is safer than 0% of the cities in America.  One in four Atlanta homes will be burglarized in an average year.  Here is another alarming statisticabout property crimes in Atlanta.


Atlanta-Crimer-statistics Atlanta Home Crime Statistics–What You Can Do?

 According to Angie’s list this is how the burglars can enter your homeAngies-list Atlanta Home Crime Statistics–What You Can Do?

What can you do?  We may not be able to affect the overall crime in Atlanta but you can protect your home.  If you have a home security system, you are three times less likely to experience a home burglary.  Isn’t it time that you consider a home security system for you and your family?

Give us a call and let us explain the many reasonably priced options you have to customize a home security system for your Atlanta home.  We want you to enjoy Atlanta and not become a home crime statistic in Atlanta.



Scam Alert: Beware of Door to Door Alarm Salespeople in Atlanta

Scam Alert: Beware of Door to Door Alarm Salespeople in Atlanta

Were you aware that every year at this time Protection Concepts and area police departments receive numerous complaints about the fraudulent sales tactics of door-to-door security sales workers?

So does the Federal Government. In fact, the US Government receives so many complaints about door-to-door home security sales tactics that they issued this report to protect consumers from these scams.

These temporary summer security sales workers mislead consumers. Their goal is to deceive consumers to convert their service from their existing provider (like Protection Concepts) to an unaffiliated third party service. They also attempt to “trick” consumers into buying new equipment or a new security system from a disreputable out-of-state company.

These unethical temporary workers descend on a community like locusts on a field. They’re followed by installation crews to install equipment and make transfers before unsuspecting victims can question what’s going on.

Because these scams are so prevalent throughout Georgia, we offer these tips about what to look for and how to protect yourself:

Who Are Prime Targets:

  • Elderly
  • Families
  • Busy Professionals
  • Existing Protection Concepts Customers

Deceptive Tactics Used:

  • Showing up without an appointment saying they work for Protection Concepts (we never show up without an appointment and we don’t practice door-to-door selling)
  • Saying they’ve been directed to “inspect your system” by Protection Concepts
  • Trying to convert contracts to what they claim is Protection Concepts “new company name”
  • Stating that Protection Concepts is going out of business
  • Wearing shirts or hats from alarm manufacturers like Honeywell, Ademco, and GE
  • High-pressure sales with offers good “only today”

To Verify You Are Dealing With A Reputable Security Professional:

  • Call the company the person claims to represent to verify employment
  • If the person claims to work for or be affiliated with Protection Concepts, call us to verify 770-612-9073

How To Protect Yourself:

  • Never allow any door-to-door security worker “inspect” your security system, as they may be looking for information for criminals to use to burglarize your home
  • If you have concerns about your Protection Concepts home security system, call us at 770-612-9073 to have a free review of your system
  • Always verify that you are dealing with a reputable professional before signing anything and giving anyone your credit card number or money
  • Don’t waive your right to cancel the contract. In Georgia, you have the right to cancel a contract you enter into in your home. You have three working days to cancel the contract. Get more details at

If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact your local Police Department and the Georgia Department of Law – Consumer Protection Unit.