My Top Five Home Security Tips for 2015…At the start of each year I publish my top five home security tips for the year. People use these tips to make their family home more secure. Here are this year’s home security tips.

  • Internet security is on everyone’s mind with the data breaches experienced by large and small corporations. Are you award that the bad guy also use the internet to scope out their next home targets? It seems harmless to tell the world on Facebook that you will be away in Florida for a winter’s vacation. What more does a bad guy need to target your home? Keep your whereabouts off of social media.
  • The doormat. This is one of my favorites items about home security. Where do you think the bad guys will look for your house key? In all the obvious places, including under the doormat? Don’t make this obvious home security mistake.
  • Darkness is a friend of the home intruder. Inside lights put on a timer and outdoor lighting that makes your home visible are some of the best home security defenses. Bad guys hate lights.
  • Secure your entry points. Outside doors should be solid wood or metal with 3” screws to secure the strike plate. All windows should have working locks. You don’t want to be cheap and security sorry about your doors and windows.
  • Home security systems can provide peace of mind for you and your family. But like other security measures, they only work when you arm and use them properly. The signs that notify others you have a home security system do keep the bad guys away. Don’t hide them away behind a bush.


According to FBI statistics every 15 seconds a house is broken into. Follow these five home security tips to make you and your family safer during 2015.

If 2015 is your time for installing a home security system, give us a call. We will show you how to make your home more secure.