Making Your Commercial Propety More Secure.   Protection Concepts provides security tools to make your commercial property secure. Beyond the tools we provide, there are things you can do to protect your commercial property and business.

Here is a check list of items for…

Making Your Commercial Propety More Secure

All of your walkways and driveways should lead to a controlled entrance.  It is important to make a clear distinction between public space and private space on your commercial property.  By doing this your employees will have a sense of ownership and unwelcome strangers will have a difficult time blending in.

Well maintained property deters crime. Remove weeds, graffiti and any debris.  Bushes should be no higher than 3 feet and well-trimmed. Besides deterring criminals, it also enhances your business image.

Your parking lot should be well-lighted and visible from inside your space.

It is a good policy to have some interior lights on during the nighttime hours.

Your receptionist should occupy a space to greet and screen all visitors entering your space.

Check to make sure any access from your roof is secure.

Your exterior doors should have deadbolt locks.

Keys are important to the security of your business.  You should put in place a Master Key Policy.


This check list is an inexpensive way to add security to your commercial business.  If you want additional help with your commercial building security, give us a call at Protection Concepts.  One of fully trained staff will sit down with you to develop a complete security package.