As the weather gets colder mice will look to entry your home!  Mice can invade your home and damage your property, contaminate your food and spread serious diseases. Here are some housekeeping habits that will help to keep your home safe and rodent-free.

Inspect your home thoroughly for any openings or holes that are more than ¼ inch in diameter. Seal any holes you find with concrete, metal or steel wool. Keep doors and garages closed, as well as any other doors that allow entry to the house.

Put food away. Keep it sealed in plastic containers, and clean up any spilled food that might draw a mouse’s attention.

Remove structures that a mouse could live in. This includes trash, tall grass and woodpiles. If you have a fireplace, store your firewood at least 12 inches off the ground.

Set traps around areas that mice are likely to run through. These can include cupboards, attics and closets. Check the traps on a regular basis, and remove dead mice as quickly as possible to avoid germs and odors.

Place poison baits outside the home, such as the garage or storage area. This prevents your children from gaining access to the baits. Also, be careful to place them where your pets cannot access them.


By following these tips you can keep your home secure from mice and rodents.

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