Conduct a Home Security Check List for 2015…The New Year has is a time for us to take inventory of our personal lives.  We may want to go on a  diet; do regular exercising; make more money.  The New Year can also be a time to take inventory of your home security.  What do you need to change in 2015 to make you and your family more secure?

Review this simple check list of home security items from Lock Doctor to complete your New Year’s inventory regarding your home security.


  1. Is house address clearly posted and lit to aid emergency response? Yes□ No□
  2. Is door itself of metal or solid wood construction? Yes□ No□
  3. Is doorframe strong enough and tight enough to prevent forcing or spreading? Yes□ No□
  4. If there are no windows in or near door, is there a wide-angle viewer or voice intercom device? Yes□ No□
  5. Is door secured by a deadbolt lock with a minimum 1-inch throw? Yes□ No□
  6. Are strikes and strike plates adequate and properly installed with 2 ½ -3 inch screws? Yes□ No□
  7. Is the exterior of the front/rear entrance lighted with at least a 40-watt bulb? Yes□ No□
  8. Does porch or landscaping offer concealment from view of the street, other homes or public areas? Yes□ No□


  1. Do all windows have adequate locks in operating condition? Yes□ No□
  2. Is there a dowel or “charlie bar” in the bottom of sliding door track to prevent horizontal movement? Yes□ No□
  3. Are exterior areas of windows free from a concealing structure or landscaping? Yes□ No□


Smoke Detector:

Check each one in the home. Test to ensure they are functioning.

If the device uses batteries, check to see if they need replacing.

Recommend testing when setting clocks for Daylights Savings.

Fire Extinguisher:

You should have one in the garage and a small on in or near the kitchen.

Consider putting one under your bed. Check the gages to see if they are

Home Security Systems:

If you have a home alarm system, does everyone set the alarm every time they leave the house? Yes□ No□


If you don’t have a home alarm system, consider making this step in 2015. Give us a call and learn how our home security systems can make your home and your family safer.