Security Tips for Your College Students

Security Tips for Your College Students

Security Tips for Your College Students…Whether your son or daughter is returning to college or going for the first time, you want them to be safe while they are at college. Here are 10 simple safety tips from that you can review with them before they embark for college.

1. Don’t allow technology to make you unaware of your surroundings
Everyone with headphones, a smartphone, and an MP3 player knows – the minute you’re plugged in, you barely exist anymore! You stare at your phone, zoned out; not knowing what is going on around you. This, in essence, is exactly what you should be avoiding.
When you start to find yourself becoming unaware of what’s going on around you is the time you need to consider turning the music down, putting your phone away and opening your eyes to what’s happening.

2. Never walk alone at night
Walking around alone and in the dark is asking for trouble. Sure, there are times that you need to get from point A to point B which may occur at night, but you should always abide by the buddy system so that, should something happen, you’re not on your own.

3. Utilize locks
While it is easy to become relaxed in college life, some habits should always remain standard. Locking your doors, especially when you are alone or asleep, should be one of them.

4. Carry some emergency cash
It is good to have some cash on you at all times, just in case. Perhaps your credit card won’t work or your debit card gets lost. You never want to be stuck in a scary situation because you don’t have the necessary funds to get out of it as quickly as possible.

5. Locate the emergency system areas on campus
Most campuses have emergency call buttons or phones scattered throughout campus for students to utilize in the event of an emergency. Find out what your campuses system is and locate the areas in which the systems are placed. Should you ever find yourself in trouble, it will be much easier if you know where you can call for help.

6. Know your way around campus
In addition to paying attention to your surroundings; you should know your surroundings as well. Take time to become familiar with campus landmarks and streets so that you are able to navigate your way around – or out of an area, should you need to.

7. Never stay at a party when your friend leave
No, you do not need to call it an early night just because one of your friends does. But, what you should do is ensure you always have a minimum of one person with you that you know (and know you can trust).

8. Avoid becoming inebriated and losing control
If you are getting to the point that you don’t have control of yourself or your surroundings, you need to stop and think about the types of situations you’re putting yourself in.

9. Always have emergency contacts on you or in your device
If you have a smartphone, program emergency numbers into it. It’s one of the first spots hospitals check if you’re admitted alone because they are able to bypass your pass code in order to access your contacts.

10. Ask for Help 
If you feel unsafe, stressed, or overwhelmed, reach out to those around you. Colleges have a network of support, including residence hall advisers, health professionals, and campus police officers. Take advantage of the services provided on campus.