Benefits of Wireless Home Security for Your Atlanta Home

Benefits of Wireless Home Security for Your Atlanta Home

Benefits of Wireless Home Security for Your Atlanta Home

When people ask me about the benefits of a wireless security system for their Atlanta homes, I usually reflect with them about the changes smart phones have brought to our daily lives.

We can now buy on line anywhere our smart phone operates. Home computer no longer rules our world. We can share pictures and texts with our friends on social media sites. When we want directions or a good place to eat, we use our smart phones. We have become a mobile society.  For some their smart phones are never more than 3 feet away, even when they sleep.

The technology that brought us the smart phones is the same technology behind the wireless home security systems. Using the wireless home security system you can get complete home security protection 24/7. You can install a variety of options like motion detectors, water and fire sensors, video cameras as well as windows and door sensors. With today’s wireless technology you can control your home’s lights, heat, and cold, raise window blinds along with remote door locking.

At the heart of these options, is that control you have wherever you go. With all of these home security options, you control them from your smart phone or remote computer. You are always in charge.  You can be two places at once!

When you consider the hard wire home security alternative, the choice favors wireless. Hard wired systems involve messy installations with holes in your wall; they involve phone lines that can be cut by the bad guys to gain entrance to your home; they involve higher costs for hard wired home installations; and hard wired systems do not give you the ability to take your system with you if you should move.

Wireless home security systems have revolutionized the home security business just as the smart phones have revolutionized the way we live. Give us a call and let us explain how a wireless system can provide the home security you want for your family.

5 Lies About Atlanta Home Security Companies

5 Lies About Atlanta Home Security Companies

With more than 100 home security alarm companies in Atlanta and surrounding areas, it can be hard to tell one company from the other.

It can also be hard to identify the reputable companies from those that are a little shaky.

We’ve been protecting homeowners in Atlanta since 1998, and we’ve heard our fair share of tall tales told by others. Here are five of the most common lies we’ve heard about home security companies in Atlanta:

# 1 – All Atlanta Home Security Companies Can Be Trusted.

It would be great if that statement were true. In today’s society, however, virtually every institution and industry have been rocked by scandal. The security industry is no exception.

Check out any company before you talk to them. Search their business name on Google. Go to review sites like Kudzu or Yelp. Check with the Better Business Bureau and state licensing agencies.

Always know who you are dealing with before inviting them into your home.

# 2 – All Companies Perform The Same Way.

Some people view all Atlanta home security companies as performing exactly the same way, with the only difference being the price of the security system. Believing this lie jeopardizes the safety of you and your family.

Different companies have different operating philosophies and business models. Hiring and training practices can vary between companies. Companies have different standards of performance and expectation levels.

# 3 – All Companies Protect Homes The Same Way.

That’s like saying all people make barbeque the same way. Your lifestyle and home are unique and effective Atlanta home security companies recognize your uniqueness. They custom design home security systems that protect you and that fit into your lifestyle and your budget.

Different companies will have different approaches to protecting your home. Make sure you understand what is being recommended, why it is being recommended and how it helps you achieve your objectives.

# 4 – All Atlanta Security Companies Sell The Same Equipment.

You’ll often hear this lie told as something like, “All home security equipment is basically the same.”

That simply is not true. There is low-end security equipment and it is high-end. Some equipment comes with longer warranties and better guarantees than others. Some companies use hard wired alarm systems while others use wireless.

It’s important you understand the equipment that is being used to protect you. Know its reliability, warranty, and reputation in the marketplace.

# 5 – All Atlanta Home Alarm Monitoring Companies Do The Same Thing.

We’ve seen this lie result in more heartache for homeowners than you could shake a stick at.

There are currently no state laws requiring how home alarm systems are monitored in Georgia. Some companies actually monitor alarm systems from the living room of their home! That’s not very secure. Some monitoring centers don’t meet UL performance standards and many are not redundant, leaving you vulnerable during an attack or natural disaster.

Look beyond the price of the monitoring to see the value of what you are getting. The most critical component of any home security system is who responds and when. Make sure you know what you are getting.

7 Simple Steps to Selecting the Right Home Security System in Atlanta

7 Simple Steps to Selecting the Right Home Security System in Atlanta

Here are seven simple steps you can take to select the correct home security system in Atlanta:

  1. Determine your goals and objectives so you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Different home security companies in Atlanta use different ways to protect homes. It’s best to know your needs before you begin the search.
  2. Ask for referrals from family, friends, and co-workers. Getting a recommendation from someone you trust can make selecting the right alarm system much easier. Find out exactly what system they are using, who installed it and who monitors it. Getting feedback from their experience can save you from making the wrong choice.
  3. Only use Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified equipment and be fully aware of the equipment’s capabilities and limitations. The only way to rest assures that the components of your home security alarm system meet strict performance standards is to use the certified equipment. Demand that your alarm company representative clearly defines the decision-making process behind any security approach or device they recommend for your home.
  4. Research alarm companies on the Internet. Consumer reviews from websites like Kudzu can really provide valuable insight into the overall customer satisfaction. These review sites can sometimes provide feedback on particular pieces of equipment that other customers have purchased as well. It is a good idea to look at the reviews as a whole rather than placing too much value on any one single review. View them all to develop a consensus.
  5. Investigate and assess each security company that you are considering. See if there is information about the company with the Atlanta Better Business Bureau. You want to fully understand who you are dealing with before committing to their products, services, and fees.
  6. Require an evaluation of your home along with a sales presentation from any alarm company you are considering. Never buy an alarm system until you know it is going to meet the level of protection you are expecting. You should have a clear understanding of what will and will not be protected as well as how everything will be monitored and how much your protection coverage will cost. Go over any contract thoroughly so you won’t run into any surprises down the road should you want to move or cancel your service. There are often many terms and conditions associated with hiring a particular security company that you need to be made aware.
  7. Don’t be coerced. There are a lot of high-pressure sales tactics that can be quite effective. Try to avoid companies that try to pressure you into using their products and services. “Today only” offers, scary crime statistics and “special deals that are just for you” are just some of the many tactics that pushy salespeople use to try and get you to sign up. Be patient and know all the facts before you sign a contract. After all, if the company, their products, and services don’t sell themselves then you might want to look for one that does.

Taking your time to find the right security company will give you peace of mind knowing you gave your best effort in finding the right protection for your home and family. Apply these tips to help you reach the best decision.

Top Rated Home Security Alarm Companies in Atlanta

Top Rated Home Security Alarm Companies in Atlanta

I’m often leery when I see lists and reviews of top rated companies. After managing security companies for over twenty years, I know how easy it is to have these lists manipulated.

During the time that I ran a security company in the mid-west, a local newspaper offered our company a top ten position on their review list if we were willing to pay. The more advertising we bought, the higher on the list we would appear.

Then the Internet came along and things got even worse.

Soon after the Internet became popular a fancy pants marketing agency proposed an idea to us. They said “why don’t you create your own online review site? That way you can control the reviews”. The sad truth is that just about anyone can come up with a legitimate sounding name for an organization, put a quick website online, and with a little SEO magic quickly start ranking high in the search engines for review searches. Someone could easily put together a review site for top-rated home security alarm companies in Atlanta and appear at the top of that list month after month.

I am rarely shocked to see what lengths salespeople will go to seal the deal. There’s an old saying about “buyer beware.” That saying sure applies to reading lists of top rated security companies.

Thankfully there is a much better way to find a quality home alarm security company in Atlanta. Here are some tips that I suggest you consider.

  • Refer to your friends and family that already have home alarm systems. They should be more than willing to tell you about their experiences.
  • For companies you are considering, be sure to scrutinize their website. Be sure you can find an address and a telephone number. Offline locations are an indicator of a legitimate company. Domain names are super cheap and easy to obtain. If a company doesn’t supply any offline information, I would consider that suspicious and untrustworthy.
  • Look for the registration data of the company website. You can find out when the website was first built. If a website was built ten years ago, that is a good sign. If on the other hand the website was recently built, then that could signal a scam.
  • Use Google to search the name of the company you are considering. Don’t trust the opinion of any one single website or review. Try to build a general consensus using multiple sites. Looking at well-known sites like Yelp or Kudzu can also help reassure the reviews are official.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau. There you can review the records of the company you are interested in to see if they have any complaints or sanctions.
  • I would only consider companies that use Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) approved equipment and monitor home alarm systems at a UL approved alarm monitoring center. UL ensures that a monitoring center achieves a certain level of performance. UL certification is an indicator of a company committed to doing things right.
Benefits of Wireless Home Security for Your Atlanta Home

Top 4 Reasons You Need Remote Video Monitoring

Keep Your Home and Kids Secure with Remote Video Monitoring

While your kids head back to school, make sure your home is secure for them to come back to and have a peace of mind knowing they are safe inside when they return. We provide various at-home security options that are all accessible from your smartphone, tablet or any web device. With live HD video, monitor the inside or outside of your home and turn your home’s security system off and on as needed. Here are some advantages of remote video monitoring:

  1. Keep the bad guys away: Outdoor security cameras help detect burglars as most thieves scope out the home before they rob it. If they spot your security camera, they will probably think twice about breaking in. This keeps your family and pets inside safe, as well as your belongings and prevents you from being a victim of crime.
  2. Assist police: If a break-in does occur, your security camera will be able to show police what happened, including a description of the intruder. This can help them gather the information needed to locate the thief and maybe even retrieve your stolen items.
  3. Monitor your kids: When your kids return home from school, you will be able to see when they have made it back safely. You can also have a second set of eyes on them if your younger kids are being watched by a teenage babysitter. Being able to check in will ease your sense of worry and allow you to get your work done so you can return home yourself.
  4. Check in on your pets: Now that your kids are off to school for the day and will not be able to tend to your family pets, you can keep an eye on them to make sure they are not getting themselves into any trouble. If something does happen to your belongings, you will be able to see the cause of it and implement preventable actions when you get home, ensuring your animals (and your furniture) are safe. Also, older pets that may need that extra attention during the day can be watched over as well.

Ensure your loved ones are protected with our home video camera systems. Contact us today for more information!

Benefits of Wireless Home Security for Your Atlanta Home

Add Security to Your Home with a Doorbell Camera

With a Doorbell Camera, You’ll Never Miss a Visitor!

When securing your home, consider a doorbell camera to notify you of people at your door when you are away. Aside from security, never miss an important moment at the front door. Whether you expecting a package while you’re at work or have singing carolers visiting in the evening, doorbell cameras will notify you on your smartphone or device of anyone who comes to your door. Here are some perks of installing a doorbell camera to your front door for added security and notifications.

With a two-way conversation and one-way video, you can talk to whoever is at the door and see who they are or what they may have. There is also an 180-degree wide-angle view of your doorstep. Smart detection will recognize people, so you will not be notified every time a car or animal crosses the front of your house. Doorbell cameras are also equipped with a day or night vision, ensuring 24/7 visual safety.

Custom notifications are also available to receive alerts. This includes a secure notifying alert, which will let you know when someone is at your doorstep, even before they ring your doorbell. You can see the expected and unexpected, securing your front door. While you’re eating dinner or expecting guests, know right away who has arrived as you are running around the house getting ready.

When the video is turned on due to person detection, recording is available with playback. This allows you to go back and see which neighbor left delicious holiday cookies or when unexpected visitors came.

Give the gift of security this year to your loved ones. Whether it’s for your parents or your kid’s new home, share the doorbell camera experience and comfort this holiday season.

Doorbell cameras bring an extra amount of security to your home, being able to monitor when you are away or who may be at your home late at night when you are sleeping. You can also converse with people who may be coming to your home to deliver a package or sell something when you are not at home. With all the features that are available to you on your smartphone, you will be sure to feel more secure about being away from your home.

Ensure your loved ones are protected with our home video camera systems. Contact us today for more information!