What a Burglar Can Teach You about Home Security

What do you think you could learn from a home burglar that could help protect you and your families’ belonging?

That’s the subject Debra Roberts and ABC TV set out to explore in a recent 20/20 newscast. They worked with a reformed home burglar to learn his secrets on how burglars identify, target and rob a home. He also identified those items that deterred him from robbing a home.

In this informational video, you will learn that a home burglary occurs every 15 second. It took this burglar less than 15 minutes to rob a home of its valuables. No matter what the race, nationality income or type of neighborhood, he will always find the jewelry in the master bedroom. That is the first place the thief starts. Drugs in the bathroom are valuable to sell on the open market. Burglars use social media sites to identify when families are gone on vacation. Video devises with the charger cords still attached are more valuable than video devises without the cord. Most home robberies occur during the daytime hours.

Take eight minutes to review this wonderful video. Then apply the tips identified in the video to make your home and belongings safer from potential house thieves.

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