I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. You made it through the holidays.  To make a complete and safe holiday season, there are a few additional steps you should take for your family home. Follow these year end holiday safety tips.

Year End Holiday Safety

Holiday decorations are temporary. Leaving them up on over the year maybe convenient but it can led to wiring that becomes weak. This can lead to electrical fires.

Live evergreen trees become dry and create a real fire hazard. Check with your local city to see how and when you can dispose oerecycle the tree in a safe manner.

Pulling out electrical cord by the cord can cause en electrical shock. Pull the cord by the gripping section close to the outlet.

As you take down electrical decorations, check for frayed cords. Discard any cords that have the potential for not working.

Label your decorations for inside and outside use.

Be sure to store your decorations in a dry place.

By following these Year End Holiday Safety Tips, you can keep your home safe during the year and safe for the next holiday season.  For more information on holiday safety, click on this website.  Feel free to add your own suggestions on year end holiday safety tips.  Thank you.