You know the Honeywell Home brand, but if you don’t know Resideo – you’re about to, and it’s going to make your maxresdefault WHAT'S NEW FOR HONEYWELL HOME USERS?smart home the simple one you’ve always wanted. After spending more than a century engineering reliable and quality products, we will continue to innovate under the Resideo brand, providing forward-looking, smarter, simpler, connected solutions that can make your home more efficient and secure.

Our mission is to offer a different choice in the industry and make it easier to upgrade to a smart home using Honeywell Home products from Resideo, and we believe…

  1. A smart home is more than novelty. It must protect, prevent and react to changes in conditions – both inside the house, such as aging appliances, and outside, such as extreme weather conditions;
  2. Smart home technology can help save you from costly water damage and insurance claims, not to mention, major headaches; and,

We look forward to showing you a lot more from Resideo, including the launch of our vision to deliver on this promise of a simple, supported smart home. Part of that vision will launch later this month: our new website will feature an improved user experience, interactive information about our solutions, and a seamless connection between future hardware, apps and services.

We know you face overwhelming choices when designing a smart home or installing the latest technology. And we look forward to showing you additional Honeywell Home solutions now powered by Resideo to help simply your smart home.