By now you have probably hear about the Heartbleed bug that may have compromised your online identity. You may have even been contacted by online services like Google, Yahoo, or governmental bodies explaining any affects Heartbleed has on their systems.

In a nut shell, Heartbleed is a bug that allows your personal information to be stolen online. We have physical tools to secure our property and valuables from thieves. We can lock our doors and windows. We can uses sensors and video cameras to keep our belongings safe.

Protecting our digital identifies is far more difficult. It can take years before your stolen identify is uncovered. By then the damage has been done. It can take many months to resolve the financial issues caused by a stolen identity. What can you do about the Heartbleed bug? Here are few suggestions.

When large providers like Google and Paypal send you information about the Heartbleed bug make sure you follow their directions. Some credit card companies are now automatically doing a monthly credit check on your accounts to catch stolen identity quickly. You can use online programs to detect if any of your passwords have been accessed. Continue to check your bank and credit card statements on a monthly basis.

Below is a short video that provides additional actions you can take to make your personal information secure from the Heartbleed Bug.