Wireless technology for home security has come a long way.  Today’s home owners are using tools from Protection Concepts that allows the homeowner to protect their home from more than just the bad guys.  These new tools can also protect the home from other dangers.  Here are some additional tools Protection Concept home security system owners are using.

  • Automated lights: With our system tools you can remotely control your lights from a smartphone or tablet. Forgot to turn off your lights.  No problem from your smart phone.
  • Panic buttons: These buttons are ideal for your bedrooms. Right from your room, you can signal the alarm to call for help without having to leave your room. These are great for a home invasion.
  • Water sensors: Protection Concept users can install water sensors that detect moisture and mold in the home. If your pipe should burst while you’re away from the home, the sensors will send an alert to your smartphone. You never have to come home to extensive water damage.
  • Intercom system: This Protection Concept tool allows you to speak with the people at your front door from anyplace with your smart phone.
  • Fire and carbon monoxide monitoring: These sensors go beyond the battery operated tools on the market. They can track air quality and will notify you to alert if smoke or carbon monoxide is occurring.
  • Interactive Thermostats: If you have an interactive thermostat you can control you heat and air conditioning from anywhere with your smart phone, tablet or computer.


Smart phone technology and wireless home security systems can now provide more than just protection against burglars.  They offer tools that provide protection against many house dangers.  Learn more about these tools by giving us a call.  We can show you tools that will add to your home security.