The Myth of Local Monitoring…Having a reliable monitoring service is the heart and soul of your home security system.  You want a monitoring network that provides you with reliable, quick and accurate responses to your alarm system. 

Some people believe local monitoring is better.  It’s a nice sales pitch.  It’s also a myth that local monitoring is better.  It’s not the location of the monitoring service; it’s the quality of the monitoring operations services that makes the difference.

Monitoring Expertise

At Protection Concepts we use Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) for our monitoring services.  CMS is the largest alarm monitoring company in the United States.  It works with over 4000 alarm companies and 900,000 customers.  Monitoring is their expertise.

Monitoring Training

Before a CMS monitoring professional can begin working, they receive weeks of intensive training.  They are tested, retested and must be certified before they can sit behind a desk to monitor your alarm system.

Monitoring Technology

As a national provider of monitoring services, CMS employs the leading edge technology from UTC, AT&T®, Verizon®, Honeywell® and others.

Monitoring Services 

Whether you have monitoring services responding to fire or security issues; Personal Emergency Response Systems; two way voice or remote video, you get prompt and courteous responses.


Smaller, local monitoring services cannot provide the expertise, the technology nor the training that CMS brings to your home security system from Protection Concepts.  Don’t be fooled by the local label.