Summer Children Safety Tips…This is the last in my series of blog posts on ways to make your home safe and secure for the summer months.  In previous posts, I have written about.

In this post, I write about summer children safety tips for your children.  Did you know that May through August has the greatest number of children injuries and deaths?  With children being home for the summer, they have less adult structures and more opportunities for injury.  Here are some areas to talk over with your children for their summer safety.

Summer Children Safety Tips

To learn more about any of these safety areas, click on the link to SafeKids.  Be safe and make sure your children are safe for the summer.

To know their full name, age, telephone number, area code, city and province.
How to phone long distance in an emergency, by dialing direct or with the operators assistance.
How to contact you, or another close relative in an emergency. How to contact a trusted neighbor, police, fire or ambulance services and when to make these calls.
When children are home alone they should tell phone callers that you are there, but you are busy and cannot come to the phone. The phoning party can call back later. Teach your child to cut short any phone calls with strangers and hang up the telephone if a stranger continues to talk.
When children are home alone, find out the identity of the person who comes to the door, without opening the door. If a stranger is at the door, teach your children to tell the stranger that your are busy, and he/she should go away and come back later. Teach your child not to engage in conversation with the visitor. If the child feels threatened, teach him to phone an emergency number. Emergency numbers could be your telephone number at work, that of the police or a trusted neighbor who will be home.
Where possible, your children should play and walk with other children.