Spring Security Tips for Your Atlanta Home

Spring cleaning is here.  It’s a time to open the windows, let in the fresh air and clean your home from the closed up winter months.  Spring is also an excellent time to do a cleanup on your home security.  Here are my favorite spring home security tips.

Doors and Windows

Winter snows or spring rains can warp frames and caused your door and window sashes to swell. Check the wood on your sashes to see if they need repairs.  Windows and doors are the prime access point for criminals. Do the windows still lock securely?  Check your front door to see that if it has a dead bolt lock securely engages the solid frame.

Trim the Bushes

Spring is a time to beautify your home and at the same time make it more secure.  Pruning bushes around your home can help them become healthier.  The trimming can also eliminate places where burglars can hide.  Spring is also a good time to check overhanging trees to make sure they do not give access to upper windows in your home.  If you are going to plant new bushes near the home, consider planting prickly types.  Criminals hate these!

Winter weather can be very hard on outdoor lighting especially motion sensitive lights. Check all of the bulbs and replace those that have not weathered the winter months.  This may be the year you install low-voltage lights along your pathways.  It beautifies your home and provides greater home security.


Weeds and overgrowth are part of spring. Your walkways should be cleared so they do not become an insurance hazard for someone walking.

Your Garage

Don’t forget about your garage.  Garage doors are less resistant to intrusion and your garage contains many valuable tools and equipment.  Is the door from your garage to your home equipped with the proper deadbolt?

Do an Inventory

If you are sorting thought your spring cleaning items, now would be a good time to take pictures of your valuable items, record serial numbers on their makes and models.  If you should have a break in, this information will help the police in their tracking efforts.

Plan for the future

Spend some time with family members talking about any security issues they feel personally or about the home.  Then put in place, a plan to address these issues so that you can make your Atlanta home more secure for everyone.