Smart Security for Your Commercial Business…You already know that home security and energy savings can be controlled from your smart phone. You can check on a door left open or be notified if a water pipe has burst. You have peace of mind security in the palm of your hand.

Smart Security for Your Commercial Business

Now with Total Connect Remote Services from Protection Concepts, you can have security to manage your commercial activities, monitor your employees and provide other damage control from the palm of your hand.

A remote key pad on your smart phone can act like the key pad on your security system. Isn’t it time you invested in smart security for your commercial business?

If you have video services at your business, you can keep tract of everyhing that is going on at your business from your home computer or your smart phone. Now that is staying on top of your business!

Give us a call and we will explain how Total Connect Remote Services can work for your commercial business.