In a few short weeks, your children will be returning to school.  They are excited.  You are probably more excited to have them be back in school!  Over the next several weeks, I will share with you some blog posts about school security issues with your children, younger children, teenagers and college bound students.  Use these tips to make your children more secure in their school environment.

School Security for Younger Children

Plan to Discuss Security

You organized your children’s school supplies.  You bought them new school clothes.  Have you taken the time to talk about school security issues?  Set aside some time at the dinner table to talk with your children about their security.  You may find it helpful with younger children to create a list of do’s and don’ts’ about security and post them in a prominent place.

  • Know Their Important Information–A child should know their phone number, address and phones numbers they can use to contact you.   Do they know how to use 911?  They should also have the phone number of a trusted adult in case they cannot make contact with you.


  • A Daily Routine–What are your children’s routine when they are back in school?  It’s important to establish a normal routine for where they will be before, during and after school.  Routines will give you much more peace of mind because you know what to expect. 


  • Stranger Danger–Teach your children never to talk or accept gifts from strangers.  A stranger is anyone your child does not know.  They should also know the difference between good and bad strangers.  Good strangers are people such as store clerks or other authority people who belong and can assist your child.


  • Children’s Rights–Children are often intimidated by bigger children or adults.  They have rights and do not need to endure bullying or any other forms of abuse.  Remind them that it is ok to tell the teacher or principal is something is wrong.  They have a right to call you as parents.


  • Walk Through Your Security Measures–You have probably already installed security measures in your home or even installed a home security system.  You know how it operates, does your child?  Show them the locks, deadbolts, alarm system items so they are comfortable using them and know how they operate.  Don’t take these security details for granted.


Plan a Walk Route

If your child is a walker, you should plan the route with them.  You can test it out with your child and have some fun with it.  Remind them to obey all traffic signs and safety patrol people.  If they ride their bike to school they should wear a helmet and not use headphones while riding their bike.  Establishing a buddy system is also a smart idea for walking to and from school.

School Computers

Check with your school to see that their computers block access to unwanted computer sites.  Cyber-bullying can occur.  Far too often we hear stories about children making a new friend on the internet only to find it was not a friend.  Talk to your children about their computer use.

Latch-Key Children

If your child will be home alone for several hours, have a discussion about your rules.  Who can be in the house?  Never  open the door for strangers.  What should they do if there is a fire?  Who can they call in the neighborhood for help?  Where should they go if things don’t seem right at home?  As the school year progresses, revisit these rules with your child about situations they when they are alone.

Security System

If you have a situation or children that need greater security, consider a home security system.  With today’s wireless systems,  you can install video monitors, open and lock doors from your smart phone, arm and disarm your security system and generally keep a close eye on the children at home right from your phone.  You can be two places at one time! Give us a call if you need help with a home security system.


By following some of these tried and tested security tips you will have greater peace of mind as your child embarks on another school year.  Thanks to Lloyd Security for some of these School Security for Young Children tips.