Save Home Security Money in 2015.  Your 2015 resolution is to save dollars! Besides the costs, you are unhappy with your current home security provider.

Good news. Protection Concepts can save you money on home security. Our rates are the lowest in the Atlanta area. $14.99 per months.

We can help you make the switch to our system to save you dollars. We will evaluate your current system and contract. We don’t have long term contracts for our home security services.

When we meet with you, we will evaluate your existing system. This will allow us to better serve you, as we will be able to gauge the age, condition, and compatibility of your existing equipment. This free evaluation also allows you to discuss other options for upgrading or customizing your alarm system. During the evaluation, we can provide information about the newest security system technology.

If your existing system is proprietary, (which means you do not own your equipment) or if the system is locked-out (as it sounds…the previous company locked-out any other company from monitoring your system) then you would have to change your alarm panel and possibly the keypads so that we can monitor your system.

Let us review you current system and contract to help you save the 2015 dollars you want.