Spring break is here! Its a time when many families take a vacation with their children. While the focus is on family fun, you don’t want to come back home to find you are a victim of a house burglary.

I am sure you have a routine to make your home secure while you are away on spring break. Below are some overlooked suggestions from the police department on ways to make your home more during a spring break vacation.

Use a trusted neighbor for more home security. Let the trusted neighbor know your plans. Have them pick up any packages or stuff left at your front door. Have them stop by periodically to check on your home and open the drapes. They can shovel your snow or cut the grass to be make your home look like people are home.

There is a tendency to leave an outside light on while you are gone. Having an outside lights on 24 hours is a good sign that no one is home. Install motion detector lights or dusk till dawn lights on the outside of your home.

Secure your garage doors by padlocking your door. Automatic garage doors can be made inoperable by unplugging it from the electric outlet or by using a vacation switch on the control box.

Do not leave valuables where they can be easily seen from the windows. Certain valuables can be put in a safety deposit box or taken to a relative or friend’s house for safekeeping.

Set your telephone ringer on low volume. A loudly ringing, unanswered phone is a sure sign no one is home.

Have a neighbor park in your driveway.

Do not let your travel plans be widely known on social media. Thieves use social media sites to target potential homes.

Cover your garage windows to prevent anyone from seeing the contents of your garage or looking to see if your vehicle is gone.

Have a neighbor or relative put your garbage out on pick up days.


Follow the above overlooked tips to make your home more secure during a spring break vacation. If you use a neighbor to help with your home security, pick them up a special treat from your spring break or return the favor when they go on vacation.