ou have many choices when it comes to selecting a home security company for your Atlanta home. With so many choices, it can be a confusing decision. Here are some useful tips from USA Today on questions you should ask before you select a home security company.


There are thousands of security companies to choose from, including big and small players. If you’re shopping for an interactive system, here are some questions that industry experts suggest asking:

• Are there any hidden fees? Some companies advertise free basic equipment — such as door sensors and motion detectors — but their activation fees wipe out any savings. Some companies also advertise low-price systems that are really too small to do the job. The extra cost to add the needed equipment can be substantial.

• How much of the system works off cellular networks vs. traditional telephone lines or the Internet? With systems that are cellular-based, or at least have cellular coverage as a backup, they’ll continue to work even if thieves cut phone and Internet lines. (Alarm systems have backup battery power so they keep working even if the power goes out.)

• Does the system have 24/7 professional monitoring? That means dedicated personnel in a dispatch center who monitor systems around the clock and alert homeowners to problems and, if needed, call the police. Some companies sell security systems that don’t include professional monitoring.

• What length contract is required? Typically, companies require customers to sign up for three to five years. As with cellphone service, there are early-termination fees. They vary by company and by state.

• How much does a maintenance call cost? Free maintenance isn’t necessarily part of your monthly bill. Find out how much home-maintenance visit costs.


These are important questions to ask in selecting a home security provider. Protection Concepts has you covered on all of these questions. We require no long term contracts, no hidden fees, we have WIFI options, we have 24/7 monitoring and we take care of the maintenance on your system. Give us a call and learn why we are a top choice for home security company in the Atlanta area.