Home Security Contracts a New Model… T Mobile has been credit for changing the cell phone industry.  They were the first to move away from two year cell phone contracts so many consumers hated.  They recognized that with changing technology and changing cell phone usage, people do not want to be held hostage to a two year contract.

T Mobile took a business risk.  They understood the cell phone industry made their money from two year contracts.  Companies would provide free phones and then make their money from monthly cell phone charges.  Once T Mobile achieved success with their no contract business model, other cell phone companies were forced to adopt new business contracts.  Thank you T Mobile.

Home Security Contracts a New Model

Unlike other home security companies, Protection Concepts has never had yearlong home security contracts.  We realized that we were taking a business risk with shorter contracts.    We also knew that consumers did not want to be held hostage to long term contracts.  Technology changes; people’s life style changes.

Simply put, with shorter monthly contracts, we work hard every day to earn your business and trust.

If you are tired of long term home security contracts costing you lots of dollars, give us a call.  We can show you how to our shorter contracts can save you dollars while you provide total security for your family.