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The Lyric Gateway Security and Home control system from Honeywell serves as the central hub for controlling security, lifestyle management, lights, locks, thermostats and more and is designed for the way people really live. Combining a security system and home automation with simplicity and flexibility, the Lyric Gateway is truly plug and play and delivers a great connected home experience—right out of the box.


Gateway to More Growth

  • Beautifully designed app-driven interface ideal for today’s consumers.
  • Reach new customers—including the mobile/millennial segment, renters and new home buyers.
  • Open ecosystem integrates with the latest third-party connected home devices—a great way to earn more RMR.

Gateway to More Installations

  • Plug and play setup installs in minutes instead of hours, enabling dealers to increase installs from two to three per day.
  • Auto-enrollment of encrypted SiX™ sensors saves installation time and reduces errors.
  • Simple, fast programming with AlarmNet™ 360.

Gateway to More Profits

  • Remote management/advanced analytics and reports help dealers proactively recommend additional solutions to drive RMR.
  • Ethernet connection simplifies installations and eliminates sunset issues.
  • Remote diagnostics and account management saves time, and user-replaceable batteries and radios reduce truck rolls.
  • Prevent account takeovers and reduce attrition with Lyric™ Lock.