Home Safety Tips While on Vacation… You’re planning your summer vacation.  It will be a great time for the children and leave behind your normal cares and work duties. Based on statistics from the Department of Justice most home burglaries occur during these summer months.

What can you do to protect your home security while you are on your summer vacation?  Here are some Home Safety Tips While on Vacation.


Preparing the Outside of Your Home

  • Start by making sure your windows and doors are locked before you leave. 
  • Either stop delivery or have a neighbor retrieve newspapers, mail or any packages you are scheduled to receive. 
  • If you are going to be gone for a longer time, have someone cut your grass so it does not appear that you are on vacation.
  • Inspect gutters and downspouts. They must be clear of debris to drain water properly?
  • I know of one neighbor whose teenager parked their car in the driveway of a neighbor on vacation to suggest that the home was occupied.
  • Check your sump pump to see  if it is working properly.
  • Store deck furniture so that it does not get blown around in a storm.

Preparing the Inside of Your Home

  • Keep valuables out of sight so that the bad guys cannot look through your windows and decide your home is a good place to rob.
  • Put lights or a radio on a timer to keep the allusion that some in home in your house 
  • Be careful about using social media to share with friends your vacation plans.  Burglars use social media to identify potential homes to rob.
  • Do not advertise your vacation on your home phone answering machine. 
  • Unplug unnecessary electronics and electrical appliances.  A lightning strike could do real damage to these and your home while you are on vacation.
  • Have a trusted neighbor visit your home every couple of days to make sure everything is ok within the home.



Follow these Home Safety Tips While on Vacation and you will have peace of mind to enjoy your family’s summer vacation.