Thanksgiving is almost us.  It’s a time for us to give thanks for our blessing and celebrate with family over a wonderful meal.   Sadly, the kitchen is also the place where two out of every five home fires start.  What should be a wonderful time can turn into a tragedy for families.  As you approach the holiday cooking season, use the following tips from to make your holiday cooking safer.

Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

  • Never leave cooking equipment unattended.
  • Turn burners off when you leave the room.
  • Make sure children stay three feet away from all cooking appliances.
  • Clean your exhaust fan and duct over your stove regularly.
  • Wear close or tight fitting clothes when cooking.  Loose fitting clothes can catch on fire.
  • Use the back burners and turn the pot handles in away from reaching hands
  • Locate all appliances away from the sink.
  • Plug countertop appliances into ground fault circuits.
  • Keep appliances away from hot surfaces like stove tops.
  • Unplug countertop appliances when not in use.


Use the above holiday cooking safety tips to make your holiday celebrations safe and happy.