Summertime means more activities in and out of your home. Where do you hid the spare key so the children can use it or you lock yourself out of the home doing outside chores? Here are some of the worst and best places to hide your spare key.

Worst Places to Hide Your Spare Key

Where will the burglar look for the key?  They will start on the top door sill, look in the porch light, look under the front mat, under the potted plant, look into the fake rock next to the front door, in the mailbox on the window ledge near the front door, or the break open the magnetic key holder.  Worst places to hide the spare key…

  • Under the mat
  • Above the door
  • Under the flower pot
  • On a window ledge near the front door
  • The fake rock out of place near the front door

Best places to Hide Your Space Key

Nothing says you need to place the space key near the front door.  Here are some better options.

  • Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor.
  • Use your BBQ grill or A/C unit in the back yard to hide the spare key.
  • A fake rock will work if you have other rocks around it.
  • Put the key in an outbuilding or shed.
  • Place the spare key under the dog house.
  • Use the new locks that open and close from your smart phone.
  • Use a sophisticated keypad deadbolt lock.


Don’t put your spare key in the obvious places where a burglar will look.  Choose other options away from the front door.  These places may be less convenient, but you and your family will be safer. Check in next week for another summer home security tip.