Fire Pit Safety Tips

Fire pits are wonderful for summer family activities. They are places to gather the whole family whether enjoying the fire or roasting the traditional marshmallows. Great memories are made around a fire pit.
Fire is fire. There are specific things you should do to keep your fire pit safe for you, your children and your family.

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Determine the best place for your fire pit. Make sure it is away from overhanging branches and away from anything that can catch fire.
Check the wind direction before starting your fire pit. A strong wind will blow embers into surrounding places that can catch fire.
Never use gasoline or flammable liquids to start your fire.
Be careful not to overload your fire pit. Logs can tumble out of the pit into an area that can catch fire. Use the safety screen that comes with your fire pit.

Never leave the fire unattended.

Make sure that children stay at least three feet away from the fire. Don’t let them throw foreign objects into the fire. They could explode.
Never leave your fire to die on its own. Douse the fire with plenty of water. Put the cold ashes in a metal container with a lid.


By using these simple safety steps, you can ensure that you and your family will create many wonderful memories around your backyard fire pit.