A potential customer, Phil, recently called me. He described the process he was using to select a home security company for his home and family.

“I went on the internet to do my research about home security systems. After two hours of searching and reading, all the claims and promised of the home security companies on the internet confused me. Can you strip away all of the hype and tell me in simple terms the benefits KMT Systems offers to a family home like mine?”

Benefits of a KMT Systems Home Security System

Here is my simplified answer to Phil’s questions on benefits of a home security system.

  • According to FBI statistics there are over 2 million home burglaries a year. With a home security system, you are 3 times less likely to become an FBI statistic.
  • A home security system offers 24/7 protection for you and your family.
  • Depending upon your insurance company, you may get as much as 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums.
  • At $14.99 monthly cost, KMT Systems is one of the lowest costs in the industry.
  • You have the benefit of dealing with a local Atlanta business. You are not dealing with a national chain.


I cannot make the KMT Systems home security benefits any simpler. I might add one remaining benefit, you get peace of mind for you and your family.