A Medical Alert System for Atlanta Seniors

Do you know what the biggest wish for seniors? When recently polled, their biggest wish is to live independently in their own homes. If you are a senior or you have senior parents, you want to that wish to come true. You also know making the wish come true comes with huge challenges.

From statistics we know that one third of the senior population will experience a severe fall. These falls can bring additional medical conditions.

We all have problems remembering our medications. Seniors require more monitoring for their medications to stay healthy.

A good support system can help a senior remain in their own home. This can be a challenge financially as well as physical since many adult children have their own jobs and families that require their attention.

Why not put technology to use in helping realize the senior dream?

A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) can inexpensively provide the support and peace of mind needed to live the senior dream. Whether you use the easy to use button form or the water proof pendant, you have technology that can help senior leave the dream!

What do you get with a PERS system? Our friendly employees have been specially trained as PERS operators to assist you in times of need or just to check in and see how things are going. We also make scheduled calls to your home phone and engage in a conversation to determine your wellness and to see if you need any special help.

  • Medication Reminders: Our operators can call and remind you to take your medication.
  • Emergency: If at any time you are distressed, the Personal Emergency Response System panic pendant device can notify our operator of an emergency and we will immediately send help.
  • Inactivity Detection: If our operators detect no movement for a pre-determined period, an alarm is triggered and we immediately send help.
  • Fall Detection: Our operators are even able to identify a possible fall and follow up with your contact list to ensure safety. If at any time there is an emergency or the need for any type of service, we’ll notify the proper authority and the contacts you have placed on your personal call list.

We never rest or take a day off… 24/7, 365 days a year, we are there for you!

If you are a senior or have a senior parent, give us a call. We will explain the PERS system. You ought it to yourself or your senior parent to live their dream!