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 Protection Concepts Customer Care is for our active customers to enhance their service experience and generally make life easier.

Our office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays for all your sales and customer service related needs. No automated answering system or annoying voice mail here! We have live help 24/7 – 365 including all holidays. In fact, if you call the office after hours, your call automatically rolls over to your monitoring station at CMS who then can assist you. No outside source! – You speak to either someone in our office or someone at your monitoring station at all times. If you need technical help, the tech on-call will be contacted to assist you.

Your needs are too important to us to use automated voice mail!

Register Alarm Systems

Residents and Business Owners Are Required to
register Alarm Systems.
You MUST obtain an Alarm Permit!

In order to reduce the number of false alarms, many local jurisdictions have introduced and enforced a FALSE ALARMS REDUCTION ORDINANCE. Unfortunately, there is some confusion due to the lack of a consistent policy across jurisdictions and the list of jurisdictions keeps growing.

As a courtesy, we have compiled a list of some of the Alarm Registration Links. However, we suggest you contact your Police precinct and/or your Fire department to confirm the exact jurisdiction in which you actually live. There is some overlapping – so please confirm!

Check with your individual authorities (Police and Fire) since each jurisdiction has their own registration requirements, rules and fee/fine schedule.

Confirm if your jurisdiction requires that you contact them if you cancel your alarm service. Again, not doing so can cost you a hefty fine! Fine schedules also vary by jurisdiction. Be aware – it can get costly!

If you have any questions about how to use your alarm, please call us 24/7 – we are here to assist you. You can also download most User Manuals from this website.

In most jurisdictions, once you register you must report the permit number to the alarm monitoring Central Station by calling 800.631.2299 (24/7) or call our office at (770) 507-5828 and we will assist you.

Floyd County–Rome and Unincorporated
[email protected]


Security Systems User Manuals





Alexor English Caddx NX4
First Alert:
Napco 1008e – 1054D
Alexor Espanol Caddx NX6 FA 120c Napco GemK2as
Time & Date Programming Caddx NX8 FA 130cp – Vista10p Napco GemK4 -K4rf
PC1500 – PC1550.English Caddx Ranger 8600 FA 142c – Vista10 Napco GemP800
PC 1500 Espanol Caddx Ranger 890 FA 145c Napco RP1 CAe2 – Full English
PC1616 – PC1832 – PC1864 English Concord 4 FA 148c – Vista15p Napco xp400
PC1616 – PC1832 – PC1864 Espanol Concord Express FA 162c – Vista20se Napco xp600
PC2525 English Simon 1 FA 168c – Vista20p
PC2550 Espanol Simon 2 FA 168cps
PC4020 English Simon 3 Honeywell LYNX 5200
Power823 – PC5015 English Simon XT Honeywell LYNX 7000
Power832 – PC5015 Espanol Honeywell LYNX 3000
Power1555 – 632 English Replace Batteries
Power Series 9045 – 9047 English
Power Series 9045 – 9047 Espanol
Power Series 9045 quick guide.English
Power Series Envoy English & Espanol



Total Connect:


 Go!Control Security System  Safewatch 2000 – Vista20se Total Connect Guide  4110xm
 Safewatch 3000 – Vista20p
Vista10p Quick Guide
 Vista10se – 20se
 Vista15p Quick Guide
 Vista20p – 250p1
 Vista20p Quick Guide

Security Systems Troubleshooting

Change Panel Battery

DSC Keypads

GE-CADDX Keypads

Honeywell Keypads