5 Testimonials from Long Term Customers

5 Testimonials from Long Term Customers…My mother always told me, “Never brag.  Let your actions speak for you.”  In business, repeat customers say a great deal about the quality of a business.  Here are 5 customer testimonials about Protection Concepts and what it means to these long term customers.

Great monitoring service, Great company.  I have used Protection Concepts for the last three homes that I have owned and the response time of the monitoring company they use is great.  (They have all been false alarms Thank GOD.) The installers have all been professional and I think I have met every installer.  Good company and great prices.  Angelsent.

Great Customer Service and Friendly Personnel are always helpful, knowledgeable and truthful.  The product and service have been great.  Been using them for almost 10 years.  SatisfiedCustomer 7677.

Best Home Security System.  I was referred to Protection Concepts in 2008 by a friend.  I was nervous at first to give it a try, but I’m so glad I did.  I love this security company.  “It’s the best.”  I have haven’t had any complaints.  Not only to they have a great response time, but their monthly fee is amazing.  Once again, I must say, “I love this company,” And would recommend their services to any and every one in need.  Cbrown11.

Continuous Great Service.  I’ve been with Protection Concepts for over 10 years and would not think of going anywhere else.  I would recommend this company to anyone seeking a reliable security company. Smokes.

Much better than my old alarm company!  Great customer service.  Installation was right on time, very professional and they did a great job!  I  would recommend Protection Concepts.  Concepts NO.  

Give us a call so you too can experience the quality and security from Protection Concepts.

The Myth of Local Monitoring

The Myth of Local Monitoring…Having a reliable monitoring service is the heart and soul of your home security system.  You want a monitoring network that provides you with reliable, quick and accurate responses to your alarm system. 

Some people believe local monitoring is better.  It’s a nice sales pitch.  It’s also a myth that local monitoring is better.  It’s not the location of the monitoring service; it’s the quality of the monitoring operations services that makes the difference.

Monitoring Expertise

At Protection Concepts we use Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) for our monitoring services.  CMS is the largest alarm monitoring company in the United States.  It works with over 4000 alarm companies and 900,000 customers.  Monitoring is their expertise.

Monitoring Training

Before a CMS monitoring professional can begin working, they receive weeks of intensive training.  They are tested, retested and must be certified before they can sit behind a desk to monitor your alarm system.

Monitoring Technology

As a national provider of monitoring services, CMS employs the leading edge technology from UTC, AT&T®, Verizon®, Honeywell® and others.

Monitoring Services 

Whether you have monitoring services responding to fire or security issues; Personal Emergency Response Systems; two way voice or remote video, you get prompt and courteous responses.


Smaller, local monitoring services cannot provide the expertise, the technology nor the training that CMS brings to your home security system from Protection Concepts.  Don’t be fooled by the local label.

Home Safety Tips While on Vacation

Home Safety Tips While on Vacation… You’re planning your summer vacation.  It will be a great time for the children and leave behind your normal cares and work duties. Based on statistics from the Department of Justice most home burglaries occur during these summer months.

What can you do to protect your home security while you are on your summer vacation?  Here are some Home Safety Tips While on Vacation.


Preparing the Outside of Your Home

  • Start by making sure your windows and doors are locked before you leave. 
  • Either stop delivery or have a neighbor retrieve newspapers, mail or any packages you are scheduled to receive. 
  • If you are going to be gone for a longer time, have someone cut your grass so it does not appear that you are on vacation.
  • Inspect gutters and downspouts. They must be clear of debris to drain water properly?
  • I know of one neighbor whose teenager parked their car in the driveway of a neighbor on vacation to suggest that the home was occupied.
  • Check your sump pump to see  if it is working properly.
  • Store deck furniture so that it does not get blown around in a storm.

Preparing the Inside of Your Home

  • Keep valuables out of sight so that the bad guys cannot look through your windows and decide your home is a good place to rob.
  • Put lights or a radio on a timer to keep the allusion that some in home in your house 
  • Be careful about using social media to share with friends your vacation plans.  Burglars use social media to identify potential homes to rob.
  • Do not advertise your vacation on your home phone answering machine. 
  • Unplug unnecessary electronics and electrical appliances.  A lightning strike could do real damage to these and your home while you are on vacation.
  • Have a trusted neighbor visit your home every couple of days to make sure everything is ok within the home.



Follow these Home Safety Tips While on Vacation and you will have peace of mind to enjoy your family’s summer vacation.

The Benefits of a Commercial Security System

Benefits of a Commercial Security System…Recently I met with the owner of a mid-size business.  He is considering a commercial security system for his business.  He asked me to identify the benefits of having a commercial security system.  Let me share with you the answers I gave to his question.

Employee Safety

Almost every night, we hear about workplace violence events.  It is hard to predict these events.  As an employer you have responsibilities to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees.  Employees are your most critical asset.  Employees who feel safe are more productive.  Commercial security measures such as video cameras, safe parking lots at night or panic buttons tell your employees that you care about their safety.

Business Theft Losses

Studies of commercial business show that the average business may lose 1-2% from lost business inventory.  Those losses cut into your profits.  If you have a retail business you already know about the losses that come from shoplifting.  By having cameras installed or putting in place a secure inventory control system with authorization controls you can reduce the financial losses to your business.

Crime Reporting

What if you came to work tomorrow and you discovered that your business had been vandalized or robbed?   Would you have the necessary information to help the police recover your stolen property?  Security cameras turned on at night could provide valuable information to the police.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies will offer discounts to businesses that install a commercial security system.  These systems can serve as an early warning system should there be a fire or water damage.  Minutes can make the difference between damage and a total loss.  Money saved from insurance discounts can pay for your new commercial security system.


These are four benefits every business could enjoy by having a commercial security system.  If you are considering a commercial security system, give me a call.  We can help you achieve these benefits for your business.

Using A Dog as a Home Security System

Using a dog as a home security system…Dogs are one of America’s most beloved family companions.  They bring us great joy and love.

Every now and then when people find out I own a home security business, they like to engage in a friendly challenge.  “Isn’t a dog a better home security system than an alarm system?  A barking dog can raise concerns in seconds, when it might take minutes for home alarm system.

There is some truth to the immediateness of a barking dog.  However, there are also limitations to substituting a family dog for a home security system.

Test Results…

CBS Atlanta put five breeds known for being instinctive guard dogs to the test by staging break-ins at their homes and watching their reactions. Some yelped at the fake intruder, most whimpered, one did tricks, another let the intruder carry her out of the home in his arms — and none of them fought him off.

Police Comments

From Sgt. John Delaney, a police department spoke person, “I would say your well-installed alarm is better than a dog.  There are people out there who break into the house and they actually steal the dog.”
From Insurance Companies

Most insurance companies will give from 5%-25% discounts on home insurance for installing a home security system.  A spoke person from the industry said that when you are using a watchdog for home protection, you are introducing a liability risk that would not exist with a home security system.  Depending on your dog’s breed, it may actuallyraise your insurance rates. A dog bites and alarm doesn’t.”


According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the average cost of basic food, supplies, medical care and training for a dog is between $700 and $875 per year. A dog needs care and feeding, walks, vet bills. It is another level of responsibility. For those who travel quite a bit, that is not a realistic solution. You are taking a dog to a kennel or you are paying a house sitter. If you put the dog in a kennel, it removes all of your security.”  A home security system costs less and with fewer responsibilities.


They are just fun discussions about whether you should substitute a dog for home alarms system.  While being wonderful family members, dogs do have limitations when it comes to home security system.  A nice solution is to have the family dog and a home alarm system.