Happy Birthday USA

Happy birthday USA Adams’s prediction was off by two days. From the outset, Americans celebrated independence on July 4, the date shown on the much-publicized Declaration of Independence, rather than on July 2, the date the resolution of independence was approved in a closed session of Congress.[7]

Historians have long disputed whether Congress actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, even though Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin all later wrote that they had signed it on that day. Most historians have concluded that the Declaration was signed nearly a month after its adoption, on August 2, 1776, and not on July 4 as is commonly believed.[8][9][10][11][12]

Coincidentally, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the only signers of the Declaration of Independence later to serve as Presidents of the United States, died on the same day: July 4, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration. Although not a signer of the Declaration of Independence, but another Founding Father who became a President, James Monroe, died on July 4, 1831, thus becoming the third President in a row who died on the holiday. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President, was born on July 4, 1872, and, so far, is the only U.S. President to have been born on Independence Day.

Happy Birthday USA…Please join with me in wishing a happy birthday to the USA on this 4th of July.  Enjoy the video by Lee Greenwood and the birthday wishes he has for the USA. Enjoy the holiday celebration.

Tips for Preventing Car Break-ins

Last week, a family friend from East Atlanta experienced a car break in.  They spoke about the violation they felt at seeing stuttered glass over the front seat of their car. While there is no way to completely prevent a car break-in, here are some tips you can use to help prevent one.  Enjoy this article by Joel Hilton from Top Ten Reviews.

1. Keep Things Out of Sight If you have any valuables, such as an iPod, purse or video camera, store it under the seat or in the glove compartment. Most of the time, thieves are just looking for a quick buck and if they see something they like, they’ll smash and grab. You’ll also want to put anything that looks like it could contain something valuable, such as a box or briefcase, in the trunk to prevent car break-ins

2. Get a Detachable Stereo Face A car thief won’t steal a stereo that he can’t use. Purchasing a car audio receiver a detachable front panel will make your stereo useless to any would-be crook. Criminals want things quick and easy, so a missing face plate may make them move on to the next car.

3. Keep Your Car Secure While this is a no-brainer, but many people don’t lock their car when they’re “just running into the store” or “they’ll only be a minute.” Don’t make the thief’s job any easier by handing him an open door.

4. Park it in a Public Location That sweet, little-known spot in the alley in the back may always be open, but it is also quite private which is perfect for any criminal.  If you are parking somewhere at night, park your vehicle near a light.  Criminals want quick and easy jobs, so they don’t want a lot of publicity or visibility.

5. Get an Alarm Most of the time when people think of alarms, they think of the one that accidentally goes off in the parking lot.  Take notice, there are no car thieves around that noisy car. These types of criminals will avoid cars if they can see that it is alarmed. Some companies even manufacturer inexpensive products that only make it look like your car has an alarm, which also will help prevent car break-ins.

Follow these five tips and you have a better chance of avoiding the typical car break-ins.  To read more details, see the complete article at Five Tips to prevent car break-ins.  What tips would you share about preventing car break-ins?

Home Security Contracts a New Model

Home Security Contracts a New Model… T Mobile has been credit for changing the cell phone industry.  They were the first to move away from two year cell phone contracts so many consumers hated.  They recognized that with changing technology and changing cell phone usage, people do not want to be held hostage to a two year contract.

T Mobile took a business risk.  They understood the cell phone industry made their money from two year contracts.  Companies would provide free phones and then make their money from monthly cell phone charges.  Once T Mobile achieved success with their no contract business model, other cell phone companies were forced to adopt new business contracts.  Thank you T Mobile.

Home Security Contracts a New Model

Unlike other home security companies, Protection Concepts has never had yearlong home security contracts.  We realized that we were taking a business risk with shorter contracts.    We also knew that consumers did not want to be held hostage to long term contracts.  Technology changes; people’s life style changes.

Simply put, with shorter monthly contracts, we work hard every day to earn your business and trust.

If you are tired of long term home security contracts costing you lots of dollars, give us a call.  We can show you how to our shorter contracts can save you dollars while you provide total security for your family.

Protecting Yourself Against Cell Phone Thefts

Protecting Yourself Against Cell Phone Thefts

Did you know that several years ago, Atlanta was identified as the number one city in the country for cell phone thefts?  Recent local news articles have indicated cell phones thefts have increased.  MARTA riders are a particular target for cell phone thefts. 

Cell Phone Theft Problem

Because of the expense with new smart phones, cell phone thefts have become the fastest growing crime in the country.  Thieves sell the cell phones or rack up huge bills with international calls. Americans now spend $30 billion per year replacing lost or stolen phones.  We have virus protections for our desk top computers.  What happens when someone steals your cell phone and the personal information you have on it?

Here are 10 tips from Dumblittleman.com to help prevent you from becoming a victim of cell phone theft. 

Record your details

As soon as you get a new device, record all the details about it including phone number, IMEI, make, model, PIN or security code and any other numbers used to identify the phone. Store this information in a place away from the phone. Most phones have a very simple key-in method to retrieve IMEI/MEID numbers: enter a 5-digit string—*#06#—and the number will be displayed on your phone.

Register your phone with your network operator

Register your phone with your network provider.  If your phone is stolen, report the loss to them immediately. Using your registered IMEI number, they may be able to block your hand set and account details. Some wireless carriers are willing to do this, and some aren’t. If done, this will prevent anyone from using the phone across any network, even if the SIM card is changed.

Keep the phone in a safe place

There’s no place you could hide a phone that would be absolutely secure, some are better than others. Some places that are just too vulnerable are the outer pocket of a backpack, back pocket of jeans or a front pocket of a jacket. A better spot for the phone is inside a zippered compartment of your purse or an inside jacket pocket.

Lock your phone

Create a password for your phone.  Yes, this is an extra step for using your phone. If a thief does get your phone, it won’t do him any good if he can’t turn it on or access the information on your SIM card without a password.
Never let the phone out of your sight

Don’t put your cell phone down. Every week there are thefts involving people who left their phones on the table at a club or restaurant.  Why make life easy for crooks?

Be on your guard

Don’t be stupid—focus on your safety, not your phone. Be extra careful in crowded places like fast food places, nightclubs, which are havens for thieves because there are so many people in close quarters.

Use a Hands-free Unit

If all that’s visible to crooks is your headset, they have no idea where you’ve stashed your phone, or whether it’s even worth stealing. Yeah, you look like you’re talking to yourself, but isn’t that better than having your phone stolen?

Dump the ear buds

Everyone including thieves knows that the iPhone comes with white ear buds. To avoid telling the whole world that there’s an iPhone in your pocket, switch out the ear buds for a less recognizable set.

Install anti-theft software

Do an app search for “anti-theft” and you’re sure to find one.  Apple has an “Activation Lock” option for the iPhone to iOS 7. Samsung added a “kill switch” to its Galaxy SIV. The “LoJack” feature allows users to delete data from the device and prevent it from being rebooted if stolen.  Do a search for apps that can protect your phone. Install it on your phone.

File a police report

If your phone is stolen, file a police report immediately.  Also contact your network provider. The crook could be using it to place long distance calls all over the world that will turn up on your bill. The carrier may ask to see a police report, so be sure you get one.


Following the above tips will not absolutely protect your phone from thieves.  It will make it much harder.    Be safe and keep your cell phone safe!

Preventing Home Burglaries

On our blog, Protection Concepts shares many tips on preventing home burglaries.   I thought you would benefit from tips from the insurance industry on ways to prevent home burglaries. Here’s a short article I found from the insurance perspective on how to prevent home burglaries.

Taking steps to prevent theft can reduce your insurance premiums and save you from the heartbreak of losing items that are worth more to you than money. The ring that your grandmother gave you, your great-grandfather’s watch, the charm bracelet that all of your children saved to buy as a Mother’s Day gift, or a special item that you bought on your honeymoon can’t be replaced if they are stolen.

Preventing Home Burglaries.

Invest in solid doors and good quality locks on doors and windows. This includes on all sliding glass doors as well. Make it not only difficult but also time consuming for a burglar to gain entry.

Whenever you go outside, lock the door and take the key with you, even if you are just stepping next door or out mowing the back yard.

Don’t put valuables where they can be seen from the window, especially items that can be easily carried.

Be sure your garage door can be secured. Do not leave it open when you are away; an empty garage broadcasts your absence.

When you aren’t home, use a timer set to turn interior lights on and off at varying intervals as though your home was still occupied.

Don’t keep large amounts of cash or really valuable jewelry around the house.

If someone comes to your door asking to use the telephone, make the call yourself. Don’t invite them in.

Don’t hide a spare key under the door mat or under a flower pot. Thieves know all the good hiding places

Plant thorny bushes under all windows. Trim back any trees or shrubs near doors and windows to eliminate hiding places for would-be thieves.

Don’t leave ladders outside. Keep any tools that could be used to break in your home safely locked away in a garage or shed.

Get a barking dog or “beware of dog” signs. If you own a dog and go out of town, have someone come in and care for your dog in your home

Always double check doors at night and lock all windows

Engrave all valuables such as stereos, microwaves, video cameras, with your driver’s license number. (Engraving tools are usually available through your local law enforcement agency.) Videotape the contents of your home. Keep the video and the list of all valuables in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box


Your are concerned about home burglaries.  Your insurance company is concerned about preventing home burglaries.  Protection Concepts is concerned about preventing home burglaries. Call us to see the tools we can provide you to prevent a home burglary happening to your home.

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